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Title: Empress Ki
Episode: 2
Watched: January 15th, 2014

January 16th-17th, 2014

Hello kdrama fans!
You’re all doing well? EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! VERY GOOD! Then I shall move on!

Ponyta here, with my recapitulations of Empress Ki, the second episode! Make sure you watch the second episode and read my first post of this before reading!

I’m being so diligent. Because I didn’t finish writing my review on the 16th, I decided against watching episode 3! I’m very proud of myself…

Historically Speaking

As I understand it, there was once a Yuan Emperor named Yesun Temur Khan [whom General Bayan worked for and whom he admits to miss during the episode]. He died for some reason [poisoning from El Temur, perhaps?] and left two sons, the first one, the eldest, came to the throne.

This new emperor is either Emperor Tianshun of Yuan [based on Yesun’s succession] or Rinchinbal Khan [based on Emperor Toghon Temur’s Wikipedia page] [I’m very confused by the dates and the names]. Either way, the poor emperor didn’t last very long, according to what I understand.

He was supposed to be replaced on the throne by his brother, Future Emperor Toghon Temur [who eventually marries Empress Qi], but the latter was way too immature or young (or dumb, as they say he is in the episode). So that poor dude was replaced instead by El Temur (or something), who is named Emperor Regent and who, for some unknown official reason, exiles Toghon Temur to Goryeo, where Wang Yu was recently named King.

El Temur wants the Kingdom of Goryeo gone because he and the Yuan haven’t succeeded in completely subsiding it, and the fact that Toghon goes there and might die there on Mount Myobang [which is in Goryeo territory] might spark the torch needed to start the war against them. And accordingly, Regent El Temur threatened General Bayan and the other doctor-dude to take care of Toghon‘s death.

Historical Figures / New Characters

I knew that more important historical figures would come up…! It’s a good thing I went ahead and read up about it for the last episode! I felt less “lost” than I originally was.

So, in this episode, we’re presented with Yuan Emperor Regent [although on Wikipedia, he is only supposed to be a high councillor of some sort] El Temur [“emperor regent” means, for me, that he’s not supposed to have the throne, but he’s reining until the real emperor comes to age] and with Bayan of the Merkid who is a general who was forced to work against the future emperor [Future Emperor Toghon Temur]. [Apparently, he will break his alliance with Yuan Regent El Temur and ally himself with Future Emperor Toghon Temur]. I like his intolerance for the future emperor, I find those moments where he says “Always something!”, in an exasperated tone, really funny.

We also meet the future Emperor, Toghon Temur, who, in my most humble opinion, looks like a wimp and acts like one, too. However, as the episode progresses, he has shown his wits. He’s very observant and I’m pretty sure he knew that the Emperor Regent is sending him to Goryeo to die.

I even wonder if he caught on that Sungnyang is a girl. I think that in most romance stories, at least one of the guys catches on, and I think this might be it.

Of his royals court, Future Emperor Toghon trusts only his food tester, Kwebo, and Lord Zhang, who pretends to go, but he actually stays and hatches a plan to keep Toghon safe and bring him elsewhere. I really hope none of these two characters die. But I don’t remember seeing them in the wedding bout of Episode 1.

Some things that bother me is this:

They keep calling Toghon the “Emperor’s Brother“. This may be a problem with my subber (he/she made some English mistakes, but that was all).

The current emperor is the Regent who is such an old man that he already has two sons about Toghon‘s age, so El Temur can’t be Toghon’s brother.

So this is why I think that Toghon had an elder brother who was on the throne before him, and indeed, that’s what I found on his Wikipedia page.

On Wikipedia, they say that Toghon and his brother were born to the person named Kusala. However, in this episode, his father is named as Yesun Temur Khan. According to Wikipedia, these are two different people… Is this an anachronism they decided to write in to make the story more interesting?

