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January 6th, 2014

How are you all doing, fun people of the Internet! I’m starting the year 2014 with two new categories called: “Youtube” and “Webcomics”, because I thought that some webcomics deserve more fans and some Youtubers deserve much more fans… and while I know I have close to 0 people reading this, I want to feel like I’m somewhat helping, so… yeah. Here goes! We’re going to start with JustKiddingFilms!

I think JustKiddingFilms [JKF] deserves more love! From their latest video, I learned that they [only] just reached one million subscribers [which is a pretty big deal in terms of Youtube, I think], but they work super hard to get a script and a video done on their main channel (JKF), all the while keeping in touch with fans by playing games (JKGamer), sending us Bloopers and Behind the Scenes (JKParty) and even commenting on news for us (JKNews).

Not only do they very seldom take vacations because they want to release an official video per week, but almost each and every one of the members have an account that allows them to publish separately material in order to keep in touch with the fans. It can be from Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
They thought that they didn’t get in touch enough with their fans, and they even freaking decided to make these videos called TOP COMMENT, which focus on their reaction to some Youtube comments they receive (because they read them). They’re very open-minded and fun to listen to [especially when they talk about the news and comment].

It takes dedication and true love for their fans to do the things that they do!! Sometimes, it’s not as funny, sometimes, it’s outright HILARIOUS!

The hilarity is almost always there, I can’t name a time exactly when I wasn’t thoroughly enjoying myself at at least one of their weekly videos [sometimes, I even watch twice, or thrices (I’m sorry if it distorts the viewing stats, but it’s just so funny!)]!!

However, I don’t follow the JustKiddingGamers because I’m not that kind of gamer (?), but I’m sure it’s quite interesting as well, since a lot of people like looking at gamers and walkthroughs, etc.

JustKiddingNews: In general, I don’t watch news. Espeon likes to say that the bad news the media always sends us make us have headaches, and I thought it was so true that I stopped reading news even when they daily hand out free newspaper (I just skip to the crosswords). However, the JKCrew present the news in such ways that it just makes me come back for more (I await their video uploads for that channel quite eagerly!

Anyways, best of luck to these beautiful YouTubers!

またお会いましょう [Let’s meet again (according to some sources)]
Ponyta sighed out!