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Title: Empress Ki (5)
Watched: February 4th, 2014

February 6th, 2014

Hello there, people of the WordPress World,
How are you all doing? Here, as I begin to write this, it’s really cold – and I’m in a COMPUTER LAB, so it goes to show how cold it must be outside (I’m not ready to leave the PC Lab to go home yet plz).

So… without waiting any further, let us see what our characters have been up to.

Toghon the Bratty Brat-Brat

is beginning to be a bit more mature [despite still acting like a brat in the beginning]… it just took Sungnyang ALMOST DYING for him to realize…

I’ll admit that Toghon wanting to run away was in-character, but I cannot help but complain about him. Did he believe that he’d have a better chance at surviving alone than with Sungnyang? HOWEVER, I’ll give him that; he thought ahead and thought that there would be consequences because Sungnyang’s motives are to bring him to Wang Yu [HOWEVER, he didn’t think of Ki Jaho, who’s risking his life for Sungnyang by protecting them, of the whole country that’s trying to protect him by welcoming him behind their borders… what selfish dummy…].

Everyone else seems to notice NOW that Toghon is horribly lucky?! What a sham! I mean,I won’t deny that I was excessively happy when the rain fell, but I won’t say that I was glad for Toghon (I was glad for Sungnyang, to be honest).

I love how, in his relationship with Sungnyang (bromance), he learns to become more considerate and to be more of an Emperor [I guess that’s why he needs her by his side, yes? Because she makes him a better person (also because she wants to make sure that there will be no more eunuchs and concubines from Goryeo shipped into the Yuan, perhaps?)]. It also took her to be mad at him and scream at him for him to be more… mature… [Is it going to be like this all the time?] Also, he even says that she’s his FIRST real retainer! How good is that?

He’s beginning to question him enough to wonder whether or not he’ll be a good Emperor; about how he can inspire his men the way Wang Yu inspires his men. I think he should’ve reached out to the King of Goryeo to find this. It could be the foundation of a new FRIENDSHIP!

The topic of Vengeance comes back with Toghon and El Temur.

Wait, don’t tell me he couldn’t feel her chest?! Is he dumbdumb? Well, maybe it’s well anchored in his mind that he’s dealing with a man. I mean… who else goes around doubting his surrounding’s gender except me here? I mean I DON’T DO THAT!

How did Toghon recognize the men as Wang Ko‘s men if he’s ever only met the man ONCE? How would he know their uniforms? How would he even recognize them when he can’t even recognize that Kwebo died [I’ll probably never let his death go]?!

Sungnyang the Stubborn

I love how incredibly resilient she was to her injury, only succumbing after her ordeal in the rain (which probably didn’t help her injury and its infection).

I’m glad that finally someone knows about Sungnyang’s secret; thanks to the doctor, of course, but I’m glad.

How could she have been reckless enough to
1) NOT cover their tracks while they were running (also why were they running anyways, they didn’t know by then that the others were hot on their trails AND they hadn’t been running in the first half of the episode… what was her hurry then? She needed to poop?
2) LOSE a baby arrow. With a limited amount of amunition, it’ll be even tougher to survive!
3) tend to her injury while half-naked. Couldn’t she have done it through the hole of the sleeve?
4) to leave her blood staining a tree?
5) Jump off a cliff and losing time convincing Toghon to do so when they could’ve just walked along the mountain path next to where they stood. Don’t think I didn’t notice that, Sungnyang!
6) Not try to tickle his nose and make him sneeze with the same plant she used to see if he was breathing?!

How awkward it must’ve been to hug an almost dying man…

Wang Yu, Crybaby?

Mewtwo and I were talking about the pictures I’ve seen on Empress Ki’s Facebook, how I had seen a picture of Wang Yu crying and was wondering what was going on (of course I didn’t read the captions or the people’s comments, because that would be spoiling). And then, Mewtwo actually told me the truth: Wang Yu cries a lot.

Well, he’s a SENSIBLE man! Better that than having a barbaric, cruel, emotionless robot as your king, I say! 😛

But yeah, since that memorable moment, I really noticed that Wang Yu cried this episode. And my heart went out to him, I mean, he really does want the best for his country, but he doesn’t have the possibility, because of the Yuan… always the Yuan… I don’t blame him for crying and/or being so mean to Toghon, I guess his anger is really justified.

I love how humble they are when they go undercover. In fact, I love that Wang Yu still has the habit of going undercover, even as a King (I guess this proves to his people how he loves them; that he would get his hands dirty for them, that he would go investigate the wrongs that the lords and ladies of the court are doing to them in order to rectify them at court). [who’s King Regent in his place when he leaves the palace? Is it the First Lady?]

General Ho is the King Wang Yu‘s personal bodyguard (the one that likes to fly, back in episode 1). Back when Sungnyang didn’t want to continue to drink with Wang Yu, Wang Yu told her that he’d tell General Ho to go guard Toghon because General Ho is much stronger a fighter than Sungnyang – that’s how I learned his name.
I was sad that Ki Jaho didn’t tell General Ho that Sungnyang’s a woman.

