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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD (episode 2)
Subtitle: (title of the episode): 0-8-4
Watched: October 2nd, 2013

October 1rst-8th,2013

Hey guys!

I think that this whole review will contain spoilers, so, people who haven’t seen the episode yet (namely you, Piplup), please refrain from reading further.

So, have you guys watched the second episode of the AGENTS OF SHIELD show? 🙂 I found out that my friend, Noctowl and Lapras watch the series in question as well as Mewtwo.

For the first episode, Noctowl tells me that she LOVES Agent Grant Ward, especially when he said that he was Clearance level 6, and then realizes there’s a Clearance level 7 (she’s watching me write this and laughing).
She also mentions she loves that the bots that Agents Leo Fitz-Jemma Simmons use to investigate scenes are named after Disney’s seven dwarves, hahaha.
Like all of us, she mentions that she loves how there are references throughout the show to the previous works of the MARVEL universe (Phase 1), like the battle of New York, for example.

Speaking of the first episodeI love how this video‘s recapitulation rhymes. It’s very funny. Also, it makes me think that some things I hadn’t thought about. Mostly, this question: “If Agent Coulson had really been in Tahiti, then why does he not have a tan?” just proves to me that there’s something fishy about Tahiti.

At any rate, here are my thoughts!


  • The Characters alone, because after, I’ll be talking about their interactions.
    • Skye, I like her. She definitely has her quirks [actually, as I’ve mentioned, they each do].
      • Skye is brought on Coulson’s team to do everything she’s against. Why does Coulson do this, I wonder?
        • What if… What if he knows what she’s up to (read my predictions at the end), and decides it’s best to have her within sight than to have her roam after them and everything?
      • Skye‘s motivation: “Peruvians have organized for the first time in decades. Thousands of suffering people who’ve never met, united over a common idea, it’s… mind-blowing. […] but that’s what the Rising Tide is all about. Usually, one person doesn’t have the solution, but a hundred people with 1% of the solution? That’ll get it done. You think ‘That’s beautiful’.
        • I’m rewriting this because sometimes, I wonder if I understand it well enough. But yeah, guys. They better be re-using this later on [not just in this episode], because it’d be a shame not to. It’s pretty poetic, too…!
    • Agent Grant Ward, I also like him a lot, not just because he’s eye-candy.
      • Ward automatically saw that something was wrong with Reyes’ men and Coulson mentioned he would know they’d have to eliminate agent May from the “equation in order to take over the ship”.
    • Agents Fitz-Simmons are the cutest.
      • Did you see this picture of them?
        • Why is Fitz eyeing Simmons like that? I wonder if I shouldn’t start shipping them together…? [ah, what the heck, I’ve already shipped a lot of couples, so one more can’t hurt]
      • Nick Fury mentions how he knew that Fitz-Simmons would try and get a fish tank in the twice newly renovated ‘bus’, so I’m guessing… I think the duo likes fishes.
      • I absolutely love how Jemma and Leo just blurt out interesting facts about the whole Peruvian fauna and flora.
    • Melinda May is simply awesome.
      • More information about her: she was called the The Cavalry [stated at least twice].
        • I don’t know about you, but I think that Cavalry sounds badass.
        • Also, everyone seems to know about her because even Fitz-Simmons have heard about her (without knowing it was her).
      • Something happened to her in the Baharans [I’m not sure if I spelled it correctly or even if I was able to hear it well]?
        • And that’s when she demoted herself to Clearance level 3 instead of staying in Clearance level 7.
        • Apparently, this happened before the Battle in New York.
    • Agent Phil Coulson
      • Despite his ‘death’, Coulson still maintains various levels of badass, no?
        • He distracted Reyes while he successfully un-tied himself.
        • I love how Coulson speaks SPANISH!
        • As soon as he saw the little robot, he had already understood its implications and was ready to proceed.
      • Really? Phil? In a mid-life crisis? I don’t know about that. SHIELD needed him back and he decided to come back (or because, just as Maria Hill mentions, after a few days in Tahiti, ANYONE would want to go back into action).
      • So sentimental, he doesn’t want Reyes to die, so he reels her in and ties her up, that’s pretty nice of him. After what she had done to him, he would’ve had any right to just let her drop out of the plane.
      • Personally, I think that Coulson is like Nick Fury in the Avengers [by the way, I LOVE Nick Fury].
        • Not in terms of personality, but in terms of what he does [in this way, maybe Phil learned something from Nick Fury? I don’t know].
        • They both chose a team [the first chose the Avengers and the second, well, the Agents of SHIELD roster].
        • They both FIRMLY believe in their teams against all odds [for Nick Fury, you saw in the AVENGERS that he believed in his plan more than the ‘council’s plan’ to nuke the whole area and for Coulson, well, he believes in his team despite even NICK FURY saying so].
        • According to Coulson, Nick Fury gave him the ‘sweet ride’ because he took a bullet for the Avengers and made them unite, thinking that he’d died?
      • Surrounding Phil, there’s this one motif which comes back often and I hope it’ll be explained: Tahiti is a magical place. The MOMENT that someone mentions Tahiti, Phil says: “It’s a magical place. You should go some time.” (whether in that order or not).
        • Both Noctowl and I know that Whedon will be answering all the loose questions that he placed here and there throughout the series (they better), but it’s difficult NOT to want answers THIS INSTANT!


