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Title: My Heart Be Damned
Author: C. Gray (Chanelle Gray)
Rated: 1/10
Started: December 3rd, 2013
Finished: January 14th, 2014

January 11th, 2014

My dear people of the Internet,
How do you all do? I hope that you are doing well and that Winter has not completely killed us by the time this post reaches the blog.
Shoutout to Charmander: OMG, CHAR! I FINALLY FINISHED THE BOOK! I FINISHED IT! I FINISHED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you have all probably seen from my excessive ratings on other posts, I’m quite the stamp tramp! It takes a lot for me to rate something under 5/10, but when it does reach past that, it means that it was really bad, and below is a list of reason why [there are spoilers in here and I may not be very nice of the words I use to describe this. Read at your risks and perils]. 

As you can see, it took me some time to finish reading this. While I could say that I had to stop reading due to my finals at school, it would be a lie. The reason I had to stop so often was because, while I wanted to be done with it as soon as possible, this is a book you need to take in in small doses if you don’t want to rip your ebook reader into pieces [I’m sorry, Andrea for all the pain I have caused you].

This book is the first book of a series called Damned, whose second book is currently, I think, being written out by the author, Chanelle Gray, whom I really want to congratulation on the concept, which was ever slightly reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, series I quite enjoyed as a teen.

Due to the low rating I have given the first book, I will not consider reading the second.

The reasons why I picked up this book were the ratings on Goodreads as well as the abundance of positive reviews at its regards. I was hoping that it would surprise me, that I would not be able to predict everything and that, despite its title, it would be a pleasant read [because I was trying to reach the goal of reading 50 novels for 2013 (a goal which I failed because of this novel, might I add)]. Also, the cover was attractive to the eye. 

The line of the story follows a path that draws from a chain of cliches put together until it ends with the ultimate cliche and makes you feel like you have wasted your time because you could predict almost everything. There’s your usual “My mother died when I was young”, then the “I am a BAMF” to the “I am in love with the sexy man who keeps ogling at my body every chance he gets but whom I have to fight the urge to show my emotions to” [if that makes any sense].

I will admit that, at the beginning, it was going pretty well. The story laid itself out and it explained the concepts in an ‘all right’ matter. I remember writing good novel progress comments about it. But by the 1/3 of the novel, I already started nitpicking everything that was wrong with it.

While I usually enjoy reading First Person Point of View Narrators, mostly because I can relate to them more easily; thus masking a lot of flaws that I should be able to pinpoint, this novel’s narrator did not bring me anything good. Fighting scenes are difficult to describe with this point of view so maybe it was a bad choice in terms of this novel’s genre (?), and, also, disturbing, incoherent thoughts of a lust-crazed teenagers should be kept to themselves.

All the secondary characters originally had a ‘distinction’ at the beginning, only to have this distinction be eradicated by the third of the book [oh, and don’t get me started on how Sam is too ‘perfect’ to be a real man]. Meanwhile, the primary characters, Marshall and Amerie, are all over the place.

While Marshall had a good reason [which he only explains at the end] to be an asshole who shows to be both hot and cold towards Amerie, there’s no way I, as a person, can make this guy a person I can relate to or like. But that’s just me not liking guys who talk dirty every time they open their mouths

Meanwhile, Amerie herself is irksome in the way her thoughts are all over the place and how quickly she changes her mind to things without any warning. I totally understand how you can turn out to like a guy quite suddenly, but her thoughts go from “I hate him” to “I like him” in the same sentence! And not in the “I shouldn’t like him, but I like him!” But in the “I don’t trust you, I hate your perverted ways, but I love you and I will take a bullet for you,” kind of nonsense. I could forgive how unrealistic this sounds to me and put it in the pile of things I can’t understand because I haven’t quite experienced that kind of thing, but these kinds of things just add up into a big pile of reasons why I cannot continue reading this series.

I can recommend this book to those of you who’d like to have a laugh, perhaps. Read with the intent to find all the cliches you can find and pile up the charges against Amerie for being a bad main character! Perhaps this kind of book is something you’d like, I have no idea, but it’s not something for me…

ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Ponyta wonders at what the heck this was and at what cost she had to go through to get this and read it only to leave, crying and cursing!
Please do not repeat this at home. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)