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Title: Empress Ki (episode 6)
Watched: February 4th, 2014

February 4th, 2014

So, people, how are you and did you watch Episode 6 [I’m guessing you did, I mean, I’m the only one in the fandom who’s completely late]? [HELLO THERE!]

I had completely forgotten that I had this other WordPress account… Now I can’t connect them, but I added this one as another administrator. Yep, that’s what’s new with my life. What’s new with yours? ūüôā I hope everything is going well!

Honestly? I thought Toghon was¬†such¬†a wimp. [I’M SO MAD AT HIMMMMM!!!!!], a¬†simpering fool disguised as a viper ready to strike.

He BETTER make me like him soon [by proving himself to be manly, or by proving that he’s changing in terms of character, etc.] because right now, he’s in my blacklist!

He didn’t think about whatever consequences there would be for Goryeo!

In an/my ideal world, he could’ve overthrown El Temur and rule alongside Sungnyang and Wang Yu as his confidantes. But, of course, he can’t, since El Temur has O SO MUCH POWER [even if he dies? I doubt that… if El Temur dies, Toghon would just have to kill his followers (mainly his sons and daughter), and Toghon’d be able to rule without much mishap]!

The character is a good actor.¬†Mewtwo thinks it’s endearing to have made the person so frustratingly¬†flawed.

He’s so rock bottom down in my esteem that all he can do is go UP! And that’s what I’m looking forward to! GET UP AND FIGHT!!


I found that, while he was blabbering and slightly stuttering for words, he doesn’t look ANY remorse when he thinks of all the things that he demands from Goryeo. His demands:

“Those involved in the rebellion will be enslaved.”
But we know that he personally requested for Sungnyang to be free of any charges. Where in the world did that request fall to? How could it fade so easily into the cracks?
[VERY TRUE, I’ll give you that, technically, his words were: “You ordered that his life be spared” which doesn’t mean that Sungnyang will be completely free or that she’ll be safe… [i.e. she could become an eunuch (or a concubine)] He REALLY didn’t think things through]

Why didn’t he PERSONALLY check in on it? You know why?
Because he’s a FREAKING coward who didn’t want to face Sungnyang after what he did to her (also because he didn’t want to defy El Temur into going to visit some lowly maggot who tried to save him).

Goryeo will provide 200 women as concubines100 eunuchs, 120 of gold, 7500 pounds of silver, 100 stallions each year for his coronation. And 3 000 bolts of silk, 100 000 sheets of parchment, 1 000 inkstones, and 10 000 otter skin.”
He begins to question what he was told ONLY at the otter ¬†(saying how difficult it is to trap them and then to skin them), I don’t like this.

While he DOES mention that he’s aware that otters are hard to catch and skin, he doesn’t even THINK about the fact that it would ruin the generations to come if he demands so many women and young boys who will be taken away from their homes and families!

I’m just thinking here, but… Toghon only said “women” what if they had taken “old women” instead? I mean, that could work, right?
All right, it would be pretty bad if old women were to become servants and stuff like that.

Things we find out about Toghon. Not only is he not good at fighting, but the new Emperor is also not good at memorizing.

Joking skills: He’s not good at it.

Reading skills: He’s illiterate. He can’t READ! HOW MORE LAME CAN HE GET?! I really hope that this is rectified soon!

Toghon mentions, much later on, that he feels SHAME because of what he did to Sungnyang, but does he think further?
He doesn’t think about what this meant for Goryeo, what he did, and how now, he not only has to protect his own life from El Temur, but he has to protect it from all the Goryeo people AND Sungnyang (whom he knows can kill him in his SLEEP). He also has to protect Goryeo, I mean, if he means to fulfill his promise to her some other way, then he SHOULD at least protect both¬†Goryeo¬†AND Wang Yu-SungNyang‘s LOVE. Do you notice that he could’ve said ANYTHING else than what he did? He could have said this: “Ki Jaho and his men attacked me, because they wanted to save the King of Goryeo, they thought I was up to no good. They didn’t act on their King’s orders.“. While it would still make Sungnyang mad, at LEAST it would NOT have made Wang Yu the target and it would’ve saved them SO MUCH TROUBLE AND DRAMA. (but this IS a drama).

I can go on and on and on, and on, about how dumb Toghon is, but, despite everything, he’s a really good actor and he’s extremely dedicated to making El Temur trust him enough, to even hesitating to sit on the royal throne until El Temur DIRECTLY tells him that it’s all right. I find this very cute and smart.