  • 084 – The meaning is: We don’t know what it is. I love this. The last 084 was Mjölnir, of course [Thor reference]!
  • Consultant – “Stark” is S.H.I.E.L.D.’s consultant, technically. [Ironman reference]
  • Tesseract – also known as the Cosmic Cube! [Captain America reference AND the Avengers (first movie)]
    • How can the device (084) work when the Tesseract is now out of this world?
    • If the Tesseract is Asgardian of origin, how could it have an influence here when this artefact is supposed to date back from so many years ago?
      • Is it because, when it landed on Earth, it was still several years before it was found by HYDRA?
      • Oh, nevermind. Reyes mentions that HYDRA had a particular interest in that weapon and that it’d been lost since the War against HYDRA. So I think it makes sense… right?

The effects and technology are so fantastic, I cannot specify this enough. Does the budget mostly go there? Also, the ruins we saw in this episode are marvelous to look at.


  • Building relationships. In this episode [and no doubt in the next few episodes], what they’ve tried was to build up the relationship between the teammates. Fitz-Simmons was already done, but I saw that Melinda May and Grant Ward have been.
    • Coulson is a respectful leader who doesn’t want to leave anyone behind. He also cares about everyone’s feelings (kind of).
      • I like how he actually cares about Melinda May not wanting to see combat [mostly participate in it, I think].
        • He even apologized (even though she doesn’t acknowledge it at the beginning, pouting and all).
      • He makes sure that all of his team is coordinated, he brings silence when he enters the room and they all listen to him. That’s really awesome!
        • He firmly believes in them, that’s cool!
      • with Skye – I think that Phil doesn’t entirely trust Skye with everything.
        • I like the way he treats her sometimes.
          • He would throw each and every one of his teammates a compliment in front of them except for Skye and he just leaves the room afterwards, leaving her to say: I can do cool things too! or something like that. That’s just hilarious!
      • with Camilla Reyes – There’s some kind of story between her and Phil Coulson, she calls him Phillip [she flirts with him a lot and Skye even thinks that they may have been romantically involved]!
        • They worked awesome together when they were ‘fighting off’ bad guys.
        • Both Noctowl and I knew something was up with that woman. Noctowl thought it was way predictable that the woman was in fact a bad guy. I think so too, but a part of me sort of wished that Phil’s instincts, about trusting such a woman, be good. I never thought that it would be so wrong.
        • What we know from Coulson and Reyes’ previous mission together:
          • It happened 11 years ago, in Cusco.
            • Even then, Coulson was pretty important with SHIELD, seeing as Nick Fury gave him 100 men at his disposal.
              • By the way, I KNOW that Nick Fury threatened to demote Coulson, but I think that he wouldn’t, because even 11 years ago, Coulson was an important agent. Nick Fury knows better than to demote his best Agents… (in my point of view anyway).
          • He was working with an RV with Camilla. Apparently, they weren’t working much. Camilla wasn’t much direct either, apparently.
          • Coulson was always at least one step ahead of Camilla, I presume, since she takes pride in boasting about how she had the upper hand for once.
          • Whatever relationship she had with him, Camilla decided to ‘throw’ their history away as soon as she saw Coulson’s team. Why does she say that?
    • Agent Grant Ward
      • and Leo Fitz are building something close to a brother-brother relationship (well I think anyway). It happens a lot: geek-weak little one who speaks nothing but intellectual English vs jock-strong big one who speaks normal English (kind of, he does know how to defuse bombs and stuff, right? So not that DUMB). It was BOUND to have some kind of conflict between them.
        • Back when they were all tied up and Melinda May was still unconscious, Fitz said it’s his fault because he should’ve learned Kung-fu in order to defend himself and Simmons counters, saying she’s the one who’s been pushing him to go to the field in the first place. I’m predicting that perhaps, in the course of this series, Ward and Fitz might (just MIGHT) be practicing sparring a little together.
      • and Fitz-Simmons.
        • The scientific duo (no, not the Real Science Bros, not Stark-Banner, guys, I’m sorry [oh snap, now I have to write another post about the Science bros]) are daftly [look it up] honest and keep things interesting with their science-talk, which very much annoys Agent Ward. I like that.
  • In general, I like that there is tension in a team like that; I think it’s only natural that there be, after all, they’ve only just met, how can they suddenly make friends quickly despite their change in scenery and the lack of common interest between all of them?
      • and Skye are also building a certain relationship.
        • It’s GOING to bud into romance, I KNOW about it!
          • Melinda May even ships this: TOTALLY and COMPLETELY [all of you who have seen it KNOW what I’m talking about!].
        • HOWEVER, Agent Ward is warming up to Skye a bit slightly too quickly to my taste, and also to Noctowl‘s taste.
          • But it seems to me like the writers tried to remediate to this by proving him to be an especially difficult coach for Skye, as proven by the new preview they added in out assignment sheet.
            • He’s going to become a S.O. [Supervising Officer], as seen in Episode 3’s trailer. His own S.O. gave him a lot of readings to do, I wonder if Ward will do the same with Skye, hahaha I’d like that.
            • I love how Agent Ward ‘gives’ her the opportunity to switch Supervising Officer and asks Jemma and Leo what assignments their S.O. gave them to make Skye change her mind, hahaha.

