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Title: Empress Ki
Episode: 4
Watched: January 18th, 2014

January 18th-31rst, 2014 

Hi there, people of the WordPress/Twitters/Facebook/Path [because no, I haven’t deleted that yet…],
I hope you are doing well as you’re reading this, AND that the new Lunar Year is agreeing with you! I hope that it’s agreeing with me when you read this, because, well after a crappy 2013 year, I’d like the Horse Year (MY YEAR! OMG I’M GETTING OLD), to be better…

Yeppers, this week marks another episode review from the drama series Empress Ki. I think the episode would well be summarized in this sentence: “Toghon is f*cking lucky“. By the time that I write this, I still haven’t watched Episode 5, and Mewtwo is seriously upset with me, so that’s why I’m taking the time to write this down so I can watch episode 5 and continue on my merry reviewing days.

Here is, once again, my thoughts on this week’s episode based on the characters and what has happened to them.

Ki Jaho should be happy and proud to have her as his daughter!

Sungnyang‘s battles – in general – are just plain epic. She can fight, she has swords, she had archery, she’s the whole package! 

[And I was so proud that he was able to tell her that he knows about her being his daughter, even though things seem to be pretty tense between them before the ending of the episode]!
I admire his tenacity and his dutiful nature, that must be why he is a commander [unlike that d*ucheb*g, Sum-Plague]

However dutiful he is, however, it seems to me like an incredibly poor idea to have let Sungnyang leave the quarters without any other escort. I know that he has learned to trust this ranger/rookie-daughter of his, and that things HAVE been awkward between them since he’s discovered her true identity, BUT he shouldn’t have let it cloud over his judgement. A future Emperor is STILL pretty much at risk – what with Assassin-Yom-Plague still in the background – and it’s not a good thing to let him leave without at least half a dozen men at his side to protect him.

Better yet, DON’T send him out, this will anger Wang Yu much less!

However, given the way Ki Jaho’s being treated, I’m guessing that my predictions about how her father will die – either because he mistreated a Horse, which is pretty much sacrilege in my book, or because he did not appear during the wedding bout in episode 1, seems to stand true!

Also, I don’t think his side-kick survived… [Moment of silence for the departed. I deeply loved that character.]

El Temur and his usual shenanigans

He sends someone to tell Wang Ko, who will assist them, about their plans of attacking the island. I am guessing that Wang Ko will help him out by… sending Goryeo uniforms to them? Or that First Lady woman furnishes them with it?

How can no one be suspicious that one of the sons has never aged? When Sungnyang was but a child, it was the short-haired brother who shot the arrow that killed her mother. Now, he has shorter hair but… he NEVER aged, did he?! 

Goryeo, once again, as a province to the Yuan empire?

Wang Ko pretends to want to help just because he’s greedy, but also because he wants their people to be protected and less miserable if the Yuan were to assimilate them? I wonder why Wang Yu says that Wang Ko has contempt for Koryo, why does he say that if all Wang Ko says is to ‘help’ Goryeo?

Will he ever realize that Wang Yu‘s favourite soldier is Sungnyang, whom he (Wang Ko) basically raised?

Dude-Plague [I preferred him as a good guy]

Dayum son, Sungnyang clearly wounded him in the arm, but he was so fast to change from his assassin’s clothing to his officer clothing! How could he possibly have done that so fast with an injured arm?

Pointing out at Yom-Plague‘s rapidity… How’d that dude-Plague come back to Wang Ko‘s side – presumably in the capital – only to go back on the island of Daechong as FAST like that? 

King Wang Yu is so smart, asking Ki Jaho to “search [even] Ki Jaho personal staff”, just in case. The King of Goryeo has to think of any plausible opportunities, so that makes sense. In a previous episode, didn’t Wang Yu say that Yom-Plague will ‘get it’ for taking the glory of Sungnyang finding Toghon? Did Wang Yu already forget about him? Doesn’t he suspect this guy of treachery, since he has proven himself capable of cheating Sungnyang to get the glory and fame? 

Are the men working with Yom-Plague?
Why are they so loyal to him when he’s being suspected by their even-superior? Aren’t they wondering why their commander and the other officer question Yom-Plague? These questions bug me so much that I’m disappointed when I don’t get an answer… 

Lord Zhang‘s physical appearance did surprise me. [I can’t specify this more]

I certainly didn’t expect him to be so decorated… I’d expected him to be some kind of scientist-doctor-Lord who only uses his money to pursue research or something [so he wouldn’t be wearing rags, but he wouldn’t be wearing such flashy clothes either in my opinion], but to see him in decorated clothes was a SHOCKER! 

I like how realistic he is about Sungnyang and other realities. He isn’t scared to tell his Lord what is important and keeps Toghon on high alert (even though I personally think he did a sh*tty job raising the poor useless/defenseless kid).

