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Title: Empress Ki
Episode: 3
Watched: January 17th, 2014

January 18th-27th, 2014 

Greetings coming from the cold, cold Canada,
How do you all do, people?

Here in Canada?
It’s snowing and snowing [it’d be a three-scarves-day if I’d thought of bringing three, but today, I’m only wearing two], I’ve ventured out to get some internet to finish writing this post – as Mewtwo reminds me constantly, I’m quite behind in my Empress Ki watching. I’m drinking warm tea and waiting for the ice skaters to come out into the arena. [I guess this is why Piplup always finds me… because I’m so predictable].

Based on the characters, here are my thoughts, refutations and other. 

Wang Ko and his shenanigans. 

I would like them to develop more on what Wang Ko says here: “The last 30 years have taught us how foolish it is to wage a war we cannot win. In fact, it’s our duty to those of our people we have lost.

Does this mean that 30 years or so ago, Yuan and Goryeo fought a pretty bad war that left Goryeo suffering [if they outright lost, then they would’ve been directly under Yuan’s yoke right?] – mainly because they lost a lot of people?

Thanks to this quote and to his discussion with King Wang Yu, it makes me want this guy to actually be a good guy (?); that he really MIGHT be doing some good for the kingdom of Goryeo after all [or he might be saying this to get the First-Lady-Woman to help him out].

He does have the arguments to be one, if – as King Wang Yu mentions – he wasn’t so blinded by greed. If, indeed, he had the interests of Goryeo at heart, then it pits him and the King in direct opposition as to what they believe the kingdom needs.
Indeed, while Wang Ko believes in order to help the poor of the kingdom, Goryeo needs to submit to the Yuan, Wang Yu adamantly refuses, for his nation’s pride.
Whether this is because Wang Yu holds a clear grudge against the man who berated him when he was younger (see the first episode) and whose avarice knows no bound, or because Wang Yu holds a grudge against the Yuan is not specified in words, but via his Majesty’s actions.

Evidences that show Wang Yu hates the Yuan.
The King of Goryeo tells Wang Ko that he will not tolerate treason and that Wang Ko should well remember which kingdom he serves.
Wang Yu refuses to give his obeisance to the future emperor Toghon; he even goes as far as threatening the poor lame dude, telling him to die in Yuan territory rather than in Goryeo, to save his country the war that would erupt if Toghon died in Goryeo.
I think it’s also shown just how much King Wang Yu loves his country when he tells Toghon that it’s Yuan’s fault that Goryeo’s people are suffering in the first place.

Returning to the conversation between the First-Lady and Wang Ko…
As I understand it, that First-Lady-Dudette is the one who can send communications to El Temur.
How? Why?
When Wang Ko says: “To achieve my aims I must ask for Your Majesty’s Help.” Does he say this as his message to El Temur? Or does he ask help from the First-Lady-Dudette? It’s pretty vague (in my humble opinion). 

Wang Ko, in the end, decides to double-cross General Bayan by trying to earn El Temur‘s trust by killing Toghon with an assassin of his own [Yom-Plague-dude], that’s… well, why does he feel the need to betray Bayan, I mean the dude’s working towards the same goal as him, they should ally themselves, no?

Why SungNyang is awesome.

NICE, that’s right, SUNGNYANG! KICK Toghon IN THE BALLS!
I love how she firmly believes he’s a deserter [and a bad soldier, at that]! After all, it IS the most logical explanation to what he’s saying, given their situation.
It even takes her a lot of time to connect the dots and realize who she’s injured and made fall into crap. [and, I might add, she didn’t even APOLOGIZE to his Majesty when she realized he was royalty, whereas she DID apologize to Wang Yu (I-ship-this-so-hard-plz)]

Have you noticed how she stays close to her father [Ki Jaho] to protect him? And she even hesitates to leave his side as he orders her to go to Toghon and to protect him. ❤

Sungnyang should’ve shot the chief of the brigands first before attacking. Take off the leader and you take off their “heads”, right?

I love how, throughout the first half of the episode, she was plainly avoiding Wang Yu, hahaha, it was very cute!