Lastly, you can go on to debate about the size of his brains, but Toghon has a secondary superpower – other than the fact that he’s so lucky (which, no doubt, will come back so many times in the future – I hope), which would be his utter control of his body. He was able to fool TalTal in the first episodes, lowering his heartbeat significantly enough that TalTal would notice. He’s able to fool the doctor, who, despite all his efforts, can’t wake him.

I love how Wang Yu was so happy to see Sungnyang and he respects Sungnyang so much that he would die for her alone [as well as for his country].

Indeed, Wang Yu is such a proud man, such a proud King, and shows such concern for his people that, considering the charges that are laid up against (his country and) him, he would rather have them execute him, than to let his people die for his incapacity to save them. This, for SURE, impresses El Temur, who already knows that¬†Wang Yu¬†is innocent, and knows the intention behind the Goryeo King’s so-called confession.

I ship this so hard my ribs hurt.

I ship this so hard my ribs hurt.

Then comes Sungnyang to basically save the day (ONCE AGAIN, actually). Once again, did you see just how happy he was to see him? The love is right there, and if you don’t believe me, take a look at later in this episode, when the face that¬†Wang Yu does¬†when he saw that¬†Sungnyang¬†had been taken as one of the eunuchsI ship this so hard.

In my book, these instances when they are together and the concern that they bear for each other, show just how much he appreciates Sungnyang and how he dislikes the idea of another one of his friends possibly hurting because of him (indirectly). That was the reason why he didn’t want his bodyguards to come with him, right? Because he couldn’t bear the idea of hurting them. Well, the same goes here, except that his feelings for Sungnyang run so much deeper.

They ship this also.

These guys ship this also.

Wang Yu¬†is so noble, the complete opposite of¬†Toghon. I was glad that he didn’t want his friends/bodyguards/servants to suffer. And I was equally happy to see that he thanked them for serving him, despite everything.

On the other hand… WHERE’S WANG YU’S DAD?! [doesn’t he care about his son enough to see what’s going on with the Yuan, coming into their lands?!]
I loved also when Wang Yu snaps and takes the sword of a soldier and kills him to protect his people. I love how protective he is of his people, whether or not they hate him. He’s completely determined to make sure they’re safe.

The people have¬†such¬†a bad judgement. They misjudge their king [who tried to save them] for what they think he did, BUT, it’s thanks to Wang Yu that they have leftovers to eat, it’s thanks to him that they have times for breaks, it’s thanks to him that they even get WATER!¬†Wang Yu tries to protect the women who were in the tent… despite the majority having already left… because they didn’t like him. Is this a failure of coherence in the script? Or is it just me?

I LOVE WANG YU’S FIGHTING SCENES! [you’ve gotta respect the King so much for protecting his people AND to want to fight a lot of people]

Also, Wang Yu was prepared to DIE for his people, shouldn’t the WOMEN help Sungnyang out? Where were the women when all of this happened? Have they no sense of pride and gratefulness? He took a g*dforsaken arrow for them, for goodness’ sakes! I thought that they would, seeing as clearly she has difficulties. I thought they’d really help them… How vain and superficial they are…!

Sungnyang, the Magnifique.

I was so sad with any of Sungnyang‘s interactions with Ki Jaho during this episode. Do you know that he should’ve confessed to witnessing¬†Yom-Plague’s “crimes” by WRITING IT DOWN in the King’s palm and everyone else’s! He could communicate with Sungnyang through writing inside her palm, THEN WHY CAN’T HE COMMUNICATE THAT HE’S NOT GUILTY?! HOW DID HE FAIL THE MOTHER? WHAT’S HE TALKING ABOUT?! WHY WAS THE MOTHER SO FAR AWAY FROM HER HUBBY WITH NYANG?! I wanted to know this…! It gives me tears each and every time when he died.

I had the slightest sense that Ki Jaho knew he wasn’t going to last. He smiled and made her think that he believed in her, so indulging her in this fatherly fashion because she needed to cling on to the belief that she could save him. I also knew that, by the end of this episode, he wasn’t going to survive. I mean, have you seen his living-conditions? [also didn’t Wang Ko order for Ki Jaho‘s ears to be cut off as well as having his eyes dug out and his tongue cut out? While you could clearly see that Ki Jaho couldn’t hear Sungnyang, you could actually see the actor’s ears sticking out of the bandages. What gives, people, what gives?!].

