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Title: Disney’s Hidden Worlds
Where: Facebook Game
Started: January 16th, 2014

January 16th-25th, 2014 

Hey there guys!
How are you all doing today?

You know I have a thing for hidden object games, so when I saw that there was this game on Facebook [and my Facebook Friends invited me, too], I couldn’t help but try it out.

Oh hey! I’m publishing this on January 31rst, so I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Lunar Year! I don’t remember if I’ve wished it on my other posts, but yeah, I wish you all a great time because it is the Year of the Horse, and it’s my year!! Nothing but happiness for you *points randomly* and you *points randomly at another person* and this whole WORLD is getting happiness! *points everywhere excitedly*

In general to start with, and also, as you all know, the problem with Facebook games is that you always need a lot of friends who play the games, and you also have a limit in terms of energy.
This makes us scan for the Application page on Facebook, asking for people to friend us despite not knowing them [I have a friend list that’s full of people I don’t know in real life because of this, but that’s fine, knowing more and more people on the Internet is just a part of the Facebook experience, right? The race to get as many friends as humanly possible?]. This reminds me: If you play the game, please add me!

Chrona and her Inklings create stories and they’ve created a dark inkling spirit-thing who wrecks havoc into the Disney stories. The concept is that we have to find the objects that are missing, etc.
Somehow, this oddly reminds me of a fused idea between Kingdom Hearts [because of the multiple worlds from Disney movies] and Epic Mickey [because of the ink mostly].

While the boards are not as creative as the games that I usually play and review here. We can clearly see objects “standing out” from the real scene, the landscape is not as impressive and grand.
However, it is sort of great to go back to my fairy tale roots, a.k.a. Disney movies, and help the characters move on with their stories. Once again, it reminds me slightly of the game called Epic Mickey, which I played with one of my students one day.

The animation, in my opinion, is too slow and slightly unimpressive… perhaps it was my computer, too, as I was playing with another computer than Hiba (I’m sorry, Hiba). I’ve played this Facebook game on Hiba and it has the same timing as with a regular computer.
The soundtrack they have put there can be considered a mixture between Once Upon a Time (the TV series) and Kingdom Hearts games. 

I’m still only at the Beauty and the Beast‘s world/chapter. I’m now at the Tangled World, but so far so good, they’ve even added new features and improving the quality of the boards as I progress in the games (I find anyway).

There’s also an android application version to this game which I am aware of, but I wouldn’t push my liking this game to download it and install it on Andrea [for fear that I might need to be constantly connected on the Internet to play].

Anyways, if you decide to play this game, please add me so I can send you some ink or energy! Once again, Happy New Lunar Year!

( ・∀・)っ♨   Ponyta offers you some hot pie!   ( ・∀・)っ♨

Update: I am now in the World of Aladdin! I only just started, but I’m delaying it because I want to get all-stars for Rapunzel first…