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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Started: September 25th, 2013

What I got so far from the first episode…

I do apologize, by the way, guys. This afternoon, I finished class with Mewtwo and I was rewriting something and, instead of hitting the “Save Draft” button, I hit “Publish”. So yeah, you got my apologies.

September 26th-27th, 2013

Hey guys!
How are you all?

It’s not at all a a secret that I LOVE superheroes. I am as much as MARVEL fan as I am a DC comics fan (but this is a controversy that will be discussed somewhere else I think, and some OTHER time, definitely). So, the day before yesterday (as I’m writing this anyways) was the premiere of MARVEL’S Agents of SHIELD. I watched the episode yesterday and I… I’m sorry to say that despite being super excited about it, I still have mixed feelings.

The people whom I watch for reviews, ThinkAboutTheInk [most of the times, our opinions differ, but I love the way she presents her videos] and VariantComics (with Arris Quinones) haven’t done their videos yet, so I’m beating them to the chase MWHAHAHA.

Okay, so let us start with my review-prediction…

Concerns: Before watching the series, throughout the whole summer that I’ve been waiting, I’ve had concerns… because AVENGERS and others  (Thor, Captain America, Ironman, etc.) are MOVIES have drawn a LOT of fans but they are MOVIES. It seems to me like story-boarding MOVIES is different than story-boarding a TV show! How will they get the budget to make a TV show stand up on its own and still live up to the potential that every fans have of it? The one person who explains best about it is ThinkAboutTheInk lady.

Expectations: Before watching, I really wanted there to be Superheroes. The ones from Ultimate Spiderman, for example (Luke Cage (Power man) [whom, by the way, I thought I had seen in the trailer], Iron Fist, Nova, White Tiger), Spiderman himself… I hope that there will be more. I want there to be links with the movies, I like coherence! Miss Marvel would be awesome!

Hopes: I’m sincerely hoping that the stories can somehow cross with the other MARVEL movies. This TV show IS a part of MARVEL’s phases, right [I checked. Apparently, it’s not]? I’m just hoping there’s coherence somewhere, because I like a certain cohesion in stories.
I know that it may very well be un-doable, but I would have liked to see big time superheroes making guest appearances, and even vice versa, maybe, that heroes and agents who first appear in the small screen (TV Show) appear in the big screen (movies) as well. That would simply be so SICK (in the good way, as in “it’d be super-special-awesome” [if you know what I’m referencing, you are super-special-awesome]).

♬♪♫ ヾ(*・。・)ノ ♬♪♫

The storyline so far went really fast. Throughout the whole episode, there were moments where I was like: Oh, it’s probably going to end right here… but it didn’t. The fact that I wasn’t able to predict when the episode would end is not what made me slightly irked. I thought it was too complete, perhaps? Some things just didn’t make as much sense. I thought they could have slowed down a bit. The pace went by really fast, so fast that they cut some of the things that I thought should have been elaborated upon? Or at least be shown in quick camera work of some kind.

The characters were awesome. I absolutely love all the agents. They each have their unique or similar quirks that make them awesome. [scroll down to see more? Maybe? Please don’t.]

The Agents Jemma Simmons [life sciences expert] and Leo Fitz [weapon technology expert] were amazing to watch interact. I loved the technology they use and the relationship they have together so far and also with their relationship with the rest of their team.
Have you noticed that their little robots are named after the 7 dwarves of Snow White? This is an obvious DISNEY reference (Disney who, I may remind you because I think it’s relevant, has bought MARVEL [I say that it’s a DISNEY reference because they named them after the Disney version of Snow White]).
Being also a DISNEY fan, I love it!
Agent Jemma Simmons even does a Harry Potter reference! Yeah! When she says she’s not like Hermione and can’t “create instant paralysis with that” [brilliant].
**End of Spoilers**

The effects were more than awesome. I didn’t expect the TV show to have so many effects (I might not watch enough TV Shows, though). They were movie-level of effects. It was amazing! Camera angles and perspectives are diversified and awesome. Very dynamic.