Ki Jaho, Beloved Father, Good Commander, and NEVER a Traitor.

I regret saying that I wanted Ki Jaho to pay for what he did to the enemy’s horses awhile back. [but horses are the most magnificent creatures and if you dare touch them, you get my wrath] I mean, no one should have to live through what he lived through [and yet, kudos for him to have withstood all of this and still be VERY loyal to Goryeo].

There’s more and more a possibility that he will die before the wedding between Sungnyang and Toghon takes place, but I hope that he and his daughter can share a moment together before this happens.

I wonder if we’ll see the brothers, also. Surely, when they learn that their father was imprisoned for high treason, they would come, right?

Wang Ko the Traitor

FINALLY we see whatever hatred or animosity he still OBVIOUSLY has for Sungnyang-the-one-he-raised-who-betrayed-him-at-the-very-end! I like his reaction when he saw the WANTED poster. Very good!

But, in my opinion, too late. He looks the kind who is ambitious, but also vindictive. Maybe it’s just me, but he should’ve done more than just look mad when he suddenly is reminded of Sungnyang-the-Jackal-who-betrayed-him.


I guess his backstory made me think that, while he’s a disgusting son-of-a-prick, Yom-Plague has a good reason to want to betray the country that basically betrayed him.

He’s very selfish, though, and isn’t even grateful to Ki Jaho for anything. He didn’t even look regretful that he’d have to do this to his ex-Commander.

The actor’s pretty good (that, and the song that they chose to play at that time); because it made me feel really bad for him (and Ki Jaho).

The “Enemy”:

When TalTal [Bayan’s sidekick, I know right? I’m still getting used to his name and now, I hear it more often than I read it (the subtitles only mentioned him in this episode by name, never before…!!)[also, I think he looks really good with a scarf]] says that “he” hates General Bayan, and General Bayan says that it’s because he’s jealous because Bayan is much better than he is, they’re talking about Tangqishi, who’s not a really good tracker it seems [or maybe a commander; not really sure what he’s talking about].

General Bayan
I’m still looking for the moment when he [and TalTal] will outwardly betray El Temur and join forces with the ‘gang’.
Does Bayan know that Sungnyang is a girl from looking at the tracks as well?

Tangqishi and Talahai
I love how Talahai was bitten by Ki Jaho. Also, I feel like they’re wearing their Yuan attires now, isn’t that bad? And their men are wearing Goryeo uniforms. Why is it that it’s so easy for them to be officers tracking down the prince in Goryeo territory? Aren’t they scared of being caught by the authority? Or is it because they’re in Shengnyang, King Wang Ko‘s territory?
How INCREDIBLY off-character of Tangqishi. I don’t get how, by sweet-talking to the Future Emperor and wishing for him to come down to you, will CONVINCE him to come. Doesn’t he remember that Toghon CLEARLY witnessed how he raided the island and tried to assassinate him?! Is Tangqishi dumb?
On the same line of thought, how could he play the fool in front of the King of Goryeo the second time they meet and ACCUSE Ki Jaho of high treason when he KNOWS that Wang Yu saw him try to kill Toghon and Sungnyang?
This may be because he’s convinced Wang Yu didn’t see everything (that he didn’t see Toghon clearly and wouldn’t be sure WHO Tangqishi had been aiming at). In that case, I say it’s all right. FINE! I’ll concede!
How did Talahai know that Wang Yu was Wang Yu in his civilian clothes?

El Temur
It seems like El Temur knows Wang Yu since awhile. I hope this will be explored.
It sounds too easy; how the man was able to just go and disable the whole Goryeo kingdom.
On another note: Where’s Wang Yu‘s father, actually?
Didn’t he notice how Wang Yu didn’t salute him like the others welcomed him?
I didn’t understand completely his discussion with Wang Yu. If he says that Toghon is dead, then he’s dead. If he says that he died in illness, he did. Does this mean that El Temur plans to tell everyone that Toghon died in illness if Wang Yu decides to obey him? Is that what they’re saying?

Lord Zhang, the Nowhere

I don’t f*cking understand Lord Zhang.

He was there when Toghon got threatened by General Bayan and Taltal, Tangqishi and Talahai, and yet, here he is, taking a stroll with King Wang Ko, as if nothing was wrong.

Why don’t they kill the dude off already?! [I mean, General Bayan clearly could’ve done that when Zhang came back for Toghon after the bandits came and raided their camp and killed Kwebo-whose-death-totally-should-be-avenged-Sungnyang-I’m-counting-on-you-to-track-that-d*uche-down-and-execute-him-for-the-sake-of-Kwebo]
Is it because he’s rich enough to afford those flashy clothes? Is it because he’s rich?
OR is it because I said I didn’t want him and Kwebo to die? Because Kwebo died, and Kwebo would’ve been interesting to explore, what with him being an eunuch and all. But Zhang? He’s not useful! He’s not doing his job as Toghon’s retainer, and he’s switching from side to side! [Y U NO USEFUL, LORD ZHANG?!]

