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September 5th, 2013

After I let a few days go, (after finishing the season 1 of Orphan Black [review]), a few questions, comments and more have started to pop into my head.

Spoilers below (DUH)!

  1. Firstly, I’m interested in the monitors.
    1. What interest would the Company [or Neolution or Neo-Evolution] have in Paul Dierden [eye-candy man] when they found out and patched up what he had done during the war?
      1. Did they know that they would make assign him to Beth?
    2. Actually, WHAT are the requirements to become a ‘Monitor’? Is it really that you have to be skilled in fighting and everything? Because Delphine and Donnie don’t look the type [AT ALL].
      1. HOW did they recruit Donnie in the first place? Alison said that she knew him since so long ago, and because of this, he eluded Sarah’s suspicions of him…! [But I wasn’t able to shake through the suspicious phone call and him burning whatever was inside the case]
        1. Speaking of which, it seems to me like Donnie is way too in the know. He’s been in direct contact with Leekie (I think), since the beginning of the show.
          1. He phoned him directly when his wife started showing anxiety signs, did the best thing; burned the evidence and made sure Alison would see pornography instead of the more… suspicious articles inside that stupid box.
          2. He even got into the car with Leekie and spoke to him as he had always, whereas Paul didn’t even KNOW Leekie until after he ‘betrayed’ his employers.
        2. I don’t buy Donnie’s whole thing because of these. I wonder if he’s been in on it since the beginning. Is he blood-related to one of Leekie’s goons? Is he Leekie’s son (I doubt this but still) [since Alison would have recognized him as Donnie’s father (she knows his family since he’s married to her, right? Unless his ‘family’ is actually a band of actors that the Company hired?)]? Because then it would sort of explain.
          1. Here’s my theory: Leekie (or one of his goons) send his son to the same school as Alison so that the son, Donnie, could monitor Alison. Alison fell for him and they eventually chose to marry. [with or without Donnie being fully in love with her that is].
      2. HOW could they get Delphine, what kind of hold did they have on Delphine to make her agree to monitor Cosima?
        1. WHY didn’t they make Delphine appear sooner?
          1. Theory: Is it only because she changed schools, it was her first semester, so they were recruiting a new monitor so that she wouldn’t feel too… watched and suspicious?
        2. Another thing with Delphine… How in the world could she have simply betrayed Leekie like that? What is her relationship with Leekie? I don’t get it… She turned the leaf too easily and Cosima also turned the page easily as well.
  2. Secondly, we talk about the clones… Is Sarah really truly ‘the‘ original?
    1. They say that Helena and her share the same birth mother. All right. They say that the latter had been injected with some kind of… well I don’t know. SOMETHING to see if it would happen. She had twins. Following this train of thought, it would mean that Sarah’s not the only original, but Helena would also be one, right?
      1. I don’t know. I think they’ve been steering it so we would believe that Sarah is NOT the original. She keeps believing that she’s just like Cosima, Alison, Beth and Helena, that they’re different, unique in their upbringing, but that they really are clones. In that case, who and where is the real deal? Does she play any kind of importance in the story at all?
      2. Something else… Sarah being the ‘anomaly’ between them, the one who actually got the chance to have a child… is it a pure coincidence, or is it truly that she’s the Original and was able to get a child because of that?
        1. In that case, it would indeed mean that Helena is her twin AND also is an Original, but then how in the world could the Company have gotten ahold of their samples of DNA to create more clones if these girls had been the Originals?
          1. Did the so-called birth mother really tell the truth?
          2. Was she hired by Ms. S. to say those things?
  3. And now what about the whole thing between Sarah and Miss S.?
    1. The so-called “mother” of Sarah told her to be wary of Miss S.
      1. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I find this fishy. Either from Miss S. or from that “mother”.
      2. Miss S. has gotten the leisure to take Kira away from Sarah since so long ago. What would motivate her in taking Kira when she did? Was there something there or was it just for the sake of the storyline and the sake of a cliffhanger?
        1. I think that Miss S. may have been one of the founders of that organization, the Neolutionism. But she felt bad and ran away with a baby (Sarah) and raised her. Somehow, Felix is very important too. Maybe he had been experimented upon but was a failed experiment DUNDUNDUNDUUNNN. Miss S. was super careful all the time and she let Sarah have the most “normal” life that she could, letting her have her choices, etc. And then suddenly, when the company found Sarah and Miss S., Miss S. chose to take Kira away to safety, because Kira is quite important in their research. (I don’t know plz).

Anyways, that’s it for now, guys! Please look forward to the next season of Orphan Black! I’m really hoping that this comes fast!