There’s Commander Ki Jaho, whom we’d seen very slightly in the first episode has no historical figure to him I think (not according to my very quick Google search anyway). He had a girlfriend/wife/consort (I hope it’s “wife”, I don’t think ‘girlfriend’ applies), named Okbun, who for some reason ran away from home with their daughter, Nyang.

Didn’t he notice that his pouch with the precious matching ring with Okbun is gone along with the plate that says his name? Didn’t he ever try to retrieve it?

Speaking of that, Sungnyang says that she and her gang are not thieves, so what did she decide to do with the contents of the bag? Did she decide to keep it? I think she did, because when she refreshes herself in the tent in the final scene, we can clearly see the two rings together…!

Thoughts/Questions about the episode So Far 

I found there was a lot of time skip in this episode. Mewtwo tells me that in the beginning, there are a lot, and then, there will be fillers. I’m not sure if I’m all right with the time skips.
I mean, they’re going to be making fifty episode about this story but they have time to make cuts in the story? The elements they choose for the rest of the story better be worth it!

I was only slightly sad that my prediction that Joker was the spy wasn’t true. I never noticed that spy around until the second episode… Well played, well played!

The First Lady person’s presence better be explained, because it confused the heck out of me. I don’t know who she is [what is that intruder doing in the presence of the King?]. And then, afterwards, where did the King [Wang Yu’s father] go exactly? Why isn’t that lady with him? I mean, isn’t she supposed to take care of him, even though he abdicated?

And, I know that this is not chronological, but… I just wanted to share:

Best. Moment. Ever.

Best. Moment. Ever. Also, I don’t own Empress Ki. I just HAD to make a screenshot to show you.

What are Sungnyang‘s motivations in joining her father’s forces after she discovered who he was? [I have another theory which I wrote below]
To serve her father anonymously? To be closer with her father, even though he doesn’t know her?
To get closer to him so that he will praise her enough that she will find herself worthy enough to reveal her true identity? [kind of like Cana in Fairy Tail]
OR she wants to live her life as she’s been living it and doesn’t want to be living it otherwise. She wants to live as a young man because women are still in danger of becoming consorts. And also because she’s scared her father wouldn’t approve of the way she’s been living.

I like the armors of the Yuan. Somehow, it is just… ‘right’ and looks downright badass. Leafeon was passing by and she took one look at the two Yuan sons and said: “They look handsome and badass in those armors!” [she took the words right out of my thoughts]

And why did Wang Yu choose Ki Jaho to be the commander who has to escort the Yuan Prince to there? Why didn’t he decide to send more troops? [I have a theory about that, which I wrote a bit below]

As a fangirl, I like how they almost met again, but the doors closed before they could see each other [also they were focused on their own questions, but I felt all excited because they were in the same building together].

Also, Wang Yu calls the Yuan prince a barbarian, which means that he believes his country is superior and more powerful, more refined in technology than the Yuan? Except that the Yuan are to be feared, aren’t they? Is it really wise to call them ‘barbarians‘? Couldn’t there be spies amongst them that could go and report that to the Emperor Regent?

Does Wang Yu have to accept Toghon’s presence in Goryeo if it was a decision by the Yuan emperor regent?

Wang Ko knows he was betrayed by Sungnyang and we haven’t seen him back in his place at Inju, he’s been staying in his quarters at the palace a lot. Why?

He knows that Toghon will be ambushed… and that Goryeo will be blamed for it. He knows all of this and had enough time to plan what he would say. However, by saying telling Wang Yu that the latter didn’t have to go, he didn’t even plan that by telling the new King of Goryeo something like that, it would make him want to go? Hasn’t Wang Ko learned of reverse psychology?

Question that will be explored in the next episode (probably/hopefully).

King Wang Yu mentions that he received a letter that warned him about the Emperor. Who sent it to him?

Is it Sungnyang?