While I was watching, I thought: What are the reactions of the people gonna be if they strip¬†Sungnyang¬†and discover she doesn’t even have a p*nis to cut? She’s already an “eunuch” (well, she’d be the ‘equivalent’? A concubine?). I wondered if people found out that Ki Jaho was Sungnyang‘s father. Did Sungnyang explain a little to Wang Yu? For that matter, will she ever reveal to him that she’s met him before and that he once tried to save her and Okbun? She must have known that she was going to be found out anyway, since she was going to become an eunuch. After all, they would’ve found out. What was she planning to do? Was she planning to go with the flow all this time, and see?

Every one of her interactions with Wang Yu¬†are filled with respect for each other’s capacities and trust, something that Sungnyang can’t even give to Toghon after the stunt he pulled right in front of her – to save his own skin and exact his own revenge, might I add.

Well, Sungnyang gets to take care of Wang Yu, just as she took care of Toghon, so it’s a little bit more even [the amount of time she cares for Toghon should be the same as the one she spends with Wang Yu, after all!].

El Temur is really not dumb at all, and his family… well…

(I guess that’s a given though) Sending Bayan and TalTal¬†away like that was a bold move to crush all of¬†Toghon‘s confidence that he could overpower him.
El Temur wants his bloodline to be secured with the blood of the Dragon family. He’s smearing it with his own! YUCK! But I guess you gotta respect him for wanting his family to be in good positions when he dies.

Mewtwo¬†and I¬†say it’s possible that something happens to that¬†Tanasiri¬†(El Temur’s daughter who is also the sister of¬†Talahai¬†and¬†Tangqishi), since, in the end,¬†Toghon¬†marries¬†Sungnyang¬†and, not her. BUT¬†she¬†might be killed once she became¬†Empress? And that’s why? Perhaps she fell in love with someone else and eloped in the end? That’s what¬†Isabelle¬†did in¬†Cinderella Monogatari¬†anyway.

Tanasiri¬†is the name of El Temur’s daughter. I think El Temur has a¬†thing¬†for Ta-starting names.¬†Talahai¬†and¬†Tangqishi¬†and now¬†Tanasiri…!

Tanasiri¬†is really a brat in her own design. She sounds like one when she shows her true colors to her father. But when she spoke with¬†Toghon… it made me think that perhaps¬†Toghon¬†would fall in love with her and she with him (because she ends up falling for his beauty?).¬†Mewtwo¬†today tells me that she felt the same, so I’m not the only one who thinks this could happen! She despises the fact that her father is selling her off, and she doesn’t want him to be unmanly, a coward and a fool. She’s gonna fall for him or something… I wonder if she’ll fall for¬†Wang Yu¬†(since she likes manly men). I wonder if she’ll fall in love with someone else who will make her a better person and then,¬†Toghon¬†will let her go, and¬†El Temur¬†will try to exact his revenge, but¬†Toghon¬†will protect her. Or something like that. I’m reminded of the story in¬†Cinderella Monogatari.
SHE IS pretty, but her laughter is…¬†special, to say the least. This¬†reminds me of¬†Ting Ting‘s laughter (from¬†Mulan 2). I wonder if¬†Toghon¬†likes her laughter, like¬†Link,¬†in the same movie, did.¬†El Temur¬†looked like he wanted her to stop… so… it makes me think that her laughter is also weird for him to hear?

Somehow, I get the feeling that¬†Talahai is overshadowed by his siblings… one of which only STARTED to appear recently… poor dude.

Tangqishi is like a dog.

He says that¬†Sungnyang¬†smells¬†like a girl, he has average¬†tracking skills… His brother doesn’t trust him because he hasn’t gotten laid in awhile and that¬†Talahai¬†doesn’t trust him to judge boys from women since Tangqishi could hump everything that looks remotely feminine. THIS. IS. NOT. AN. INSULT. TO. DOGS. I. LOVE. DOGS.

Tangqishi is a really impulsive brat. He’s impulsive and dumb. I can see it though, why people ship Sungnyang¬†with Tangqishi, he saw her ‘break rank’ but he didn’t do anything (maybe that’s just because he knows that the King of Goryeo has to be safe and sound).

Why didn’t he show him EVERY courtesy, as his father told him?¬†Tangqishi¬†is¬†SUCH¬†a bad guy.¬†El Temur RESPECTS Wang Yu, “for facing death with such pride,” which is GOOD.¬†Despite them being, at that time, in Yuan Territory, Tangqishi shouldn’t have mistreated the King of¬†Goryeo;¬†this is BAD for his reputation with his father.

I think that Tangqishi is just JEALOUS that his father venerates Wang Yu more than Tangqishi, his own son. 

“Just the sight of you makes me sick” BECAUSE HE’S JEALOUS.¬†

I think that¬†Tangqishi has this father complex around him. His father doesn’t give him enough love, so he goes and shanks every woman he can, he mistreats everyone that he can, ESPECIALLY people who would have his father’s approval – Wang Yu, for example.