**Start of more Spoilers**

Things that will be discussed during the show, even more spoilers ahead [why are you even still here?!]:

    • Agent Phil Coulson
      Something that makes me believe that, obviously, they’ll talk more about Agent Coulson (and basically what HAPPENED to him) is that the doctor and Agent Hill (Maria Hill) talked very BRIEFLY to each other [not only when the actually writers said they would talk about him, hahaha].
      Doctor: “Tahiti, he really doesn’t know, does he?”
      Hill: “He can never know.”

      • My question basically is: WHAT DOESN’T HE KNOW?! (here are my propositions:)
        • He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, that it’s actually a REALLY big assignment that he was given, and much more dangerous also. Considering his chosen roster of agents, it’s going to be tough for him to undertake his job.
        • He doesn’t know that he’s actually a CLONE of the real Agent Coulson. Nick Fury didn’t really have the time to save him, he had the time to collect enough DNA to clone him.
        • He doesn’t know that, in order to save him, Nick Fury had to inject some kind of regenerative serum into him so that he would heal automatically (like the Super Soldier serum, or Wolverine’s blood or something like that). And now he has some latent superpower inside of him.
          • Mind you I really believe this is feasible. Not because it’s been done before (hasn’t it?), but because Agent Coulson does NOT figure in Comics, so we don’t know at all whether or not the lad’s going to become a real superhero despite being an Agent from SHIELD, kind of like how Miss Marvel was portrayed as in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
        • I love that he named his car ‘Lola’.
        • What kind of experience is Agent Coulson talking about when he said that after Skye said that she told Peterson’s son that his father would come home?
        • I love how he said that it really nearly cost him everything, to be so close to giants, as he called them (the Avengers).
          • I’m doubtful that he’s really happy about this unfolding. I mean he IS a Captain America fan, isn’t he bitter that he won’t be able to come in contact with his hero anymore?
          • Wasn’t he friends with Tony (kind of)?
    • Agent Maria Hill
      • I wasn’t sure that Maria Hill would appear, but in the trailer, her voice was there, so I was excited to see that indeed she was present and hadn’t changed.
        • I thought that the actress would be especially booked for the final season of How I met your Mother (hm, should I also do a blog post about that?), so I didn’t think she’d appear at all.
        • I think she’s only going to be there for the pilot episode though, as mentioned in an interview.
      • Why was someone as important as Maria Hill watching the happenings so closely?
      • What does she know about Agent Coulson that worries her so much?
      • What does she know that makes her worry for the safety of his mission that she would watch over him like that?
    • Agent Grant Ward
      UNRELATED COMPLETELY but this guy is the eye-candy, isn’t he? Or is that just me?
      Apparently, he has a family background which would have made him unfit as a candidate, and yet, he pulled through. What IS this family background exactly?

