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Title: Pokemon: The Origin
Episodes: 4 episodes (Complete)
Rating: 9/10
Watched with: No one
Started: December 21rst, 2013
Finished: December 28th, 2013

December 28th, 2013

Whoa! I finally got around to finishing this anime! And it’s not at ALL because I didn’t like it and wanted to postpone finishing it. It was the opposite: I was reluctant to finish it because I didn’t want to? (It happens a lot with me, I know it’s weird…).
Warning: This article may contain *cough*’friendly‘*cough* traces of my hate for Ash Ketchum from the anime even though he’s not directly related to this anime. Don’t like? Don’t read, please? You been WARNED!

First, to give you a little bit of history/background information: I grew up more of a DigiDestined [like my friends Growlithe and Piplup] than a Pokemon Trainer [like my friends Rapidash and Jirachi]. And I can hear your complaints: Why in the name of Goodness do you have a Pokemon’s name then, you Traitor?! I have a sound explanation for that… Um… [sort of, and I’ll get to it one of these days]. Know that I still like Pokemon (I just hate Ash’s guts and immortality with a burning passion). Growlithe and I came to this conclusion after hours and hours of debating: Digimon can make great anime with a lot of character development and great storytelling (we’re biased because we grew up with those stories), but Pokemon are the ones that can create good games surrounding the concept that they’ve created. Good compromise? I thought so too!
[However, I will admit that this manga about Pokemon, Pokemon Adventure, also known as Pokemon Special, made me fall in love with Pokemon all over again, it’s just SO GOOD]

See the difference?! See the evolution?!

All right, moving on! If I remember well… This short anime was meant to publicize the arrivals of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the games, into the world, right?
I can’t find a good source for this “statement”, but it seems like it, since this anime started around the time that the whole Pokemon X and Y hype was up (before the games had even started being on sale, too)!
Here’s why I think this anime was great!

They’ve done a great job at returning us to the very beginning, the ‘Origin’, the very first games that we’ve had the joy to play/watch: Red/Blue/Green/Yellow.
They’ve even given us new takes on a few scenes that we’d watched from the anime [do you see the difference between the anime back then (on your left) and now].
They’ve also introduced to us characters that we know about and we’ve seen and we’ve fought against, but with new concept arts (for the gym leaders, among other characters *see image below*).


They’ve given us a ‘fresh’ character to follow, Red [whose designs follow the game of FireRed, if I recall well?], who learns a lot more in four short episodes than Ash in all his years of immortality [I mean… what? I’m so gonna receive a lot of hate for this comment (assuming anyone reads this, that is)].

Briefly put, the show has given us all, especially those of us who have seen Pokemon’s beginnings, to see the evolution there was behind the first ever episode to the more recent episode (even with the regular show [as I suspect the pictures of Charizards that I’ve put here are from that as well]). See how awesome evolution is?

I love how it remained kind of true to the games, the whole menu interface-thing (I hope I’m not using that word wrong), the episodes being named: “Save 1”, “Save 2”, etc. There’s also, at the beginning and the end of each episode, the person selects to “Continue” the game and there’s always the time duration that “Red” has played. It’s taken into consideration and it shows to us that there’s been some time between the first episode and the one we’re watching. He also narrates and summarizes well a lot of events that have occurred to him. Those are all reminders to us that it’s the game (and the anime, but mostly the GAME!).

I have a few complaints, I guess, which is why I didn’t rate this 10/10. I guess it’s because it stayed SO true to the games that I feel Green doesn’t receive enough love? [especially during that last episode, perhaps]
He’s one of my favourite characters (because of his appearance in Pokemon Special, I’ll admit), but I think he doesn’t always appear enough, and there’s not enough dynamism surrounding his character as there is with Red? I’m not sure if I make sense, but I understand myself, so…
But I love how the other characters don’t treat his antics as insulting, but as his way of… being, I guess? But I found the depictions of him rather annoying (I guess that’s why we want to beat him so badly in the games, huh?).

And, lastly, I LOVED the last ever episode, where almost all of the loose ends are being tied and the conclusion has room for an opening in the future (reminds me of how to conclude an essay back in high school, *sigh, the good days*.
SPOILERS: And I absolutely love how it revealed to us the meaning of the stones that Fuji-san gave Red. They found a way to tie the past (through the fact that the adventure happens in the “first generation” and Red‘s adventures) to the present (Pokemon X and Y and the MEGA-EVOLUTION!).

All right, well that was my ‘take’ on Pokemon: The Origin, which, I am aware, comes late since the anime finished awhile ago, but guys, bear with me, I don’t even have the console to play it (yet). Jolteon, my sister, recently purchased a DS with the game for her boyfriend, we’ll call him Froakie from now on…
And, well, I’ll admit that watching them play gave me the sudden urge to play (I’ve continued my game on FireRed, by the way! Almost all my Pokemon are level 30, and when that happens, I’ll start and move on to beating Lt. Surge). The last time I played was… SUCH a long time ago…! Whoa!

It’s late, and I’m falling asleep due to my cold/flu, so I’m going to get going now.

Have a great time, guys! I think this will be the first post of 2014, so… HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the sky bless your year with plenty of goods and surprises! [I’ll find something better to say by Chinese New Year (I hope)]!

❁ ♛ ❁ ♛ ❁
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