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Title: The GamerCat
By: Samantha Whitten
Facebook page and Official Website
Finished: As of when I’m writing: Nope (and I hope it never does)

January 4th, 2014

Hey there~!
My goodness, people, the year has PASSED me by so fast! So much have changed and yet, so little have!

I welcome the new year (in hopes that I’ll bring more to this world) by adding a new category to my blog. I’d been pondering on whether or not to do it, and, well, I don’t know, the time has come: WEBCOMICS!

I sort of idly used to follow the GamerCat series whenever it was published on Tumblr, but very recently, thanks to it, I found a whole new community of webcomics called Tapastic, which is just fantastic (even though Piplup says it’s misleading people into thinking it’s an app for Androids).

What changed: Now, I can sort of follow the series much better [chronologically speaking] (of course, I could follow it on its official website or on Facebook now that I’ve the links), but I can also get to read similar comics, etc.

The art style is just precious! I marvel at the cuteness and research in the detail that its author, Samantha Whitten, pours into each panel.

The story is simple and consistent with references. I love the games that GamerCat plays even though I haven’t played all of them, but I can still relate in regards to what GC (GamerCat) lives through because it’s easy to understand and laugh at.

The hilarity level is just… WOW, and it is sometimes parceled with longer, emotional strips that make me feel: “Aww!”

I recommend this comic for anyone who has played games such as Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Mario, etc.
Anyone who is in the slightest a ‘gamer’ can relate to it.
And it’s so lighthearted most of the time that you devour every comic strip very easily.

Why, it took Leafeon less than an hour to finish reading up till where we’re at and she kept laughing all the steps of the way (she’s played most games that GamerCat has… I just limit myself to Hidden Object Games, I guess).

Here’s an unfinished [read: abandoned] list of comics that I’m bound to review here sometime…

Anyways, let us all have a great 2014, people!
ϡ ϡ ϡ Ponyout! ϡ ϡ ϡ