Don’t leave me alone!” comes Toghon‘s cry after the assassin [Yom-Plague] flees. He is such a crybaby, seriously. [I’m really looking forward to him maturing throughout the series (I have no doubt this will happen soon)]

I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the wedding bout, the reason why she married him is because he’s so useless and worthless on his own 

[then again, did you see how STRONG he was against Wang Yu in that wedding bout in the first episode? He WILL become stronger as a character, I just KNOW it!].

Also, I believe that the fact that he decided to learn sword fighting (however late it is in his training and education) is a sign that he’s growing as a character!

She probably likes him as a brother, not as much as she loves Wang Yu [I’m just sayin’, for goodness’ sakes, she CRIED when she saw him leaving].

I find it cute but incredibly childish of Toghon to want to beat Sungnyang at at least something.

Beating her at sword fight?
B*tch please, that guy can’t even hold his sword right [as shown when he couldn’t even pretend to be a Yuan soldier in the first episodes].

Beating her at archery?
PUH-LEASE! Don’t make me laugh! Only Wang Yu can beat her at that, don’t ruin the only moments they’ve shared together with your dirty noob hands!

Beat her at horse riding?
Well… just because, supposedly, Mongols are better at that? All right, maybe. I’ll grant him that at least…

I like how Toghon covered for her at least twice during this episode. He even says that he grew fond of her – as he tells Lord Zhang, that’s pretty cool. I guess… But I still don’t approve.

Additionally, I like how he’s slowly transitioning from ordering people around to actually asking [I’m telling you, he’s going to be a stronger character soon! And just Sungnyang‘s presence was needed for that].

I guess it also helped that he was so desperate for some fresh air and especially homesick. [I wondered, as he asked that, if he wanted to try and escape (which would be stupid, since he himself knows that they’re stuck on an island).]

Some questions arose inside my head as I watched his external monologue:

      • Is he truly so determined to avenge his father?
        • Because if he had been, where’s his fighting spirit?
          • It seems like something he whips out whenever the mood swings by and something he drops whenever his life is in danger. I was happy that he finally proved to General Bayan that he might make something of himself [and, as we’ve seen, he was able to, since he eventually became Emperor and was strong enough to stand up to Wang Yu (in episode 1)]
        • Because if he WAS, then he wouldn’t be carelessly throwing away his life.
          • When he threatened to drown himself, just because he wanted to get out.
          • When he banged his head repeatedly against the desk, just because he wanted to learn how to defend himself.
          • When he fell asleep inside of the crates rather than ACTIVELY look for means to escape.
          • [I’m just pointing out here that his character is f*cking weak, and that I really hope that he’ll be more manly afterwards, I mean… even a girl like Sungnyang is manlier than he is… He has LOADS of more ways to go if he wants to win her heart… unless… she’s into guys who are weaker than she is…?]
      • Why is he talking to his father in front of her?
        • Is he feverish?
        • Has he no pride?
          • What a brat! But… well… it makes her relate to him, because she also has a… complicated relationship with her father.

On a side note, I like how Sungnyang brings the topic back to Goryeo; about how concubines and eunuchs [like Kwebo, whom we NEVER MENTION AGAIN, MIGHT I MENTION!] that they use in the Yuan territory are torn from their families, and that what he feels is exactly what they feel as they’re dragged away from their country.

Leafeon found Sungnyang so cute in the bath scene. How very cute and embarrassed she was.

I like how Toghon actually thought that Sungnyang was going to be taken away from him. That was cute!


Didn’t she realize she lost the rings? I mean they’re the most important thing that she owns! Except maybe for her father’s presence in her life and her friendship/love for Wang Yu!

Ki Jaho! YOU GO TELL YO DAUGHTER! KYAAAA!! ❤ SHE LOVES YOU! TELL HIM!!! Whoa, well, historically, Empress Qi DID have brothers… I wonder if they will appear in the later episodes.

She finally explains the reason why she didn’t want to reveal her real identity to her father; that she likes how things are.
Isn’t he gonna ask her why she stole the ring?
Is she angry with him, like he thinks? Impossible, she respects him and loves him as a father!
She explains that she and her mother were going to be sold as concubines, and that, for the honour of the family of Ki, she didn’t want him to be dishonoured. She wanted to stay by his side but that was all. That makes sense…!


YES! Tell her to stay with you tonight! I love how very casually he says this. What does he plan to do? He wants her to play cards and drink with him until the early hours of the morning? 

I think he was being generous and mature. He didn’t have to receive the Prince of Yuan inside his quarters while he was dining with his most important conquest guest! But he gave him leeway to barge in on their very important golden quality time together…!

I love how he noticed every single interactions that Sungnyang and Toghon shared together in his presence, and I absolutely love the murderous glance he had when Toghon suddenly grabbed Sungnyang’s shoulder and she gasped. I SHIP THIS SO HARD IT HURTS! did you see how uncomfortable he was when toghon suggested?!. So freaking beautiful! 

