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Title: Murdoch Mysteries (Season 1)
Started: September 18th, 2013
Finished: September 23th, 2013
Rating: 8/10
Format: .avi

September 23rd-24rth, 2013

First, let me tell you how I found this series. I found it while waiting to buy metro tickets. It was on the television screen, I had only caught glimpses of the series title and thought: Why, how intriguing!. After some research, I found out that Yannick Bisson, an actor I admired since I was a young high school student for his role I’m Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye (where I rooted for Jack Hudson, his character, to end up with Sue Thomas, but that’s besides the point). So, with those two major incentives, I dove myself into the first season of the Murdoch Mysteries. [So it’s important to note, as my friend, Piplup [(I may have nicknamed her something else before, but let’s hope that I’ll remember that her nickname is Piplup this time) check out her review blog as well as her art blog, she’s quite talented 😀 ], told me to write: that I’m BIASED!!]

There are so many things that are awesome about this series, I find.

As you continue to read me (I must once again thank you for tuning in and following the blog (after the second post (Sword Art Online), there’s been people following the blog, I’m… surprised… and thankful!), you’ll find that I’m not a complete History fan [I don’t know my history as well as I know my Greek Mythology], and I’m not good with things like Sciences as much either [a horse is not set on fire and live while burning eternally, Ponyo!!!], but I find entertaining to catch the nods, if you might call them, done by the writers to the creators of certain devices and series, like Mr. Tesla (episode 1) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (episode 4) for example.

Yet, despite all of my lack of knowledge, I was extremely interested in how the forensics department was dealt with back in the day.

Like I mentioned, I LOVE how they put the inventions, or at least the beginnings of the inventions, there in the show. And, speaking of invention, we can also talk about the puns (ferret it out, for example)!

There ARE anachronisms (as expected, I think, when you watch series made in history), and, for fanatics of history, it can be a double-edged sword: they can either hate on them or they can play the game of finding the anachronism. (I rather the latter than the first, but that’s just my opinion). I love that, since the story is set in those years, they made sure that the geographical and demographics were all right also. There were signs of French Canadian vs. English and Roman Catholic vs Protestant Church conflict, ever so mild. It was well-placed, it made me feel somewhat proud of the show.

Now, we talk character-wise.
The creators weren’t scared of making Detective William Murdoch make mistakes on the very FIRST episode, which is great, especially in detective series like this, I find anyways. It’s important that, even subconsciously, we audience be aware that even the best logical and most awesome of person can make mistakes, and that it’s okay. The most important part after that of course is to start knowing what to do after that, to correct your mistake. The choice in actors is one of the things that brought me to this specific series, as you’ve heard me mention that Yannick Bisson takes on an investigating role in a new series that’s set in CANADA, no less. I love how he’s ahead of his time, does his readings and rides around with his bicycle and leaves it without any locks, without any fear that people would steal it (which will be a bother for him later on but hahaha, the LAUGHS I have). Not only that, but I love how he doesn’t always get the jokes that Dr. Julia Ogden tells [or rather he chooses not to laugh because they’re just terrible puns].

I love how the Doctor, Julia Ogden, that Detective Murdoch goes to is a woman (and so smart to boot, also!!!). And it is she who questions Creationism first, not him. She traveled so much to learn that she’s developed an extremely open mind, which I admire about her. In general, I like her character a lot. I kind of ship her and Detective Murdoch (hahahaha). You’ll find that I like to ship a lot of people together, for whatever reason it could be, I just enjoy doing it. As I’m writing this, I wonder if I should make a Thought post on my main blog about this… XD

I absolutely love Constable George Crabtree, he’s pretty crafty, that lad. He has a vivid imagination, is the funniest character to watch in the series. I love his reactions. His facial expressions are simply, quite simply, the awesomest. He comes up with puns, and even sometimes alludes to inventions which will be developped further. I love watching him interact with Murdoch and gradually develop his own mind for mysteries.

In general, the secondary characters were also extremely fun to watch.

The series and storyline follows the same pattern, I found, as the Monster of the Week, in this case, it’d be more suitable to call it the Crime/Mystery of the Week [update: well, TV Tropes kind of beat me to calling it, dangit, well great minds think alike XD]. I liked the way the stories were told, just in the same matter as Agatha Christie’s stories, we are given the clues at the same time as Murdoch, and we’re attempting to solve the case alongside him. He gives us plenty of expert insight on ideas (same goes with Dr. Ogden), which helps us solve cases. There are sometimes MENTIONS of the previous cases, but you don’t need to watch all the episodes before to understand how this one crime is solved, etc. It’s interesting to watch the emotional progress and the psychological progress of Detective Murdoch throughout the season (him moving on, etc.). Also, I found that, since I’ve been watching and playing a lot of detective games, that my instincts sometimes rightly told me who was the culprit (mwhahaha, but I was more often wrong than right so it might be just me).

The very last episode of the season left me with a bitter taste. I know that in real life, cases are sometimes left unsolved, and the writers made sure that we had enough details to research on google, so that’s also a ‘plus,‘ if you want to call it such, but I don’t know how to word this, but I was just a bit disappointed that THIS could be the last episode of the series. I found they could have made another case the ending of the story.

I recommend this to the people who like mystery and crimes (duh). Thumbs up even more if you like historical stories (or stories that are set in earlier history, but have some anachronisms). I’m obviously going to be watching the Season 2!

See you later!