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Title: Happiness Charge Precure
Episode: 1
Watched: February 2nd, 2014

February 2nd, 2014

Oh. My. Gods, people! This is AWESOME!
How are you all? I went and celebrated New Year’s and I just came back to write this episode 1 review of the new Pretty Cure season.

So, as you may or may not have seen through my Twitter/Facebook page (or even MyAnimeList), I have watched Happiness Charge Precure‘s first episode. And. I. Am. Amazed.


The insect dude, one of the generals, resembles highly one of the insect-like generals from Yes! Pretty Cure 5. [it’s the antennaes…]

The way that the bad guy floats in the air, saying something soothing and then exploding reminds me of Dokidoki Precurebut also Heartcatch Precure, but there are others, I’m sure [take note that I haven’t finished any other series, hahaha].

Which, by the way, I would like to mention that someone said that this season is Heartcatch‘s spiritual successor, and I can agree to it.
= I see it in the character weakness of Cure Princess, which reminds me highly of Cure Blossom.
= I can also see a bit of Cure Marine in Cure Princess, in that they are both blue and that they are both into fashion. [however, Cure Princess‘ blue is characteristic because she manipulates the element of wind, rather than ice or water (which, I will say, is refreshing to know)]
= There are four Precures in both seasons, with the same colour scheme: Cure Lovely and Cure Blossom [pink], Cure Princess and Cure Marine [blue], Cure Honey and Cure Sunshine [yellow] and Cure Fortune and Cure Moonlight [purple].
= In both seasons, the purple Cures are kind of like ‘veterans’ who will not join the main group until they are stronger (I’m predicting this though, so I dunno) [this can also count as a resemblance with Doki Doki Precure, where Cure Sword (also purple), was quite strong to begin with and was a Precure for longer than the others].
= The art style (and derpiness perhaps) is reminiscent of Heartcatch!
= The mascots also remind me A LOT of Shypre and Coffre.

The fact that you can choose a name of Precure for yourself reminds me of Smile Precure.

[from the First Half]

[I love Cure Black‘s appearance]

From the Opening theme, I gather that the Queen Mirage (the main bad girl? Is it me, or is it the first “big bad” who is a woman?) and Blue have a relationship of some kind.
Also, from the Opening theme, did you see that person who was locked inside of a tomb and, Cure Fortune was shown being sad? I think they may be related! Has she lost someone to the bad guys?

Dudes, did you see the cute looking person who doesn’t look like a villain in Queen Mirage‘s court? I wonder if he’ll be a good guy in the end. I can already sense a tiny bit of Setsuna complex to her [I call ‘Setsuna complex’ when a villain eventually turns into a hero in the end (because I watched Fresh Precure first)].

I absolutely ADORE how we already see Cure Princess and Cure Fortune as working Precures [for once, the spotlight is not on the pink Precure (yet)].
This most likely means that, since in Episode 1, we get Cure Lovely‘s introduction to the Precure world, we will see Cure Honey in episode 2 or 3, yes?
I like how fast this is going, and I’m hoping to see more of background information about Cure Fortune and Cure Princess!

I like how the Precures are already known in this world, this saves a lot of trouble of being surprised by the existence of Precures! Also, I love the designs of their outfits, and how they can fly with a bow.

[Second Half]

Megumi resembles many of the pink Precures [a lot of Mana, from Doki Doki, because I know Mana likes to help people out, and so does Megumi (and also Love from Fresh)], but I like how she’s very aware of her own weaknesses. I also like what looks like it might be romance with Seiji (but I’m just putting it there for now, that I ship them (I’ll see if I change later)).

Yuu (I’m not sure about her complete name) is going to become the Yellow Precure, Cure Honey, but I hope that she doesn’t become mistreated, like a lot of Yellow Precures. She looks like she supports Megumi a lot, like many of the Yellow Precures.

Anyways, this episode has given me a very good first impression. I haven’t read all of the blogposts about this series and whatever information they released, I didn’t get, but I’m really having high hopes for this season.

Oh, and I really like both Opening and Ending songs (though I have a particular liking to the former). XD

Keep it up, please!
See you all another time! (not sure if I’ll continue making a Happiness Charge review each time, but this series was interesting enough to bring Leafeon back to the franchise (even though she only watched Smile!)

I didn’t spend too much time writing this, just some impressions and remarks that I just needed to put down before I continue doing my assignments. So some things might not be completely accurate, and my opinion might change!