We discover that Wang Yu lost his mother, so, that means First Lady who conspires is NOT his mother (well, she does look very young and she conspires against him, I never for ONCE thought that woman was his mother).

My own personal highlights! 

Ah, those beautiful horses! Such elegant creatures! THIS was the good way of treating a horse (of course, a horse that gets lost on an otherwise deserted-seeming island is pretty bad judgement on Sungnyang‘s part, but it wasn’t her fault, that little brat guy was able to lose the race AND the precious horse, I don’t see what she sees in him, to marry him (other than money/fame/fortune/threats/etc.)

Episode 4: Sungnyang's choice.

Alternative title for Episode 4: Where Sungnyang’s choices ultimately lead her to Toghon.

Uh, this episode features TWO (2) instances where Sungnyang has to choose between Wang Yu and Toghon.

The first instance was when she ultimately chooses Toghon [and, eventually I guess, this series of choices will lead to what we’ve witnessed in the wedding scene of episode 1], and she chooses to ride with him…

In my most personal opinion, I would’ve liked it if she’d just chosen to walk all the way to the fortified place on the island rather than choose either one of them. [as I’ve illustrated above it would’ve been better in my most humble opinion, as, that way, the writers can already begin to drag the series of choices that she makes throughout the 50 EPISODES, that will lead eventually the Toghon. If, without hesitation, she has already made the first choice as Toghon, then it’ll be like he won the duel for her heart!]

In the second instance, she chooses to retreat, which I judge is a better alternative than to choose (but I’m an ostrich 99.99% of the time, so…).

Speaking of which, how does Toghon know that Wang Yu poured the tea for Sungnyang? Nevertheless,
I am thankful he pointed it out. I love the fact that she’s all right with Wang Yu pouring but not Toghon (after all, I think she considers Wang Yu as more than just a king, but someone she can trust and someone who can hold his ground against her in a fight, and this, she can respect).


Also I wonder… isn’t it IMPOLITE to let someone of higher rank POUR you tea? I’m just thinking here…!

I dislike how easily Toghon thinks he can ask Wang Yu to have Sungnyang when he goes back to Yuan. Doesn’t he take into consideration that he’s doing the same thing that she asked him not to do to eunuchs and concubines? Not to tear apart families? [because he’d be tearing apart Sungnyang from her hubby-Wang Yu but also from her brothers and father!] Seriously, what an inconsiderable selfish b*stard

I also love how King Wang Yu watched Sungnyang teach the split arrow to Toghon. He’s probably thinking: “Dayum, I am the only student who can learn the Split Arrow, dangit, Sungnyang shouldn’t be teaching HIM. I’m better! What does he see in him?!”

I love King Wang Yu and his fantasy about Sungnyang.
[I mean, it wasn’t really a fantasy, she was just smiling so brightly that he was uncomfortable (probably because he knows that Sungnyang is a guy and that he thinks he shouldn’t have feelings for another guy)] Do you notice how her lips seem really redder in his fantasy? Is it the lighting? Or is it that he imagines Sungnyang as a female?

And his servants? [the secretary and his general/bodyguard]

Truly they’re so awesome, they shouldn’t die.

“They didn’t realize how painful it is for him” to see Sungnyang, the object of his desires, with Toghon, and how they shouldn’t avoided it and how they could’ve given him any woman, but not a man…

How desperate, hahaha.
But you know, now that he’s aware that’s what his men think… maybe he’ll start acknowledging his feelings… He already showed that when he asked for Sungnyang to be assigned to the capital right after her service on the island [whether he’s aware that he showed them or not].

Another highlight that I had while watching was ZE (future) Emperor! Toghon finally assumes his rightful place and rank and acts like the Future Dragon King.
Bayan is probably going to change alliance, like I predicted? I also like Taltal [mostly because he’s good looking]! Please, Lord Zhang, don’t die! 

Things I expect to see in Episode 5 or in the future 


That’s right, I recognized his name! AND I didn’t even FORGET who he was! I was complaining about how we didn’t see enough of him!
We’ll finally see what he’s been doing all this time and it’s gonna be epic! The return of all the band of misfits is always fun!


Huh! I was right! This must be why Ki Jaho doesn’t appear to the wedding bout of episode 1!

Toghon’s brother [the current emperor] is going to die before Toghon is assassinated, so Toghon, with the invincible Sungnyang at his side, is going to take over the Yuan Empire as the truthful emperor, overthrowing El Temur, and his sons.
He proposes to Sungnyang who says ‘no b*tch.’
But, for the benefit of Goryeo and so that Wang Yu doesn’t die (because Toghon might go to war with them and kill Wang Yu to be the only one in Sungnyang‘s heart), she accepts.
They get married, and then, Wang Yu‘s like: NO! He goes back to interrupt the wedding (from episode 1) and they live happily ever after. Hahaha, I must be really tired.

All righties, with this, I leave you! I shall be back next week (hopefully) to share with you my thoughts of Episode 5! Have a great week!

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