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September 11th, 2013

Hey guys!

How are you all? Today I wished to talk to you about a trailer that I’ve been watching and watching and re-watching. More than once, I was so overwhelmed by the emotions that I felt while watching this trailer alone that I ended up spending a little time sobbing. This is to show how much of an impact this single trailer had on me.

It’s called Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. [watch it!]

As I write this, I’ll schedule this to be published a week before the show premieres. If there are any adjustments to be made (new links, new information leaks/releases), I’ll try to update this before it is sent to be published.

It was done by the creators of LOST and of Once Upon a Time [by the way, you don’t need to watch Once Upon a Time to understand the concept of this world, in my opinion], and it is a spin-off of the latter.
According to their Facebook page, it is said that the main characters from both series will NOT come to meet [frankly, I don’t like it. I would have liked for them to meet. The worlds collide, so I think they should meet at least once. It would be a nice nod to the fans, kind of the same nods that I love having from the cartoons that I love to follow].
Despite all this, they have said that several characters from Once Upon a Time (OUaT) will be crossing over.My bets are placed on the Mad Hatter (who is, after all, someone who teleports through worlds and has been known to go there), Captain Hook (who has been living there, captured there rather, though for a brief amount of time), Cora (who has lived there for a long, long time) and Rumpelstiltskin (despite him being a ‘main character’, I kind of really wish that he crosses over).

Anyways, moving on to the trailer, shall we?
Here, I will list out my thoughts, questions and predictions as the trailer goes on. I practically know the lines by heart. This is how obsessed I am (I guess you can say that).

Alice… Alice…
When your father brought you to us, you claimed you traveled to this place…
A Wonderland, where you had miraculous, strange and terrifying adventures…

As you have seen in the trailer [watch it, I insist!], the story will revolve around Alice, who comes back from Wonderland and, because she’s revealed to her father all of these adventures she has lived and he believed her so crazy that he chose to lock her up inside an asylum.

Comment: Crazy little girl, you don’t go and reveal to a parent of all the adventures that go around in your head (I’d know). You tell your friends, you expand the stories and then, when the time is right, you publish your stories and become FAMOUS! Everyone knows that! [I’m joking plz]

An invisible cat, a hooka smoking caterpillar,
Food and drink capable of altering your physical form,
The murderous Red Queen.

Ah, the murderous Red Queen, ‘ey? Along with Jafar [as revealed during this year’s Comic-Con], who appears as soon as EPISODE ONE, these will be the main foes that Alice will be up against. My questions are as follows:

  1. Who will be the most troublesome to deal with for Alice (Jafar or the Red Queen)?
    1. I like to believe that it’s the Red Queen, seeing as she murdered Cyrus, if she learns that the Djinn/Genie is still alive, wouldn’t she strive to catch him again and kill him in front of Alice once again? (wow I’m being very original right there).
  2. Why does Jafar have such plans for Alice? [it’s kind of creepy]
    1. Where does Jafar even COME from?
      1. Why is he not bothering Aladdin and Jasmine?
      2. Where’s Iago?
    2. What are his goals?
      1. Come back to Agrabah with Alice?
        1. Why?
      2. Sell her as a white slave for a high price?
      3. Use her to get back at Cyrus for something the Djinn did to him in their past?
      4. Was he BANISHED from Agrabah because of Cyrus? DUNDUNDUNDUNNNN
  3. Speaking of goals, what does the Red Queen even WANT with Alice?
    1. If she’s doing it for someone else [like, a bigger boss], who is that?
      1. Why would this ‘Boss’ want to get rid of Cyrus?
    2. If she’s doing it for the good of her kingdom, say because she wants to protect her subjects from Outsiders…
      1. Why did she not deal with the Queen of Hearts (Cora) when the latter was inhabiting her realm?
        1. Unless she is Cora’s apprentice and she decided to continue the Queen’s legacy when the latter was brought back to her original world.
        2. UNLESS she bears a grudge with outsiders because of Cora, who mistreated her [using her as substitute for Regina works good].

And you encountered all these things by literally falling down a rabbit hole.

Now I have even more questions.

  1. How did she know which rabbit hole to go down from?
    1. Did she follow the White Rabbit, like in the tales? I bet she did. She saw that the White Rabbit could make portals and she followed him to it.
  2. If she really had gone down there as a proof that everything was real, it would mean that she went twice at least.
    1. First trip: she met with everyone and went back and her father didn’t believe her.
    2. Second trip: she came back, captured the White Rabbit to prove to her father that everything is real and ended up meeting the guy.