Speaking of the two of them together… King Wang Yu seems to have forgotten about Sungnyang, too, guys [if we think that there was nothing important during those timeskips]!
Didn’t he tell his servant to go and fetch Sungnyang from Inju, since he wanted the Jackal at his side [maybe as a friend and advisor and bodyguard and Split Arrow instructor]? Did you think I had forgotten about that? That he hasn’t mastered it yet?
OR! CRAZY IDEA: What if Sungnyang WAS found by Wang Yu’s advisor, who told her to get a role into Ki Jaho’s men and work her way up the ladder and give him news about the world outside the palace?

Then maybe Sungnyang sent him letters to report (still not knowing that he’s the King). That would also explain why Wang Yu just let go of the whole Jackal-being-my-friend-bodyguard thing. OR he could’ve just forgotten because he was busy with court and challenging the authorities.

Where’s the Joker, who worked for Wang Yu believing the latter to be of the Censorate? Was he rewarded? Didn’t he do a huge honor to his country? Shouldn’t he and his band of joyful misfits be rewarded as well? Where is he now?

While we’re at it, what happened to the Jackal’s “cubs” after she decided to leave to become a law enforcer full-time? Did she name another who will be able to take away the consorts? Or did the authors forget that Sungnyang is responsible for her people as well? Didn’t she tell them in episode one that they only have each other? 

Actually, it would be the most logical thing, for Sungnyang to leave Inju [or at least to dissociate herself from her old gang, since, she’s still in Inju because her father’s fort is there], since the King of Shenyang, Wang Ko, could seek revenge [there should be some kind of bounty on her head, no?].
Speaking of the dude, why didn’t he send for someone to execute Sungnyang yet? He DOES have other worries at the time, for example, to take care of the current Goryeo king, Wang Yu, who is threatening to change a lot of things.

How did Sungnyang hear about the fact that none of the Future Emperor Toghon‘s soldiers have seen him if she and Commander Ki Jaho has only JUST arrived? How does she know these things???? [This bugs me deeply, but maybe it’s a problem with my Subber?]

Are the brigands sent from the Yuan [and Bayan and the doctor] the same as the brigands Wang Ko speaks of?
I know that Wang Ko wants to already sent his men before King Wang Yu rode out, but Bayan only sent for the brigands very recently…
Are TWO parties of brigands going to attack camp?

Doesn’t Toghon care about Kwebo [his food taster] at all? What if someone comes to kill him but kills Kwebo instead?
Does the future Yuan Emperor know how to use a sword?

Sungnyang is going to beat Toghon up for voyeurism until she realizes that he’s the Prince and she protects him from the brigands, until King Wang Yu arrives, but the brigands kidnap them all and demand ransom of some sort, and then, Wang Ko lets them die because he wants to rule over the Goryeo kingdom and have the blessings of El Temur [I’m kidding, there’s no way that’s going to happen].
General Bayan will change his mind and help them out. [it’s written that he’ll help Toghon out on his Wikipedia page after all!]
I’m scared that Ki Jaho’s going to die during this imminent battle, since we didn’t see him in the wedding-bout.

What are the odds that Sungnyang felt the need to take a bath?
I say stay in your filth for awhile, and keep people off your scent, woman! From discovering who you are already! I mean, you only had to tie a knot to the door and NO SOLDIER is going to take a peek or wonder and rip the curtain open?? For goodness’ sake, young lady! You’ve lived with your cubs for how many years? You know that’s not a safe tactic to go! No, I say you stay dirty until everything is all right! You don’t need to appear spotless in every scene, you’re still easily the most beautiful soldier-man in the army! Don’t worry!

All right, I think that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. I can’t believe it took me this long to write all of this.
Tonight, I shall watch my episode 3! Don’t get me wrong, I love watching this! Hahaha!

(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)   Ponyta’s gone out because
she realized 8 years olds
have better love lives than hers

P.S. I think that this is the last post that I’ll be putting out here before the new Year, so I will wish you all a great beginning of the Year of the Horse 2014. It’s my year [because I was born on the year of the Horse].

Let us all have a great year, guys!