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Title: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Episode: 1
Watched: October 10th, 2013

October 10th, 2013

Oh my dearies, [*borrows Rumpelstiltskin’s voice and ‘accent’]

How are you all? I’m starting to write this episode review 13 minutes BEFORE the show premieres. I’ve scoured the Internet for a place where I could watch it live, because, as you know, I don’t LIVE in the United States, so I don’t get to watch programs (and also, since I’m a cheap Asian, I don’t have the satellite or cable to watch shows). Sadly, I didn’t find any, so I will bide my time, finishing to write posts I’ve scheduled awhile ago, do my readings like a good girl…

But I’ll be back to finish this! MARK MAH WORDS!

Guys, you know by now that my posts don’t follow a particular order nor do they always talk about the same things, right? All good then, I just needed to clarify this. After I got ahold on this episode on the City.tv website, I watched it a number of four times.

Spoilers ahead!


  • In England (year unknown), it’s been a year since Alice was been sent to Bethlem Asylum.
    • Because her father didn’t know what to do with her anymore; she was disappearing MULTIPLE times.
    • They don’t mention that she’s disappeared only TWICE (from what we’ve seen anyway).
      • First time, when she was a child [and she’d been gone long enough that her father would think she died].
      • Then, almost right after [a few days, perhaps? the time it takes for her father to contact the same doctor from the asylum AND for her to change her clothes], when she set out to prove herself right.
      • Cyrus, after sharing tales with Alice, mentions that she has “risked a lot to come back”, and asked who the proof was for.
        • Did something happen to Child-Alice that would make the inhabitants dislike her and thus make her coming back be qualified as risky?
        • Or would this mean that she’s come in and back out numerous times and that the time before this one, she had made a lot of enemies?
          • Could this enemy be Cora, a.k.a. Queen of Hearts.
          • Could this be the Red Queen.
    • Does the fact that they chose the Doctor would mention multiple disappearances instead of two disappearances mean that she’s been going Wonderland more than once since then?
  • In Storybrooke (present day, as they felt the need to specify), we see the Knave of Hearts JUST getting to town and trying to start a new life.
    • Does ‘present day’ mean that this “crosses” with Season 3 of Once Upon a Time? Which would mean that Grumpy and Ashley will be having that same encounter and in the Once Upon a Time episode, we’d be seeing what they were up to?
  • In Wonderland (unknown time period, probably a year after Alice last left it), we learn that the Red Queen and Jafar are still plotting towards something which involves Cyrus and Alice and, indirectly, also need White Rabbit and Knave of Hearts.
  • Comments: Now if both the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit were able to travel from Wonderland to Storybrooke, does this not mean that the White Rabbit have some kind of power similar to the Mad Hatter [Jefferson] from Once Upon a Time?
    • Couldn’t the Mad Hatter have asked the White Rabbit to ‘dig’ for him instead of holing himself up in his house and making hats obsessively?
    • If it is so, and if Alice’s England is far away in the past of Storybrooke’s present day (I’m making sense!), does this not mean that the White Rabbit not only travels dimensions but also TIME?
        • Evidence of this: Alice does not know what S’mores are.
          • Then again maybe it’s because she’s been inside an asylum without any contact with the outside world (presumably).
      • That’s AWESOME!
      • If it’s possible, could Alice have a friend in Wendy from the Peter Pan storyline? From when Baelfire was in England himself?
        • Please say that it’s possible. I love crossovers.

I don’t have much words for fashion, but I’m going to tell you one thing that I’ve sought to hide from Leafeon, because I’m trying to get her to stop being only attracted to visual prettiness, but I’ll confess: I don’t really like Alice’s frilly dress when she’s in Wonderland [I’m-just-sayin’-please].



