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Title: Psycho-Pass (the anime)
Started: September 19th, 2013
Finished: September 23rd, 2013
Rating: 9/10
Creators/author: Urobuchi, Gen
Format: .mkv

September 23rd-24rth, 2014

It feels like all I’ve been doing these past few days are related to detective-work.
Maybe this is the world telling me that this is something I should consider…

Dear people,
How are you all?

Today, I’ve written a number of three reviews (THREE! and all Detective-related also!) that I’m spacing out according to a certain schedule. I’m publishing this one earlier than the others so I’ll say it: I think I may have caught the flu or a cold (yeah, I think it’s a cold). My head aches, I wasn’t as efficient in volunteering this week… I’ve been dizzy. For a week now, my throat feels sore, my nose started running in high concentration of mucus for too much information. I’ve been fearing that my bronchitis from last year decided to come back [because of the similarities in both cases] for Round Two, FIGHT *insert epic arcade battle theme song here*! Anyways, I’m taking a day to rest and I’ve decided, after a great nap, to write out the reviews that have been piling up. So I end this worthless paragraph to say that most things might not make sense, but it really does make sense to me right now to my dizzy brain.

So, an acquaintance of mine [Lugia] gave me a list of anime to watch this last summer and, I thought, since my Sword Art Online was so popular (have I thanked you guys for liking yet? Thank you so much for the ‘likes’, I seriously didn’t consider that there’d be people who would read let alone like anything I write, hahaha! Dang, I should make a proper ‘thank you’ post… It’s lame to just put it here like this), I thought I would watch another anime and give a review on it to celebrate (my way of celebrating is weird, deal with it). I didn’t want something too long out of all the anime I was given, but Psycho-Pass kind of jumped into my sight? Doesn’t the name just sound so badass? Sa-i-ko-pa-su.

Both the beginning and the introduction were really intense. You’re catapulted into this futuristic and dystopian world where, just like with Sword Art Online, you can’t help but wonder how YOU would have done things.

Questions like these begin to pop into your mind:
1. What would my crime coefficient be like?
(based on the fact that I keep everything bottled up inside [so much that I get bronchitis when everything eventually spills out, how unhealthy], I’d probably be shot down the instant a Dominator (a gun) is pointed at me, my Hue would be clouded in a matter of minutes and my psycho-pass would be highly difficult for me to keep in check. i.e. I’m not a strong character to base on, hahaha!)
2. If I was a normal human being, what would my job be like?
3. What would my score be like actually, if I had gone through the whole educational system? (dang, I wouldn’t have been anywhere close to C rank, hahaha).
4. If, indeed, society deemed me a latent criminal, what would I do? Stay inside the facility and be sad that I never got to truly live, or go outside in the world and make a difference?
(based on what I think I know of myself, I could really choose to go either way. It depends in what mood I am when they come to ask AND it also depends on who comes to ask me).

The technology displayed by the effects is simply gorgeous to look at. I can’t keep my stare away from the gun technology and… well, the whole anime. I’m even writing my thoughts down here as I’m watching the anime, not the second screen on which my WordPress is opened.

The first opening and ending songs have something in them. I can’t get them out of my head. I know that the English parts of the song don’t make sense, but that’s sometimes what you have to endure when you listen to foreign songs. The melodies and the song drag you into the world that you may or may not know of, but still. The second opening song is also quite catchy. Like the previous ones, the English parts didn’t always make sense, but the melody and the beat…!! Marvelous! I really likes! So much, in fact, that those of you who scroll down to my twitter feeds will probably see some lyrics. I’ve been trying to learn the parts where they don’t scream. I think I’ve gotten the hang of the TV version. I can’t wait to start the second version.

The characters.
This goes without saying, I guess, but I’m warning you? I’ve got this unhealthy habit of pairing up characters (I do this for a LOT of series, if I can’t say ALL the series that I watch). I have a crush on both Kougami and Ginoza. They’re both so awesome and manry, I can scarcely help myself (hahaha). *gushes*

Inspector Akane Tsunemori is one of the most interesting characters of the series (she’s also the main protagonist). I love watching her reactions to what we’re both discovering. She’s so normal in the beginning that you can easily relate to the characters (this is extremely important, I find). I like how she’s pretty smart [how she was able to score so high in aptitude tests!] and also very adaptable. In this way, I find she represents best humankind (in my best philanthropist days). There’s no secret, from the tags that I place here, that I greatly enjoy watching her interact with Shinya Kougami (among other characters of course, but I SHIP them). Through her, we get to meet her awesome colleagues and through her, we finally see the whole unraveling of the dystopia that is the country they live in. I love her strength and I kind of wish I could have learned more about who she was before she became an Inspector, what makes her who she is now, etc.

Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza is equally fascinating to watch. His relationship with his coworkers and the way his mind works as well as how he shows his affection towards them is something I like to watch. I sort of wished that there would be more development. There were subtle ways that they showed his friendship with Kougami, but I wonder if they shouldn’t have showed it more. His wits and calmness in certain situations helped me calm down and he somehow usually brought a new light into situations.

Enforcer Shinya Kougami is another character I have a crush on. He’s really cool. If you watch the two openings well, you notice that there’s this motif around him. Conflict between the character and himself, I believe my English Teachers from high school would say? I find this insightful on what eventually unfolds in the story. Headstrong and incredibly smart, I love watching Kougami (and all the enforcers, actually) find ways to capture the criminals. As I mentioned, I absolutely LOVE seeing his interactions with Akane, but I also like his interactions with the others as well. He’s like a big brother to Kagari and Yayoi, he’s a best friend (co-worker) to Ginoza and he kind of considers Masaoka like a father (he calls him ‘pops’, seriously!).

Enforcers Yayoi Kunidzuka, Shuusei Kagari and Tomomi Masaoka [among other characters]. I know that we got to see glimpses of their lives previous to this, we got to see them interact with each other and with the other characters, we even got to see their thoughts sometimes too, but I can’t help but wish that we’d known a bit more about them. Yayoi, for example, how did she become the person she is now after that one filler episode? Kagari and Masaoka, I feel like we didn’t see enough of them either. But you know, I always complain about the same things when watching and when reading. I’m becoming redundant. BUTT! There will be a Season 2 which will be focusing on the backstory, three years prior to Season 1 (so shouldn’t it be called Season 0? I’m just sayin’). I can’t wait to see all the characters again (minus Akane maybe, since she wasn’t there).

The story shows itself within the several crimes that the Bureau has to deal with. You see that it was almost all orchestrated by only one guy (whose also extremely interesting to analyze and to follow, though I still hate his guts) and through Akane, you discover the past between this one bad guy and the rest of the Bureau that she joins. Despite some inevitable events, I found each crime and the storyline well written and directed. I was thoroughly entertained (and I even shed a few tears for a few characters, I gasped audibly when something bad happened (you can ask the people who witnessed me during the bus rides). Anyways, I found no trouble with the story (except maybe that we didn’t see enough!).

I do not recommend this anime if you dislike these things:
1. Gore/violence
2. Nudity (and intercourse-related things)

Actually, I have something against all the items on this list also, and yet, I enjoyed this anime. I think it’s the whole psychological part of it that I found extremely interesting. I censored the things I didn’t like to watch with my hand on the screen. (You can ask my friend Charmander, I don’t just do that for this series).

All right, well, that’s all I can think of after a few days of thinking.
See you guys next time, I’ll go back to my herbal treatment (hahaha).


My thoughts after watching:

Episode 11: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! THIS-IS-SO-CRUEL! HOW-DARE-YOU?! I’m wondering if Akane is a bit like that guy? Mashikima? What if her crime coefficient will be below the criminals’? That no matter what, it will always recover and be well? Anyways, I don’t know what to think!

I will be taking a few days off of watching, just so that I can clear my head a little about what I have just seen. I’m not sure what to think, seriously, I’m so sad that I’d probably let my own crime coefficient rise up and let my hue become clouded enough to become a latent criminal (if Ponyo understood well enough the system), that is.

Episode 20, I feel the need to stop myself. This episode was pretty anti-climactic (or something like that). The real pain will start when I watch episode 21 and will have to stop. Tomorrow, I will dedicate the whole morning to watching the last two episodes. I’m really scared about what will happen and I admire Akane greatly for what she’s facing and how she’s dealing with it. I know people to have cracked under pressure for less, myself included. All right, I’ll stop writing now.


October 13th, 2013 – Hey guys, someone (thank you!) told me that I had done the research wrong and that I wrote the creators wrong xD I’m so sorry xD I updated it 😛