Cameo of the week:

So, Nick Fury appearing, HUH! Have I ever shared with you a Clevver Movies Youtube video? Well, it’s about time. Thanks to Erin White and the whole team, I get to know some of the insides of shows about super heroes that I like! Anyways, you don’t have to click on it, I’ll tell you what we learn: The writers don’t intend there to be big-time superheroes (Iron-man, Hulk, etc.) to make cameos [but, like Noctowl mentions, it’s best at least that there are some references, right?]. And also, that the viewership of this episode dropped significantly.

The Ending

  • The episode leaves us with one question:
    • What does the Rising Tide mean by ‘Rising Tide in a holding pattern. Planning to go dark’?
    • Skye, when asked ‘What’s your situation‘, is telling them “I’m in.” What does it mean? I’ve watched the episode thrice now and I can see that answer going two ways:
      • She’s “in” as in she’s ‘in’ the plan of the Rising Tide going dark. And in this case, I’m guessing the Rising Tide going dark means that they’re going to be laying low from now on. I’m only about 15% sure that’s what they mean and that’s what SHE also meant.
      • 80% of me thinks that the whole thing, about Skye joining the SHIELD agency and becoming an AGENT has, in fact, been the whole plan. She’s ‘in’ means that she’s on the inside, and she can send them information they want, but she’s trying to earn the SHIELD Agents’ trust.
        • Which means that typically, she might fall in love with Ward (because I actually ship it), and consider abandoning her cause because she sees it his way (or something like that). [if they want me to buy it though, they’ll have to write it well, because this kind of romance has been done before…!]
      • The 5% that’s lacking is willing to let the writers WOW me with something I hadn’t planned.

By the way, the mission debriefs? They’ve lied to me. Despite seeing a little bit of what’s in store for the next episode, they never gave us a mission for the Third Episode… They LIED! However, they’ve posted something awesome on the Agents of Shield’s Facebook. So… what in the WORLD is going to happen to the team this time?!

  • What do you think, guys?
    • According to their Facebook Page (again), that doctor who says “Are we there yet?” in the truck that was taken is named Dr. Franklin Hall. Those of you who are familiar with Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will recognize the name maybe? It’s the citizen-alter-ego of the super-villain called Graviton.
      • It’s the guy who, basically, united the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together and gave them a common enemy to fight against. I love this.
      • Under his picture, Agents of SHIELD (facebook page) had written: “Every villain has an origin story. Meet Dr. Franklin Hall“.
        • This means that we get to see what’s going to happen to this ‘universe’s’ Franklin Hall that made him become a villain! I can’t wait.
          • For those of you who don’t know, Franklin Hall worked as a scientist. His experiment went wrong and he became able to control gravity. He can control a person’s gravity [make that person fly or make that person sink].
        • I think Hall already displayed bits of his powers when suddenly the truck that he was contained in began to fly a little bit. ALTHOUGH he was contained and, no doubt, his cell was created and meant to disable his powers… so I don’t truly know if that’s what happened. We’ll have to see, won’t we?
    • We’ll probably see Skye attempt to fight?
      • Since she’s being trained to it and everything. Let’s see what that girl’s made of, hahaha! I can’t wait till tonight!

And with this, I’ll just leave you for another week [I’ll probably watch the third episode tomorrow and start writing the review and wait for a week to publish it? (not-even-sure-plz)]. It took me AWHILE to write and rewrite this, so… yeah, that’s why it took so long for this post to be posted… I’m sorry guys! Those of you who have read anyway, hahaha. Now, I gotta go and do my assignments, writing projects and then, I’ll start writing the Once Upon a Time episode 2 post, hahaha *shot-in-the-head-plz*

See y’all!