    1. I’m gonna say it straight out: Alice is one badass chick.
      1. Immediately upon meeting Cyrus, instead of falling head over heels over his looks and charms, she threatens him. How awesome is that?
      2. No one can deny that she’s badass after seeing her fight her way out of the asylum chamber! NO ONE!
        1. Especially considering that she’s been cooped up inside an asylum for the most part of a whole YEAR, and she still maintains good physical condition, enough to knock unconscious those guards.
        2. Also, even her doctor mentions that she’s “a danger to herself and to others“. I love how proud she is of that. 
    2. I like how they stuck with some parts from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland and the original tale of it also I think.
      1. Child-Alice’s outfit highly resembled Disney-Alice.
      2. Alice says: Curiouser and Curiouser, which is something she used to say a lot in the movie, I think.
    3. Cliche
      1. So, I was partly right in my predictions…
        1. Alice would stay so long in the asylum AND ever since losing Cyrus, she would come to believe that she had made up everything, and she even mentions to Knave that she stopped believing in anything.
          1. That’s why she says Knave isn’t real upon first seeing him in her cell after a year.
          2. It also explains the last minute preview they gave us, where Alice questions herself and wonders if she didn’t dream it all up, just as the doctor had said.
      2. She’s even shocked when the bald doctor tells her that she still cries out for Cyrus in her sleep.
      3. I sort of wish that Alice would be smarter. Love makes her a bit more stupid, I guess this can be explained well. She’s trying to hang on to something she thought was not real.
        1. Both she and the Knave of Hearts could have gotten OUT of the Marsh-Mellow Lake before asking the White Rabbit about it. I mean, they’ve been there before, have they not?
        2. Too easy. It was too easy for her to believe that she can just see Cyrus when she goes to the Mad Hatter’s house, JUST because she heard it from a tertiary person.
          1. I thought she’d be smarter; to be finding Cyrus’ pendant in front of the house when she hadn’t noticed it before (though she’d been running into the house, so obviously she didn’t).
            1. But how could she not DOUBT?
            2. How could she not have thought that the White Rabbit planted the evidence there?
              1. Is it really because of that thing? True Love? That makes her believe? That makes her want to cling on to the fact that Cyrus is alive?
        3. If she’d been there before, and knew a bit about the Tulgey Woods, why did she need the Knave’s help in the first place?
          1. I think it’s because she never stayed in Wonderland for too long. After all, she fought pirates and met with mermaids (reminiscent of Peter Pan, anyone?) during her travels.
    4. vs. the Red Queen
      1. The Red Queen and Alice share some sort of relationship.
        1. Alice does not mind hitting the Red Queen repeatedly with a stick.
        2. Even before she’d met Cyrus, Alice was being chased by the Red Queen‘s guards (unless they were the Queen of Hearts‘ guards?).
Knave of Hearts

I didn’t exactly leave that place on GOOD TERMS.

Knave of Hearts

    1. Is it just me, or on more than one occasion, Alice calls Knave by the name of Will sometimes?
      1. I forget if I’ve mentioned this before, but… What if, when Alice mentions that she got Knave back his heart, she meant that Cora (Once Upon a Time) had actually taken his heart, seeing as she’s the Queen of Hearts, and Alice saved it and gave it back to him?
    2. He did not leave Wonderland in ‘good terms’.
      1. After Alice left (maybe even after she got his heart back), he did some bad things. People would want him dead for doing those things.
    3. He has lived long enough in our world.
      1. He knows how to make coffee.
        1. He knows how to drink coffee.
      2. He knows better than me what S’mores are.
      3. He has American money.
    4. I love Knave’s personality.
      1. He has a pretty funny side, even though sometimes, it took me awhile to get used to his accent.
        1. He cracks jokes here and there and is pretty cynical, I think, but that’s also my sense of humour. I get that.
      2. He’s blunt, he will tell Alice the truth, even though he knows that she’s stubborn and that she would feel hurt about it.
      3. And he’s very greedy, I believe.
        1. As evidenced when, as soon as Alice mentions that she can pay him, he doubles back to see what she means by that.
      4. This combination in his personality reminds me highly of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. Doesn’t it, guys? Just me? Oh well…
      5. Knave and Alice have this brotherly and sisterly bond to them, I think anyways.
    5. He seemed to be good friends with Cyrus.
      1. When he saw there was no absolute certainty that Cyrus was still alive, he told Alice that he was leaving, that he would’ve risked a lot, but that since it’s not completely sure…!
    6. He knows White Rabbit well.
      1. They probably had plenty of adventures together with Alice and Cyrus.
      2. Apparently, he knew that White Rabbit betrayed Alice on the cliff of the Boiling Sea
        1. [As seen when he tells the White Rabbit: “You MADE her lose Cyrus twice.”].

Mistress mine, my will is thine.
Tell me your wishes three.


    1. I love the way both he and Alice interacted together.
      1. Whether it was their first meeting, where he charms his way out of her threats of breaking his bottle by turning big, or him having prepared a whole speech that was charming and eloquent to propose to her but Alice just saying “YES” and interrupting him by kissing him.
      2. He’s also so calm, even with the threat of losing his home/bottle, and maintains a good sense of humour, I like that.
      3. I wonder what Alice meant when she had told her father that she had set Cyrus free.
        1. Did she mean, by saying that, that he was free from his bottle, that he could no travel?
          1. Shouldn’t she have used a wish to free him from the bottle?
          2. Did she smash the bottle and make him free?
          3. How does that happen exactly?
    2. He did come from Agrabah.
      1. He tells Alice tales about his time there.
      2. If he comes from Agrabah, then he has some sort of connection to Jafar (just as I suspected).
        1. Does he KNOW Jafar?
          1. At the end, when they see them together, it felt like Cyrus knew him… but I’m not sure…
        2. Did he do something TO Jafar?
        3. Is he related to Genie who became the Magic Mirror, in Once Upon a Time?
          1. I’d like to see that happen please!
        4. How did it happen that Cyrus suddenly left Agrabah to arrive in Wonderland?
          1. Are the two places related by an ocean?
          2. Or do you need a portal in order to go there?
    3. Cyrus chooses to grant Alice three wishes, which, oddly enough, take the form of rubies, cannot be taken away from Alice by a third-party.
      1. Then again, it might well be because she’s the one who found his bottle, as he emphasizes before he does the ‘ritual’ by which he grants her three wishes.
      2. Do the wishes work even though Cyrus is dead?