      • When Agent Coulson tells Skye that Agent Ward has had dealings with the Rising Tide? What is his history with them and why does he hate them so much?
        • So much that he calls them ‘Pseudo Hacker Anarchists’?
        • For sure, he hasn’t met them only in Paris.
      • Agent Ward is socially awkward and does not understand jokes. [I likes]
    • Skye
      • Who exactly is the Rising Tide [I heard there’s some kind of controversy also on the name?]?
        • They say that the Rising Tide will be the main Big Bad of the show.
          • Why do they want Chitauri technology?
            • Because they’re the same people who had the laboratory with the Centipede Experiment.
              • But this would be highly inconsistent with the fact that the Rising Tide are simply anarchists who happen to emit news (the truth) on the Internet. Right? Also, if they had the lab, then Skye would know about it, right?
            • Then this means that the Laboratory people are actually a third party we don’t know about as of YET?
          • WHY is Skye with them?
          • I mean, why did Skye agree to work with S.H.I.E.L.D., considering that she is with Rising Tide and doesn’t like S.H.I.E.L.D.? What exactly does she have against SHIELD that made her want to join the Rising Tide?
            • Skye spent all this time saying how SHIELD are the bad guys and just because she spent one steamy hour with socially awkward Agent Ward, she trusts them to be able to do something with Michael Peterson?
          • Is she betraying her group?
          • Will there be consequences? (there doesn’t seem to be any)
          • Is it really feasible for a young hacker like that to be able to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D. computers?
            • By the way, SHIELD, of all places, should have a better password and encryption of some kind, to protect their data. More so than any other organization, no?
              • All right, they mention that she’s the only one able to do it… and she says that she’s REALLY good with computers… so all right…
      • Is she going to hook up with Agent Grant?
        • I’ll ship that.
      • Is it me, or when we see Skye recording her messages, she makes a LOT of sky references?
      • She mentions to Michael Peterson that she’s already deleted security files of people before.
        • Was she lying?
          • Probably.
        • Is it true?
          • If it is, it seems like she’s VERY reluctant to talk about it.
          • Perhaps this person that she helped before was bad. Or rather that she had a bad relationship with that person.
            • Is it an ex-boyfriend she decided to help out and then he abused of her awesome hacker skills and he dumped her?
              • Then again she could totally just hack him and make his life a living hell (See how I already think it’s a guy who abused of her generosity?).
    • Agent Melinda May
      • Who is Melinda May?
        • Obviously a super awesome Agent, trained in various fighting styles and everything. They even say she might be as good as the Black Widow.
      • It’s extremely nice to know hear Mulan’s voice in hers sometimes also [another shout out to Disney? *not sure plz, Ponyo is reading too much into this XD *]!
      • What happened to her that she doesn’t want to be in ‘Combat Ops’?
        • Obviously something very traumatizing, but WHAT exactly? I want to know and they better give me the explanation before the Season ends! I’m-just-sayin’-plz!
    • Michael Peterson [a.k.a. fake Luke Cage]

      • I sort of wish that they’d done some sort of background history before ending it like this. I wanted to see some character development.
        • The JUICE that affected him way too fast.
        • I would have wanted to see HOW exactly he came to losing his senses like this.
          • Was he really a comic lover so much that after the juice affected him, he truly believe that everyone against him is a bad guy that he, as a superhero, should get rid of them?
          • How could they just straight up make him decide to believe that HE is the hero like that?
            • Is it because of what Skye said about heroes? Most likely.

More thoughts

  • What is Project Pegasus?
    • This series will talk a lot about Centipede, I’m almost certain (right? is 084 going to be about Centipede as well?), but will we see more of Pegasus?
  • Puppy on vertigo?
    • What type of vertigo? Like the drugs in Arrow?
      • Wouldn’t that be inconsistent with vertigo being in the DC comics, introduced in the series Arrow?
  • With great power comes… Nope.
    • HILARIOUS how this show, who is more related to the AVENGERS than poor Spiderman, kind of references Spiderman XD
    • I love these little nods to fans.
  • Com receiver of Agent Grant.
    • Why do they break it? They spoke so fast I didn’t quite get that… and I watched it twice!

**End of Spoilers**

Advertisement”: Have you visited the website of the show? Check out my Facebook Profile, guys! They let you do your own S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent I.D. card and you can even use it as your Facebook cover picture. Not only that but they made it so that it would fit the timeline PERFECTLY. How awesome is that?

Not only that but they’ve even got assignments for us to watch. Each week, we are asked to tune in as they reveal to us sneak peeks of next week’s episode. Anyways, I think MARVEL is doing a FINE JOB at doing their advertisement and keeping up on our toes. I want to watch the next episode and see if I’ll get a new assignment, as a newly appointed SHIELD agent (mwhahahahahaha).

Anyways, if you like the MARVEL universe, if you like the comics as much as the movies, I think this could be a nice addition to your MARVEL experience, despite there not being any mention of the Rising Tide in the comics (not to my recalling, but then again, I don’t read all the comics).

I leave you with one more question (which Skye is also left with).

What is an 084? Why do they need to dispatch Coulson’s team in order to confirm it?

Tune in next episode to find out!

P.S. I’m thinking of maybe doing this more, especially for this series (but I’m not sure). I’ll see next week. [this takes a lot of time and effort as well as stalking on the Internet (How did I find out about the controversy with the Rising Tide name? From Google, of course!]

Happy watching, everyone! (omg-why-are-you-still-here? Just-click-away-please!)