BATH?! REALLY, WOMAN?! CAN’T GO A FEW DAYS WITHOUT A BATH?! Why the EFF do you need to shower all the time, girl?
When you’re in a world surrounded by men… Sungnyang, shower only when necessary [examples go from you’ve had horse dung flung at you, to… you fell into a river and are soaked and need to take a warm shower before you die of pneumonia…]. When your dad is attending Toghon for example! Since you can trust your dad!
I can understand one’s desire to shower from time to time, but it seems like she chooses the wrongest moments all the time. Why didn’t she elect someone to guard the Future Emperor while she was bathing? She admits to Ki Jaho and that other dude that Toghon is alone and that she should go to him. What if something had happened to him during her absence?
To be fair, however, none of them expected there to be an assassin, so that might be why. Also, afterwards, the security surrounding Toghon is even more tight.
[also, I’ll admit that another reason why I dislike this is that she has had a number of TWO bathroom scenes while Toghon was in proximity, whereas she only had ONE bathroom scene when Wang Yu was nearby… I’m just not digging the first ship as much as the latter]

Also, did she really need to remove her rings? She hadn’t removed it that first time when she was with the Yuan, and now she just decides it’d be more convenient? All of a sudden?! NO!! Not coherent, girl! [then again, maybe it’s just uncomfortable sometimes and she NEEDS to remove them from time to time, or else it’d chafe her skin].

Toghon in all his brat glory. 

I don’t like him in general (I don’t know how much of my hatred of his brattiness has transpired through last week’s post but… seriously. I expect a big character change from him as he grows into a man).

I mean seriously… He’s snoring pretty loudly (since Sungnyang heard him)! But no one else heard him, other than her? Leafeon laughs at how stupid the prince is, coughing like that when he’s supposed to be hiding.
I mean, last night, he should’ve just waited there until the coast was clear and made a run for it, for Lord Zhang, who’d been waiting for him. Or, surely, he should’ve had the will to live enough to save himself into the mountain and learn to survive on his own. That worked for Arrow’s Oliver Queen [Playboy superhero billionaire Green Arrow] they can recycle that idea again and make this guy more badass, is just what I’m sayin’.
Granted, however, that the poor boy’s scared, I should leave him and his lacking survivor skills alone [I wouldn’t have reacted well upon that situation either].

Question: How’d he save himself from El Temur (the flashback we see from his nightmares) when his dad died? El Temur could’ve given him a clean shot right then and there! Why didn’t he? I mean, the kid was right there, AND he needs Toghon to die before the emperor/hisbrother dies, right?
Why didn’t he do it then? Did he already know back then that he wanted to exile this boy to Goryeo in order to get a clean shot at the Kingdom of Goryeo too?

Also, that utterly stupid idiot, going around and saying “I’ve never undressed myself.”
Aren’t you scared that she’ll slice your dick off? After all, she didn’t apologize for shoving your sorry face into horse dung!
And you better start undressing yourself, because Sungnyang won’t undress anyone [except maybe Wang Yu]!

I’ll admit though, her reaction was so cute as he does his business and she doesn’t want to listen to the sound. Leafeon kept laughing and finding it so adorable as well [despite the situation].

Another instance where he shows just how much of a brat he can be [granted, he may just have wanted to get rid of Sungnyang or maybe he’s just being dumb and making me hate him] is when she has to taste his food and he goes on ahead to ruin it all by flipping the table, it’s really bad and unrespectful to the cooks who had to slave away to prepare the meals. If he wanted to show how good, royal, and civilized he is, to contrast how the Goryeo people think of him as barbaric, then he should’ve gone to get rid of Sungnyang in another fashion.

That brat says that he’ll make Wang Yu suffer just because he grabbed his robes. Doesn’t he try to understand what’s going on?! Didn’t he listen or understand what Wang Yu was trying to convey in his anger? That it was unjust for Toghon to ask for the Goryeo kingdom to submit to the Yuan dynasty?
What was he thinking, that douchebag.
[Does he know that Kwebo died for him? Does he feel no remorse whatsoever?]
But SUGGESTING for Goryeo to change its name to Yuan? To assimilate such a rich culture already, how dares he? My exact words were: “HE DUMB AS FUQ!”