Bald Doctor

    1. He’s the one who advised Alice’s father since the beginning that he had a cure for her. He also tried to convince her father that Alice was mad.
      1. Maybe he’d been insistent for her father’s sake. Or Alice’s sake.
      2. Or maybe he works for Jafar!
      3. OR he needed Alice’s father’s money to sponsor the Asylum (have you SEEN the places where they keep their people?
        1. It’s a DUMP compared to the cabinet where Alice is interviewed).
    2. He has interviewed Alice many times in the course of the year she was there, it seems.
      1. Evidenced when he says that ‘perhaps this time’ she could be on her way home (if she answers well).
      2. During this interview, he gives her a lot of non-verbal (contact with the eyes, nodding, etc.) to make her answer the things, I think, he wants her to answer.
        1. I wonder if he’d been coaxing her into being well again (by giving her the right answers), so that perhaps it’d be a miracle and great advertizement for his asylum: “CRAZY WONDERLAND GIRL SANE AGAIN THANKS TO BALD DOCTOR!!” Can you see the headlines?! HUGE publicity!
        2. Or he’s been driving her to a corner so that she could accept the procedure.
          1. I might add that he was rather insistent on ‘procedures’.
            1. With Alice’s father.
            2. With Alice when she’s a young adult.
          2. He smiled evilly and said: “Fetch the girl” while holding a pretty big tool that could drill into her skull.
            1. Dudes, I have no medical degree, but even *I* know this is NOT a safe procedure!

That’s the thing about POWER,
it can be so… FLEETING


    1. Oh my goodness. Jafar was one of the most surprising of characters.
      1. This might be because I didn’t see much of him in the trailers.
    2. I’d like to know what truly happens when he activates his cobra-staff.
      1. I’m thinking that his staff might cancel the powers of the other Magic-users.
        1. My evidence is when the Red Queen could do nothing to stop him from strangling her (apart from telling him that he has no idea where Alice is and that he still needs her).
      2. Or perhaps it’s his way of activating his own powers? I mean, the real Jafar is not a genie? So maybe he needed something to trigger his powers? Like a staff?
    3. Jafar is stronger even than the Red Queen. He’s pretty powerful, despite his not being able to bring Alice back to Wonderland.
      1. Apparently, the Red Queen and Jafar have some kind of deal.
        1. Jafar wants the three wishes that Alice has in her possession. [or at least, three wishes in general]
      2. They need for Alice to have made her three wishes. And they need Cyrus’ bottle.
        1. I’m guessing that they don’t mention they need Cyrus because they already have Cyrus in their grasp.
    4. I LOVE the fact that Jafar has the magical carpet and flies on it the same way Aladdin does, hahaha.
Red Queen

I have eyes… everywhere

Red Queen

    1. Red Queen is, well, she’s quite something.
      1. Just like Regina (from Once Upon a Time), I love her sense of style.
      2. Evil queens wear nice, fancy and showy dresses…!
    2. People don’t like her [I read those comments you guys post on the Facebook, guys. It’s pretty mean to say that the actress has bad lips, I think they’re a pretty feature in her face], but I do like the actress who plays her.
    3. I wondered… if they needed Cyrus as Jafar had mentioned, then why did she choose to push Cyrus off the cliff, and not Alice?
      1. If Alice died, wouldn’t Cyrus be free to have a new master whose wishes he should grant?
      2. This is pretty nowhere, but I like her way of pronouncing Jafar’s name, hahaha.
    4. But then it’s explained when Cyrus was saved by Jafar, so I’m guessing… But then, why did the Red Queen let Alice disappear to the real world if she was also needed and needed to have used her three wishes?
      1. I bet that Alice knew she had to run, in order to save the wishes that Cyrus had granted her.
      2. OR perhaps the Red Queen let her escape to provide her with some sense of safety (somehow) and also to have enough time to obsess over the fact that she failed to save her one true love.
        1. And because she feels the guilt, will be using those wishes. How evil!
White Rabbit

We’re not late for something.
We’re late for someone.

