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Title: Orphan Black
Channel: BBC America
On Air: 2013
Started: August 29th, 2013
Finished: August 30th, 2013
Warning: PG MORE THAN 13. There is NUDITY and implied s*x scenes! BE WARNED!
My rating: ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪

August 30th, 2013

A friend of mine [check out her tumblr, she’s awesome] told me about this show where you might not be as… unique as you would think you are… I must admit that her comments while watching this show piqued my curiosity (though one must admit that my curiosity is easily triggered by mostly anything).

The whole concept of this show is nice! I mean, you’ll see in my reviews per episode that I was gladly surprised at this sudden take on doppelgangers. How it plays out that you are hit in the head with the conception that you are not really ‘human’, that you are a clone, genetically formed by some sick organization that has been monitoring your life is… portrayed very well in this show, I think. How the whole series plays out on this very concept, in my opinion, is very well ‘processed’ in logic. The evolution of the characters can also be characterized the same way.

Pace-wise, WOW. It starts like an unexpected punch in the face. You get a few minutes to know the character before you get thrown into the action. Though sometimes, I found there were lapses in action, I welcomed it as a ‘watcher’, hahaha, because despite everything that happens, the characters are BOUND to look for normality, for there to be less action in the life. We also welcome this because ultimately, we also need a breather from the action that happens. We need to laugh at or with the characters sometimes, too.
The path the characters take is sinuous, it goes through many, many twists and turns inside this maze that is Orphan Black. It brings us along with it and we ourselves find out things at the same time as them, though, through the tads and bits that we gather throughout the series, we come to some easily deduced conclusions as well.
I found anyway, that the pace was well thought out and that both the suspense and the questions that build up after each episode made this a brilliantly written and executed script. So far anyways, I found nothing wrong about this.
And what can I say about the ENDING other than “WOW”. The show basically ‘comes at us’ from everywhere with new feelings, new information and action that I did most certainly NOT see certain things coming. And this is, thumbs up, a reason why I like shows. They surprise us and that’s what makes us want more, right?

Characters and cast: [there are so many people though that I’m not gonna write my impressions on all of them individually]

  • Tatiana Maslany: does a brilliant job. I sincerely don’t know how she manages it. She’s not only 1, but many characters with many different tics and different styles. She manages to pull them all off. That. Is. Talent. and/or brilliant directing too. I think it’s probably both.
    • Sarah Manning, to whom I couldn’t seriously relate to because she’s a drug dealer and a single-mom-who-abandoned-her-child-to-the-custody-of-some-woman-you-meet-later, is a strong female character [you’ll find that I love strong female characters, and that many characters, I will only find strong as the good quality to define them. I’ll work on that!]. She learns to adapt with the situations she is through into and dives into this with us. She navigates us through her emotions and through what she believes is happening. Her reactions, though sometimes, I found rash, were quite normal and we can easily relate to her.
    • Elizabeth (we call her Beth) Childs, is tougher to decipher, I found. The toughest, even, because we officially meet her for a few moments only. And yet, we discover her many facets throughout the show. She’s a true mystery to me, I find myself still wondering why she did what she did at the beginning. She seemed like such a strong character through what we discover of her, so is it truly logical for her to have taken the course of action she did, without even telling her associates? I wonder…
    • Cosima Niehaus (according the the wiki), is extremely interesting to look at. She’s the brains, if you want, of their whole enterprise. She did the research and updated everyone about what happened. I loved to see her geek out (probably because I’m also a geek) despite the ‘error’ that she did with her monitor. Her relationship with Sarah, I find, resembles the relationship between two sisters, and I like that. I’m very sad to discover that what happened to Katja is happening to her as well. I do not wish her to part from us so soon!
    • Alison Hendrix lives the perfect life. She’s the opposite of Sarah, I find, but also, is similar in some of the actions that she can make. She offers us a fresh view of what Sarah could have turned out to be, or what Sarah could have chosen. She gives us a new outlook on their situation. She’s always very manic about her ways and I think we can all relate to her as well. Her actions are logical and I find that a bit of predictability is good in a show. At the end of this season, I’m already wondering what will happen to her, after what she’s done (the two things actually) at the season finale.
  • Dylan Bruce (a.k.a. eye candy)
    • Paul Dierden, is not only hot but also very capable. He’s got some dirt on him from his time in Afghanistan, and I can understand that’s what drives him to work for Them. His love for Sarah is… questionable, I think. Isn’t it only lust that drives him? What aspects of her personality had he seen prior to discovering that it wasn’t her? I’d like to see more of him (for sure, eye candy? I accept that), but it’s also to find out more about him. His past and also his flaws. Because so far, I find none (maybe I’m just not looking at it in the right angle, too).
  • Jordan Gavaris [another very good choice in casting! 🙂 ]
    • Felix Dawkins is witty, smart, quick on his feet and I like that. I love how he’s not only the comic relief, but he’s also someone you can laugh with/at. His reactions are priceless and he uses the fact that he is gay as a reason for just about anything. For example, I absolutely LOVED his interactions with Dr. Collins from the morgue. He’s the one who pulls the Orphans as the summaries of each episode like to call them, to reality. I like to think that he’s a brother to not only Sarah, but the others as well, keeping them on track and bringing them back to their normality (or creepiness/geekiness/freakiness). I also like to think that he likes it; seeing many sides of what his foster sister could have become, and how useful he feels, helping each one of them in any way. Hands down, Felix is one of my favourite characters of all [even though his second night job is shady and I do not condone it].

Let me geek out on this, but the idea of taking your own evolution into your hands, the very idea that a guy actually has a tail, that people can have one white eye? It reminds me of the idea of splicing from DC Comics’ Batman Beyond. You heard me. I’m talking about the cartoon.
In a futuristic Gotham City, people have taken to splicing their DNA (they change their DNA slightly so that they can have animal attributes). For example, people can have their eyes to resemble that of a feline, or even have their tongues become that of a lizard. You know, that kind of futuristic thing. I like the idea, but I don’t commend it, hahaha.

Thoughts upon watching episode 1.
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Thoughts upon watching episode 10.

If I may, I will recommend this to people who are older than 18 years old, that’s for sure, because of the nudity and the scenes which imply things that should not be explored under 13 years old. Be warned that there is gore, insanity, psychological distress, sex, nudity in this.

I think that people who love suspense, mystery with a pinch of sci-fi will probably like this short show (which, by the way, can NOT get away with only having 1 season). I have heard from other reviewers that there is going to be a second season (obviously, it couldn’t end this way).

So, until next time, Orphan Black! Thank you once again to my very good friend for mentioning this show to me 🙂

(°◡°♡) – Ponyout!

P.S. Do go see other people’s review about this show. I’m not sure if mine does it any justice. As I have mentioned before, I’m only a n00b at writing reviews!
By the way, this tumblr person does a fairly good job at commenting it. I refer you to him.