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Title: Kyoukai no Kanata
Episode: 1-12
Started: October 28th, 2013
Ended: December 18th, 2013
Rating: 7

October 29th, 2013 and December 18th, 2013

Hey there guys!
How are you all? 🙂

So, I started this anime because a friend of mine, [he’s been AWOL for some time, and he didn’t reply to me when I asked what nickname I should give him, so let’s call him… Rattata], at the beginning of the semester, suggested we watch an anime together, where we’d have a certain limit of time to watch an episode and then talk about it on that day. Together, we chose Kyoukai no Kanata, though we could’ve chosen Log Horizon, I wouldn’t have minded (oh, I should start a post about that too!) We sort of forgot about it because of school and both of us were struggling to keep our high GPAs.

But I still continued watching, just because I sort of like it, despite, I must say, some disturbing things that, well, I can forget because the show’s plot-line is moving around swiftly (in my opinion).

[I beseech you to remember that I’m not good at reviewing yet, so bear with me. Also, Spoilers are ahead!]

The story revolves around a group of students from a school, who have the knowledge that there are demons/spirits roaming on earth. Some of them have the powers to stop them, and those are Spirit Warriors [if I understood correctly]. Once they’ve defeated a monster, this monster drops a sort of rock, and, once you’ve taken such rock to an appraiser, you get a reward for defeating it.
In this world, there are clans, families who share not only the same bloodline but, you’ve guessed it: the same power, although the intensity of their power varies from each individual [probably, based on what I’ve seen].

Anyways, I’ve given you the setting, and I’d like to give you the characters and the story, but I don’t want to spoil everything (haha). I’ve followed this series religiously, almost every time it airs, I await the time I can watch it – I even have a schedule to calculate what day I can watch and plan my time around that anime and Log Horizon, which has a mid-season review coming up soon, I think).

In general, I was taken by the characters, Kuriyama-san first and foremost, because, well, she’s so cute and everything! While no one can truly relate to her (what happened in her past, that is), I think that I can sympathize with her because of it. Her catchphrase, “ふゆかいです” or “How unpleasant”, will probably stick to me.
I liked Akihito-kun [although I must say that… well… it was difficult to see Mirai loving Akihito and vice versa, it was only by the end that you saw the more physical signs… I don’t know… it felt somewhat empty] as well as Hiromi and Mitsuki [their bickering is funny to watch]. I was worried for Aya-chan and Ayaka-san by the end, and thought that perhaps the animators had forgotten about them (I was wrong, but it still feels like they could’ve had more air time to explain what exactly happened to them…).
At any rate, I think that the series did a good job of making me like the characters in general [though I will admit that they don’t really stand out… and sometimes, the jokes feel forced]. I can’t pinpoint anything that I disliked about them, they gave me good laughs as my week progressed and, like I said, I wanted to see them so I waited eagerly for the week to finish so I could watch another.

I sort of wish that they would have done something more… I’ll admit that I thought the beginning was slightly too slow for my liking. Did they HAVE to include those episodes [which clearly felt like filler episodes to me]? I thought that there would be 13 episodes, so I was not mentally ready to say goodbye to this series in this last episodes this week. On top of that, I am certain that the series could not just have ended like that (I’d like a Season 2, please?).
In my most humble opinion as a writer, there were too many plot holes. A series’ conclusion should not leave us with so many things unanswered, unless they plan to make a second season (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE).

For example, who in the WORLD is Akihito’s mother (Yayoi Kanbara?) and why didn’t she appear before this? Couldn’t she have prevented all of this from happening? Why did she say that Kuriyama-san and Akihito are not regular ‘half-youmu’ and ‘spirit warrior’? What does she know that we don’t? Why did she leave? Where’d she leave to?

Who is Izumi Nase exactly? What happened in her past that she so desperately wants hidden from her siblings? What drove her to do what she did exactly? How does that freaky guy know about her past if she worked so hard not to divulge it? Who is that mysterious guy who talks to Izumi and then at Hiromi when he takes her place as head of the family? WHERE are their parents exactly?

So many things to explain… SPOILER: And I’d like to have real explanation as to how Mirai Kuriyama got back from the dead, and how Akihito knew, just from the fact that her ring disappeared, that she was back.

Visual-wise Personally, I have nothing with nice visual effects. The background, landscaping was brilliantly done, and so was the art style, too. However, sometimes, I felt like things were getting too glittery, too bright for my eyes (it hurt [but, granted, I’ve been having a headache since yesterday and may be nursing a cold, so maybe I’m more easily irritated by it]!).
However, I must say that I loved the many shapes and forms that Youmu could take and I was pleasantly surprised when Akihito’s mother appeared and attempted to scare them in such a costume. It was funny and alleviated the mood a bit (although one might argue that it alleviated it too much when the anime was aiming for a more… dramatic feel?).

For those of you who like cute girls, a guy who struggles with his identity as ‘hentai’, visually beautiful landscapes and great effects, for those of you who do not mind the plot-holes (perhaps because you’ve already read the novel), why not watch it? I thought it was fun…! Although I don’t know what Rattata thought of it (as I said, he kind of vanished, so… yeah…).

See you guys! Enjoy your Winter Vacation! 🙂