White Rabbit

    1. Oh, Dearest White Rabbit!
      1. People seem to believe in the White Rabbit’s abilities.
        1. They didn’t question him when he said he’d go fetch troops.
        2. They didn’t even question his ability to get through the Tulgey Woods and to the Mad Hatter’s house…!
    2. Child-Alice first mentions the White Rabbit when she talks to her father. She mentions that he wanted to take her hat… why?
      1. His attitude when he’s with the Red Queen is completely different from the one he displays when he’s with his supposed allies (Alice and Knave).
        1. He is really fun when he’s around the duo.
        2. I love his voice.
      2. The Red Queen has some kind of leverage against our friend the White Rabbit.
        1. They made some kind of deal together once the ‘game is complete’.
        2. When she threatens him, saying that if he doesn’t do as she says, he will be decorating the room.
      3. How can he make Magic appear into the diner?
        1. So his special ability is ‘called’ DIG. [reminds you of Pokemon, anyone?].
      4. What exactly is the White Rabbit’s relationship with Alice and his with the Red Queen?
        1. The Red Queen mentions that Alice (Knave and Cyrus are implied, I guess) and he are friends.
          1. As evidenced when Rabbit asks the Queen if it’s true that Cyrus was alive, obviously hoping that he hadn’t lied to Alice or that his friend Cyrus was indeed alive.
        2. It seems to me like Knave and Alice consider him as friends.
          1. Though Knave kind of takes things with a grain of salt.

Cheshire Cat!
I love this character in any version of Alice in Wonderland. “Chesh?”
Oh! I like his voice! He sounds different than other versions of him. I like his way of talking and I do hope we’ll be seeing more of him.
He mentions that Wonderland is going stranger, I wonder what changed. They better elaborate upon that.

Others –

I love the Computer Graphics effects as much as the next person, but I hope the action, especially fighting scenes like the Cheshire one, will be better done. It was pretty surreal. That’s one bad thing I have against that.
However, the actress played her role pretty nicely, in my opinion. She showed fear and everything despite the fact that she probably didn’t really know what Cheshire looked like until after they’d filmed it (I don’t pretend to know everything there is and how everything works though so please!).

Concept of Magic
Wishes have to be GRANTED, not taken. It’s quite the play in the concept of wishing. I love this rule.

You know that while in-game, I’m pretty picky about the music that the companies use. The soundtrack should mesmerize me, should be a means to drag me further into the story. The soundtrack made my heart beat for Alice and Cyrus, made me cry because they were sorrowful, even BEFORE the show premiered. And now, the soundtrack from when she fights off the Asylum’s guards is making me laugh, because it strongly reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbeans‘ music.

Crossovers –

Everyone who reads this, I think, knows I love crossovers. If you didn’t know, well, I guess… um… SURPRISE! You’ll probably hear me talking about crossovers all the time, so get used to it!

  • The yellow car – Emma Swan‘s car is a famous one: a yellow ‘bug’ as they call it, I think.
    • It appears when we first meet Knave of Hearts, who is walking towards Storybrooke’s diner.
  • Ashley Boyd – or better known as Cinderella, who was locking the town’s diner (where I’m guessing she now works because Ruby is gone [or rather, she’ll be making appearances, but is no longer a show regular]).
  • Leroy – or, better known as Grumpy or Dreamy, one of the seven dwarves [also one of my favourite dwarves actually].
  • Clock Tower – The clock just strikes 8:15 as Knave appears in Storybrooke.
  • Mad Hatter – They do a lot of referencing to the Mad Hatter, which is quite significant, since the Mad Hatter has been a resident in Wonderland for awhile now (before the Curse took effect). They even mention that he’s disappeared for some time now (which means that this episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland chronologically occurs after Season 1 of Once Upon a Time).

For next time…

On youtube, I found this promo video and this other one. Hmm…

Cyrus: Do you believe that love is powerful enough to give us our freedom?
Alice: I believe ours is.

Judging by the clothes that they’re wearing, Alice is reliving this as a flashback (she wore the same clothes before Cyrus proposed to her and when they arrived to the Boiling Sea).

Now what kind of freedom are they speaking of? Is it the freedom to go past the Red Queen and Jafar? The freedom to go wherever they want? The freedom to get free from his bottle? (has no idea what she’s talking about.

You’re not safe here.

But without any images of Cyrus saying it. I’m thinking maybe he’s trying to communicate with her (in present day, as she tries to reach him?). OR maybe it’s still inside the flashback, too…

We see images of Knave being drowned. Is this his flashback, of a consequence of something he’s done in the past? Or is it that someone from his past (that he’s done something wrong to), has come to seek revenge?

Jafar: What is it you desire?
Red Queen: Alice and her genie of course!

That… Hm… I don’t know why she would want the two of them. So, Jafar says he wants the three wishes, and the Red Queen wants Alice and Cyrus. Is this their deal? Why do they want to do that? GAH!

Anyways, it’s getting late. I shall see you guys another time!