Despite everything, I DO have to learn to tolerate him, seeing as he’s one of the main characters [the actor has SUPERB skills, also]. So here are the more positive points…

I love how he’s trying to end Sungnyang by trying to kick her or by throwing paintbrushes at her, but she’s always there to stare at him and he stops. Hahaha, it’s funny!

Wang Yu

Why is Wang Yu so mean with the Yuan future emperor? As I’ve said before, I think his anger towards the Yuan dynasty extends to Toghon, even though the guy has never done anything directly to him [EXCEPT STEAL HIS PRECIOUS SUNGNYANG FROM HIM I MEAN].

Were Toghon and Wang Yu friends? Do they know each other? How?
Why does Wang Yu say he knows the Prince? Enough to recognize him, too! It seemed like Toghon recognized him, too [when he was presented in front of Wang Yu by Yom-Plague]

He once again demonstrates how smart he is, to notice no jewels were taken. He contrasts well with the dumb-at-the-beginning-Toghon.

Why do the vassals and Councillors ask King Wang Yu to swear obeisance? What does it even mean? Does it mean that they expect Wang Yu to swear allegiance? To swear that he’ll be under the ‘tyranny’ [from the drama’s point of view anyway] of the Yuan?

Why Kwebo is freaking stupid.

Can’t he be faster in taking off his clothes? It didn’t take him that much time to put them on…
Couldn’t he see that there’s FIRE EVERYWHERE?!

However, I’m so sad that he died, poor kid. He shouldn’t have been so stupid.

Lord Zhang is being useless.

I can understand and forgive him that he wasn’t able to help identify Toghon‘s corpse, but doesn’t he feel betrayed by the fact that General Bayan hit him?

Why doesn’t he mention it at least once? Why doesn’t he speak up from Toghon‘s sake more than just letting Wang Yu decide who gets to be close to the Future Emperor or not?

The Khan… So, regarding Toghon‘s brother… 

“Cut down be fire by his time”, the woman (I’m guessing is his mother – or the Yuan First Lady – or the Yuan Empress Regent) says? Why does she say that? What happened to him to make him so comatose-like?

Why does Toghon have to die before his brother?
I believe that it’s because, if his brother died, then Toghon would be directly the Emperor, as the direct successor and as is his birthright. And the soldiers would obey him and protect him from the Emperor Regent, El Temur.
Whereas if Toghon dies and THEN the brother dies, then El Temur will be the only one who deserves to stay in power, as Toghon wouldn’t have the time to name the successor.

General Bayan and company (oh and his sidekick’s name is TalTal!)

Poor General Bayan, I feel for him, but he didn’t die, he gets to live some more, and, in my opinion, it was an error of El Temur not to kill him, because General Bayan WILL (historically anyway) betray him and lead Toghon in power.
Yesun Temur Khan, what’d he do for General Bayan to save his life?
General Bayan dares say that he’s in charge of Toghon‘s safety when he wasn’t even there (he even ventures to add that Goryeo’s army wasn’t able to protect the future emperor but…), that goes on to say that he wasn’t good at doing his job either [after all, he wasn’t even there to fight].

From what I understand, TalTal is some kind of doctor – or has some kind of medical expertise, since we’ve seen him tend to Toghon and evaluate whether or not his medical condition is serious or a joke.
He’s also quite the strategist, since he elected himself to burn Kwebo‘s body in order to make the Emperor unrecognizable.
Leafeon says he’s pretty looking (if he didn’t have such long hair), and I gotta agree, he’s not bad to look at.

To make their deceit less obvious, they should’ve let their soldiers fight, in my most humble opinion. That way, none of the soldiers would risk asking questions and betraying them by telling the truth. Also, that way, the bodies of AT LEAST a few Yuan soldiers would have told Wang Yu that they HAVE tried to fight and fend off the bandits. Now all that it proves is that the General and his men weren’t even PRESENT (OR that they’re really good fighters that none of them died, which is… well unlikely).

