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Title: Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince
Started: September 28th, 2013
Finished: September 28th, 2013
My Rating: 9.5/10
Leafeon‘s Rating:
By: Big Fish Games
Level of difficulty: Hard
Duration: ~5 hours

So, I love Fairy Tales as a whole. As a matter of fact, I’m writing a Fairy Tales’ story (well I’m planning one right now). When I heard that Big Fish Games had done a series of games about this [the Dark Parables, that is], I couldn’t wait.

I took this game and I started it with Leafeon. I’m feeling sorely sorry (hahaha alliteration?) that I started this one so soon, because throughout the story, it became evident that I had not played the first games, seeing as the characters mentioned the previous games a little bit. This does not mean that it impeded my understanding of the game though, rest assured. I just kind of wish that I could smile and nod to say: “Yep, that was totally me helping the other Princesses out that one other time…!”

The effects, along with the soundtracks, were indeed well done. I loved the art style also. As usual, Big Fish Games has succeeded in mixing these three together to perfection and create a great atmosphere throughout the series [whatever the game, it seems to me like that company (or that special team that works on these games) always gets the atmosphere right].

Both of us liked the story and how the characters of our fairy tales played out. Seriously, the Frog Prince, cursed with the Gift of Immortality, doomed to outlive his lovers and also to turn back into a frog and wait again for another princess to come! That’s freaking brilliant, you know?
Some things irked me personally, however. Why is Princess Ivy the one who should end up with the Prince in the first place? Why isn’t Snow White? Or the Swan Princess? Or Cinderella? What happened to them afterwards exactly? (Well, maybe this, I can answer by playing the games…)
Also, just like me, Leafeon believes that the ending may have been too fast (rushed?), which is, I think, a criticism for most Hidden Object Games…
We also believe that the sudden change in character in the Frog Prince went by too fast and should have started, perhaps, a bit earlier…

The puzzles and the hidden object boards were very nicely done, in my most humble opinion! As for Leafeon, she thought that the items found were sometimes too far away from the places where we needed them. I counter this by saying that it keeps you wondering and keeps your brain active throughout the game, as you never know if you will be needing this item for this puzzle, or not… etc.

At any rate, I recommend this game! 😀

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