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Youtuber: Domics
Link: on Youtube and on Tumblr and on Facebook

January 6th, 2014

Hello, creatures dwelling in the Internet!
How are you all today? I am well, even though school has ‘started’ once again OTL.
Have you noticed? A week after the Webcomics Category posts will have the Youtuber Category posts (for as long as I can maintain it, that is).

This YouTuber has skills in animation, in storytelling as well as in art!

The reason why I add him to the Youtube section and not the Webcomic section is because lately, Domics has been posting more and more videos, has been commissioned more often.

I first found him via his comics and especially by his break-up videos, here’s Part 1, Part 2, Prologue to Part 3 and Part 3.

Domics deserves your love because… well he’s pretty awesome, I love his comics [found on Tumblr (and some people sometimes post them on Facebook (and I hope they have Domics’ trademark signature or some kind of link back to him!)], but I love even more his sense of humor and the way he tells stories, making you relate to him because, what happens to him has happened to us (in the case of some stories anyway).

He works hard with his animations [I think he mentioned that he learned by himself, too!]. His art style is just so simple and cute! Charmander even once compared it to Piplup‘s style, and now, I can’t not see it, hahaha. I like that ‘style’!

He also interacts with his fans!
For example, he streams on Twitch whenever he’s playing Walking Dead or whenever he’s working on a project he’ll post on Tumblr/YouTube. Sometimes, he even takes people’s suggestions and puts them into his videos (it’s hilarious to watch the full-length video later on, because it’s sort of like an inside joke between the people who were there and Domics (I’m always very sad when I miss it or when I’m preparing to go to bed and I receive a notification saying that Domics started a Twitch video)).
He even talks to his fans when he’s reading our comments on Twitch. I felt so giddy when he tried to say “Ponytaorponyboy” once, when I saluted him.

He’s Canadian, it’s always a plus (Yes, I believe I might be biased)!

I think it’s an honorable mention: He collaborated with WongFuProductions to make a new series (and me and Leafeon have been LOVIN’ it so far). And apparently, he and sWooZie might be making a collaboration one of these days, too!

Anyways, I’ll leave you to your exploration!
As usual, have a great week!

【li||li (´OωO)っ┌iiii┐l||li】
【li||li (´OωO)っ┌iiii┐l||li】