El Temur and sons… 

“No Khan have lived that I wanted dead.” Of COURSE El Temur is talking about Yesun Temur Khan, but this is a clear statement of his guiltiness! Why isn’t there ANYONE there to record this and defy him?! [he must be really scary and he must own a lot of powers for even TalTal and General Bayan to be scared of him]

Tangkishi is the son of El Temur in this story… [he has a brother named Talahai who seems calmer and Leafeon says he looks pretty]
…and I don’t like how violent and bloodthirsty he is.
If I recall well, he’s the one who shot Sungnyang’s mother, Okbun, right? He had longer hair, but I’m pretty sure it’s him. While Sungnyang grew up, Tangkishi didn’t?! IS THIS NORMAL?! I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THIS, RIGHT?!

Ki Jaho, in short. 



Personal Highlights [there were many, but here are some that I particularly liked]

Suffering? They keep saying that Goryeo is suffering, I’d like Toghon to see exactly that and see why they suffer, because of the Yuan, of course. Wang Yu is really rough with the future emperor, showing him no mercy as he berates him for being useless and for being a burden to the kingdom of Goryeo. He even mentions that Goryeo will go to many lengths to keep him alive, while Wang Yu can’t even protect his own people. It greatly frustrates him, I can see.

After that altercation, Toghon cries, and while I hate him for being such a brat, his homesickness drives to home. We’ve all been homesick, but we see that it’s taken a toll on him and he’s a brat so as to not show us what’s up. He has no Yuan people with him, not even Lord Zhang, and he feels so alone in a country that doesn’t even want him there even though, for him, he did the good thing by inviting them to join/be-assimilated to the Yuan.
I think Wang Yu could’ve given him the company of Lord Zhang at least. By being unnecessarily mean to him, I think Wang Yu will have trouble later on.

When the Wang Yu makes Sungnyang admit all the bad things she’s done to him and he smirks smugly, it made me scream in frustration mixed with a squeal of happiness.
BECAUSE I SHIP THEM SO HARD! (Leafeon also ships them by the way).

Empress Ki 3

Sungnyang: My heart goes “doki doki” for you, Wang Yu, I love you!!

The dude-secretary of King Wang Yu used to babysit him as a child. I like how well he takes care of Toghon, by saying that he’s such a baby for always asking for Lord Zhang. Truly, that’s magnificent.


Tangqishi and Talahai, who are these people in history?
In this story, well… They’re El Temur‘s sons, but… I haven’t heard of them while reading Wikipedia articles. Have they existed in real life?

Khutug, as Sungnyang mentions when she doesn’t believe Toghon saying he’s the prince, who’s that?

My personal frustrations: 

  • Kwebo was burnt!
    • Didn’t the soldiers see him be slain and proclaim him dead in front of Sungnyang? So when King Wang Yu [and they] sees the burnt body, why doesn’t any of the Yuan soldiers step up to say that there’s something wrong? 
    • For that matter, aren’t the men even in the SLIGHTEST wondering why General Bayan doesn’t want them inside the camp at a certain hour on that particular day?
      • Don’t they wonder what happened after the raid was over?
    • Are they all brawn but no brains? Is it a requirement in the army? Or are they too scared to talk back to General Bayan? Or they want Goryeo to fall under Yuan influence for good? Is that why they don’t question their leader?
      • That would actually makes sense…
    • THE MOST ELEGANT AND BEAUTIFUL CREATURES OF THE WORLD?! BLASPHEMY! BLASPHEMY, I SAY! I CALL FOR THAT GUY’S BLOOD! [even though I think Ki Jaho is that very guy and I very much respect him]
  • Sungnyang taking a shower.


This is random, but as you know, I like it when episodes make sense with each other! Also, I like how Toghon still mentions dried persimmons [and I sincerely hope he continues to mention them, because continuity and small details should still be considered important]. I think he likes those.


I told you that, historically speaking, Empress Ki is obsessed with getting her son on the throne, right? Well, I’m calling it, she’s gonna be pregnant and she better have a baby that she cares loads for!

I can’t remember if I’ve called it, but I wonder if… I wonder if Wang Yu said that he knew Toghon because they SWITCHED places?! You know? As children, Goryeo’s prince did venture into the Yuan territory to deliver the concubines to them. What if they’d met and that’s when they became friends and switched?
This wouldn’t explain why Wang Yu is so unnecessarily mean to Toghon, however, but I just had to say it somewhere because it is a thought that I had while watching.

◕⍵◕ Ponyta’s out! ◕⍵◕