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Title: MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD (episode 3)
Subtitle: (title of the episode): The Asset
Watched: October 9th, 2013

October 9th, 2013

Hey there guys!

How are you? So, have you watched the Agents of SHIELD’s third episode yet? I have, and this time, I’m posting my review before the next episode starts! So, without further delaying you, here were my thoughts about it!

The show mostly centers around the characters, so I’ve decided to post my comments according to the characters… or I will try to. Oh yeah, and there’s spoilers ahead, as you can well guess.

Agent Grant Ward
According to this guy, he wasn’t under the truth serum; there wasn’t any to begin with, and he had a level 1 overshare that “miraculously got Skye to cooperate with them”. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to mess around with her. I’m not sure who to believe, Coulson, or Ward. I’m sure Skye has her doubts as well, but whenever Grant says: “If you say so, Rookie” to her, it unsettles me as much as it does her (I think). And he was playing nice with her all this time, too? That’s why his actions in the second episode were so fishy! Nicely written, guys!
[I love how he calls her Rookie all the time, too. I wonder if we get to meet his S.O. and get to hear his S.O. call HIM Rookie… hahaha.]
What we learn about Ward:
So he has two brothers; a big, abusive brother, and a smaller brother that he needed to learn to protect (unless that’s a lie, of course).

Agent Phil Coulson
Every episode, there’s always a mention of Agent Phil Coulson‘s sacrifice. I love how in this episode, he directly says: “and my card collection” (which means that, in the movies, the Avengers, Nick Fury put some blood into his valuable collectibles, that’s… aww… I feel for you, Phil!).
Another crossover reference to the Avengers movie is that we get is when Coulson talks to Dr. Hall and when Dr. Hall says that because of SHIELD, there was an alien invasion.
And he even mentions “I saw plenty (of action) with the Avengers,” it’s the first time that they mention the Avengers, the group, by name. I find this interesting! And it had to come from Coulson, too! There’s even more mention that he died, too! This time, from Melinda May herself.
I absolutely love Coulson’s sense of humor and, just like Agent Ward and Agent May, I’m worried for him, because he’s so ‘rusty’.
Comments about that: He said something about how it should have been ‘muscle work’, that he should have remembered how to do the thing-a-magic with the gun. I’m thinking that it wasn’t muscle-work because it’s not his ‘body’, that SHIELD put his conscience into a robot body (that can still bleed, since we saw him bleed in episode 2, and that is not super strong) OR inside a clone (we don’t know if SHIELD can clone or not, so… why not?). You know what I’m sayin’?
Going Melinda May on this, but…:
I also don’t like Phil’s decision of keeping the Gravitonium-material on Earth, in another facility named the Fridge. If they’d sent it to the Slingshot, which would then proceed into sending it to the SUN [thus destroying it], no one would have had access to it, right?
Wouldn’t that be what Dr. Franklin Hall want? For no one to use this?
Obviously, the writers had to make Coulson keep the thing there so that Graviton could survive and live to be their next foe, but… still…! I would’ve liked another reason.

Hmm… Her dress is a bit too… bright… hardly something that would be appropriate for going undercover, no?! I don’t know, it felt like she was flashing out in a crowd of people wearing suits.
The moment that Agent Ward told her that taking the gun was something, but that pulling the trigger, would be another, I thought Dang, they’re probably gonna make a big moment of this, it’s going to be her own big moment, probably! She’s totally gonna kill someone, and she’ll be wanting to be more of a SHIELD agent now! Well, I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t right either… and I think that’s pretty cool, that they don’t let me get the last word!!!!
I don’t think this should be the LAST that Skye mentions she’s working for the Rising Tide and that she’s a double agent (for the Rising Tide) to people. I wonder if this is a part of the Rising Tide’s plan of going dark. I HOPE that it’s not the last time she makes us feel like she’s betraying ‘us’. It keeps us on edge and makes us still question her motives.
Skye warms up to Agent Ward a bit too fast [AGAIN, but I still ship them]. Just because he gave her a reason to why he stayed as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and she just believes him when she’s doubting him with the truth serum…
I didn’t think much of it, but finding out that Skye was an orphan made me feel bad for her, there’s a certain depth more that I hadn’t thought about…

Agent Melinda May
I also knew [the moment that Agent Melinda May said she didn’t want to participate and when Coulson said that he would] that would be the last mission she stays “officially out” of the combats. Throughout the whole episode, they’ve been dropping hints at how frustrated May was when she couldn’t do anything because she was staying out of the battlefield.
I can’t wait to see the Cavalry work officially (I mean, in the first two episodes, yes, she did fight, but we gotta remember that she stayed out of it as much as possible, so now that she wants to get Phil out of this, what skills will she show us? I can’t wait, I can’t.

Dr. Franklin Hall
A Theoretical Material Sciences expert, a Canadian at that! What did you guys think of him? From the previous incarnations of him, I thought he’d be more… badass (but that’s just because he was portrayed in the cartoon, so…). I love how they made his cause such a good one. The true scientist, who doesn’t want his work to be done for evil purposes, and sacrifices himself for the greater good, but is still willing to sacrifice a few people just to save the world. I like his ideals, and I like how much it defers from Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes series.
Now, the questions surrounding him are as follows:
1) How does he get out?
2) How does he truly become a villain?
3) Or will he just want SHIELD to be put down (and keep a grudge on Coulson) because Coulson is the one who made him who he is (just like in the Avengers: EMH, Graviton had a certain grudge on Nick Fury).
4) Will he appear more? Whether in Agents of SHIELD or in another MARVEL movie/series? That would be fun and, remember, Disney/MARVEL: crossovers are awesome! Simply, AWESOME!

I’m sad we didn’t see enough Fitz-Simmons, but… I understand that with a lot of characters like this, we can’t be choosers… Can we?

I shouldn’t have watched this so early in the week. Now I have nothing to go on for now… [except maybe for Once Upon a Time in Wonderland].

Next episode (watch the preview here) is called Eye Spy (see what they did there? The pun? “I spy”, hahahaha!). Okay, it wasn’t that funny. What did you guys think about it?
October 12th, 2013 – So, I swung by (swing by?) the agentsofshield.com and they have not uploaded anything new as of yet. BUT on their Facebook, they’ve added this. Melinda May vs. a SHIELD agent gone rogue [who in fact is one of Coulson’s students]. Of course, what’s left of my money is on the Cavalry, as someone said.

Till next week, guys!