Things I didn’t like:

Sungnyang, how could you?! Poor, poor dogs… sacred animals! “No dogs were hurt during the filming of this episode”, I say. And it was a female dog too I think!)
I demand retribution for what she did! [maybe that’s why she had to be unhappy in the end and marry Toghon, because she made a family of dogs unhappy by killing one of theirs]

Why do Sungnyang and Toghon have an underwater scene and a hugging-while-Sungnyang-is-half-naked scene?! I hope they give Wang Yu the same chance (poor Sungnyang).

Lord Zhang is useless.

She hugged Toghon twice. She even tried to bouche-a-bouche him.
Toghon got to see her half-naked. Toghon got to tend to her while she was sick. [WANG YU BETTER GET THE SAME TREATMENT]

Toghon trying to sell away Sungnyang‘s bow and arrows when they’re obviously very prized to her!

Wang Yu almost killed his best men; General Ho and Secretary-dude, who wanted to save Goryeo. That scene really made me want to cry for the Wang Yu‘s sake.


I think that it was a custom that the higher ranked person pours tea (or other sustenance?) into a lower classed person at the table. That’s why both Wang Yu and Toghon poured drinks for Sungnyang in episode 4.
That’s also why Wang Ko poured drinks for Yom-Plague AND for his sidekick-whose-name-I’ve-yet-to-catch.

The Doctor's Resolution

The Doctor’s New Year’s Resolution

Personal Highlights

Jombak the Joker THE RETURN!
Now that I know he’d never betray either his country or Wang Yu, I’ve grown to love the character (like how I never got over the fact that he didn’t return for a few episodes). I’m glad to see how useful, funny and resourceful this guy is. Truly, I hope to see more of him!

I’m almost always glad when I’m right with something; it’s no exception when I saw that Toghon‘s nameless brother died.

Finally see a direct interaction between First-Lady-of-Goryeo-Dudette and Wang Yu and I must say, he must not trust her a lot [but, by the tone he was employing and by what he said, does it mean that, while he’s gone, she’s the one in charge?]… What was she doing with Lord Zhang?

Toghon tried to trick the herbal medicine selling pharmacist dude and running away with the medicine (he should’ve ran MUCH faster).

A scene of someone peeing. At least they acknowledge that people are people who need to pee...?

Other Predictions

I wonder if Toghon will link the fact that she bandages her chest with the fact that she’s a woman with the fact that he loves her.

I wonder what Toghon and the others will do when they infiltrate the palace, I mean, El Temur pretty much took over.
I think Toghon’s going to take his rightful place as the ruler of the Yuan. He can totally grant Goryeo freedom because he “loves” Sungnyang…!

What will happen to Wang Yu anyway? [are they going to behead him for his role in Toghon‘s murder? Are they going to take over all of Goryeo, as El Temur always planned?]

Empress Regent woman of Yuan‘s badassness is gonna come soon when she appears more regularly by Toghon‘s side to guide him.

General Bayan and TalTal are going to betray El Temur next episode. They’re good fighters, so are General Ho and the secretary [probably] and so is Jombak and Sungnyang AND Wang Yu. [that’s why I say Toghon is mighty useless] Together, they’ll break out of the palace and somehow, push El Temur back where he belongs (in the dirt).

On the other hand, however, they ARE outnumbered, but I’d like a scene where Sungnyang gets revenge on Tangqishi [or even General Bayan can do this] for Okbun and Ki Jaho while Wang Yu personally kills El Temur; General Ho, Wang Ko; Jombak; Talahai and the Secretary-dude protects Toghon.

I don’t think El Temur will have his demise next episode, but I predict that he will soon, because he doesn’t appear in the Wedding. (Wang Ko does though, so it means that General Ho failed). By that logic, does it mean that Jombak, General Ho and Secretary-dude are also dead in the near future?

Sungnyang and Jombak are getting along fine and they like each other like bros! BROMANCE! FRIENDSHIP FOR THE WIN! I think Jombak probably respects her even more because he knows she’s a woman. It’s a good thing that she has an ally on that side now. I hope that he tells General Ho or Wang Yu. He looks like a blabbermouth (but I think he’s trustworthy)!

If both of them [Toghon and Wang Yu] have to learn that Sungnyang is a woman, I hope it happens simultaneously. That way, I won’t be sad that Wang Yu was left out, [because seriously, there’s very LITTLE scenes between Sungnyang and Wang Yu, and while, EACH AND EVERYONE of those little moments were heartwarming, Ponyta wants MORE!!!!!] etc.

If El Temur finds Toghon, he’ll make him bend to his will by threatening Sungnyang (and maybe useless Lord Zhang).

– ⁽͑ʺˀ˙̭ˁʺ⁾̉ – Ponyta peekaboos you! – ⁽͑ʺˀ˙̭ˁʺ⁾̉ –