Alice, if you wish to be released from this facility, you need to-

“I don’t wish for anything.”

  1. Why does she not wish for anything?
    1. Shouldn’t she at least want to go back to Wonderland and kill that b*tchy Red Queen for doing that to her Cyrus?
      1. Comment: I’m just sayin’, but Alice has a lot of courage and she has strength to back it up. She can TOTALLY take on the Red Queen if she had the willpower to do it (and strong allies, including Cyrus).
    2. Did she have no other reason to live because her one true love had died? (cliche plz)
      1. It kind of seems to be the case though, because when she found out about him being possibly ALIVE, she became INTENT on living and saving herself from the asylum to find him.
    3. Would the fact that her own father rejected her (because she was ‘crazy’) also play a part in this?
      1. After all, she seems to like her parent enough to go out of her way to capture a talking White Rabbit. That love didn’t come out of nowhere, but it COULD have been shattered by the fact that, for the last time, he parted ways with her. It must have hit her hard.

This has something to do with the genie you believe you met. […]
You told your father that you… that you set him free.
That the two of you traveled from world to world.
Fighting pirates, swimming with mermaids.
You fell in love.

Only a comment: Obviously.

Who wouldn’t? He’s one heck of a pretty handsome guy. He’s got POWERS to boot AND he’s pretty! And also, it seems to me like he understands her heart.

When your father found you, you were inconsolable.

You said that the love of your life was gone.

  1. Which begs the question: why did the Queen choose to kill Cyrus?
    1. Because Cyrus rejected her love? [too cliche plz]
    2. Because she hates Outsiders (but then she doesn’t kill Alice, just Cyrus)?
      1. And then we go back to the questions about how she doesn’t kill the Mad Hatter, nor Cora or Hook.
    3. Because she hates true love and everything in notion.
      1. She sees the true love begin to bud into their hearts and begins to chase them down as criminals.
      2. Maybe she, like Regina, had a true love she wished to keep, but he was taken from her? No, that would be simply too repetitive.
    4. The Red Queen likes to make people sad, it makes her grow more and more powerful? The same way that Cora grew more powerful as she raised more and more hearts?
    5. Because she was ordered to break Alice’s ‘spirit’ and willpower?
      1. WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! What if JAFAR is the one she works for?! GASP! Or rather with. It seems to me like these two villains have their own agendas…
      2. But then why? Why would they go to such length?
  2. How did Alice even come BACK to her ‘world’ when she was CLEARLY in the Red Queen’s grasp?

Alice, you were an ignored little girl who wanted to be loved,
so you created a fantasy land full of characters
who’d help you become
who you wanted to be.

Comment: Oh. My. Gods. I never thought of Alice that way before, it only makes so much more sense! I love the way this psychiatrist (I’m guessing that’s his job) reveals this to us. It makes me feel like he’s doing it the very harsh way: to say such things to such a poor girl. It shatters the illusion…!

You wouldn’t be the first child to do this.
You’re just the first to grow up and still believe it was real.

Comment: Dang, does that mean that I belong in an asylum?

I don’t believe it anymore.”

We know you’re lying.
You still cry out for him in your sleep.

Comment: This would mean that Alice is the eldest child or teen or young woman inside this asylum, right? The creators better have done their stuff right and we don’t see any other adult-looking characters inside that asylum!

  1. Does Alice say she doesn’t believe it because she wants it all to be a bad dream?
  2. Does she wish she had never had these adventures?
    1. Because this way, her heart wouldn’t be aching as much?
  3. Or does she want to make them believe that she HAS indeed grown out of these ideas that she’s had?
    1. But then again, it would go against her saying that she does not wish for anything… which means she doesn’t wish to be released from the facility…?

We have a new procedure. That can take away your pain.
Make you forget whatever or whomever you’re holding on to.

“Alice. She needs help.
“He’s alive”
“That’s impossible.”
“You know as well as I do, Alice, nothing’s impossible in Wonderland.”

  1. If everything’s possible, then please explain how in the world Cyrus never came back for her after this. What happened to him?
    1. Was he captured by Jafar?
    2. Was he SENT to Jafar’s realm and he, as Aladdin’s Djinn, made Jafar become a bad guy and Jafar wants revenge by killing off his girl (Alice) right in front of him? (Man I’m tired, I make no sense).

“Once, long ago, I got you back your heart,
now, you need to help me get back mine.”

  1. What happened to the Knave before all this? And in-between his meeting with Alice and him meeting her now?
  2. What happened to his heart?
    1. Is this ‘heart’ a person of some sort?
      1. Alice means that her ‘heart’ is Cyrus, and that she wants the Knave to help her find him, yes? Then does it mean that the Knave’s heart was someone?
    2. Or is it truly a ‘heart’?
      1. During Comic-Con, they DID say that the Knave’s backstory revolves around the Enchanted Forest. What if Cora had taken his heart, seeing as she is/was the Queen of Hearts?


All right, so I let my mind wander off and, based on what I gather from the trailer and what I have deduced AND also what I know about the fairy tales, here are my predictions:

Alice is a young girl who has seen a White Rabbit digging holes [opening portals in her garden, which go back to Wonderland]. From here, one of two things will happen:

1) She tells her father about what she has seen and he believes her to be crazy. He tells her to stop telling lies.
2) She goes down the Rabbit Hole and, when she comes back, tells her father about the wondrous world she’s seen. Unfortunately, she has no proof and, in this scenario also, her father tells her to stop faking.

Either way, this will prompt her to go back to Wonderland and chase down the White Rabbit. Eventually, she meets Cyrus, who shows her what trust truly means. She comes to realize that her father never trusted her, and thus, never quite loved her, this is why he didn’t believe her when she told him about her adventures.

So you’re risking your life for someone who doesn’t believe in you…
When you really love someone, you don’t need proof. You can feel it.

In return, Alice frees the genie from his bottle and together, they have the adventures across worlds inside Wonderland.

Whatever they did, wherever they went, they crossed paths with legions of the Red Queen‘s soldiers, who were probably bothering the good people of Wonderland. They save them and, as a result, become Wanted Fugitives as freedom fighters. The Red Queen dislikes them greatly for this. [this is just me assuming, guys. It could be tons of reasons why the Red Queen dislikes them and chases them down].

One day, Alice realizes she has come to fall in love with Cyrus and (probably) confesses. However, their ‘reunion’ (?) is cut short: for some unknown reason, the Red Queen caught up with the lovebirds on that exact day. They clash and then, Cyrus, is ‘executed’. He falls off a cliff right in front of Alice.

Because Alice is so wounded at that moment, and because the Red Queen is satisfied that their true love will never be fulfilled with Cyrus gone, the Red Queen kicks Alice out or something. The allies that she and Cyrus had (White Rabbit and the Knave) come to her and choose that, in her state, it is unwise for her to continue living in Wonderland. For her to have a better and normal life, they send her back.

And back into her own world she went, where her father eventually finds her and coaxes the truth of her escapades out of her. It is then that he eventually deems her ‘insane’ and brings her to the asylum, where he probably comes to visit her once a month (or a year, probably on her anniversary).

The White Rabbit was tasked with keeping an eye on her and when she decides to take the procedure to take away her memories, he chooses to intervene, sending the Knave to tell her what they’ve found, the pendant that Cyrus always carries with him.

<cliche because I have absolutely NO IDEA where the story will go from here> Together, they will travel around and track down the one she loves. Cyrus had been taken by Jafar. His powers being drained by the Vizier, but he wouldn’t break, because he wants to go back to Alice, whom he knows is looking for him. Jafar seeks to break Cyrus’ willpower by using Alice (TO KILL HIM! DUNDUNDUNDUNN!!!)

Well then guys, this is all I’ve got so far.

They better not botch up everyone’s backstories and they better give me the unpredictability points I look for in a series. Please, I really hope that I haven’t been obsessing about this series for nothing…!

UPDATE: They’ve put up this other trailer and though there are 99% shots that we’ve seen before, we now know what Jafar will look like. I LOVE his cane.

UPDATE: October 9th, 2013. Yet again, they’ve put a new trailer, and I don’t know…. I like it! I like how Jafar is being portrayed. DID YOU SEE how the Red Queen and Jafar seemed to be discussing? So…! From what I understand, they want Cyrus because he can give 3 wishes (i.e. once Alice sets him free, he still has magic, that’s good to know!), and they need Alice because she hasn’t made all of her wishes? [which, in my book, means that if she hasn’t made her wishes, Cyrus only serves Alice…!] Why does Jafar want to have three wishes? Cyrus is obviously stronger than him then…!!!