When Wang Yu requests that his people get a rest, I suspect that Tangqishi agreed partly because he wanted to believe that Wang Yu was weak. That’s why he agreed to setting up camp, by saying that his “high and mighty” (Wang Yu) wanted to rest.

I’d like to point out that that scene almost exactly mirrors the one that he was in, more or less thirteen years ago, where he had to accompany the concubines (OkBun and Nyang included) to the Yuan and tried to get them treated better. It’s even better mirrored because Tangqishi is there and that Sungnyang as well is there. The only contrast is that he’s no longer Crown Prince, nor King. He’s just… a man… a man in love with another ‘man’.

Are you gonna question me yet again about his impulsiveness? What say you when you saw that, despite the King of Shenyang and his own brother telling him to stand down, Tangqishi (where are his blue wolves, by the way?) still aimed to shoot at Wang Yu’s heart?

How DARES Tangqishi decide to kill the women? I mean, like… they didn’t do ANYTHING wrong but slow them down, it’s just unthinkable. Not only was he acting out under impulse, but I think, I firmly believe, that he may be doing it to punish Wang Yu for being so honourable. After all, Tangqishi was present in the palace when Wang Yu “admitted” that he killed Toghon ‘alone’, in order to save his people.¬†

General Bayan¬†and his nephew¬†TalTal¬†(yeah, I found out that he’s the nephew!)

I like how¬†Bayan¬†and¬†TalTal¬†know¬†Toghon¬†enough to know that he’s faking, and to know when something’s bothering him.¬†It’s the START. OF. SOMETHING. NEW. IT. FEELS. SO. RIGHT. FOR. THEM. TO. BE.TOGETHER. WOOHOO. AND NOW LOOKING IN YOUR EYES, HE FEELS IN HIS HEART. THE. START. OF. SOMETHING. NEW. I mean, nothing like that, –I’m not even¬†sorry-.

Bayan shouldn’t be so mad at Toghon for wanting concubines – not that I commend¬†polygamy. I mean,¬†Toghon¬†just had to sell it all to El Temur! That’s EXACTLY what Bayan told him to do! I’ll agree, however, that El Temur’s daughter sounds like she has a seriously bad reputation, so he’s probably just mad at himself for not asking for his niece to be Empress. I wonder if his niece is TalTal‘s sister. She would be SO beautiful!

Bayan¬†says that he won’t have¬†Tanasiri¬†kill his niece. Which means that she’s awfully bad and possibly super jealous. TalTal and Bayan reveal to Toghon that she’s a hellcat, haughty and unbridled. Temperemental. He says he doesn’t like temperemental women, but Sungnyang IS temperemental, as he OFTEN mentioned it in his time with her. Hahaha, I wonder if he’ll be reminded of Sungnyang while spending his time with Tanasiri?¬†

I sort of wish TalTal¬†– the character – was better explained. What role does he play? Is he not a physician-and-warrior? TalTal doesn’t look as happy when they’re paying their respects for Toghon… after he sat on the throne.

Last things to mention in this section: Bayan shouldn’t have been talking so loud, especially in the palace where EVERY ONE of the servants could be¬†El Temur‘s people in disguise.


I don’t have much words to spare for this waste of oxygen [my chemistry teacher said that to a grasshopper friend of ours], but I want to contrast him with all the others that we’ve seen. Whereas Tangqishi won’t hesitate to tell his own father to kill him, whereas Sungnyang didn’t hesitate to tell Wang Ko or, for that matter, Wang Yu, to kill her when she was out of line [and so, so many other courageous and righteous (in their minds) people], Yom-Plague will actually say: “Spare me, not that I deserve it.”

You can see just¬†how badly¬†he wishes to live and survive in this. HOWEVER, I just also want to emphasize that, since he doesn’t HAVE an appearance in the wedding, he¬†will meet his end, one way or another.

Wang Ko Рthe Invisible 

My hatred for this guy is fading because of the lack of significant presence he has… (compared to others?) or maybe because I’m just so tired of his character already.

I’m surprised at how easily Wang Ko decided that he was through with punishing Sungnyang. He didn’t make her trip any worse than it already is. I guess he must be cooler.

First-Lady-of-the-Yuan‘s identity: REVEALED!¬†

Indeed, we finally see who he First-Lady-of-the-Yuan is! She’s the Mother of Toghon [he calls her Mother anyway]! She’s the Empress Dowager. And there I was, calling her the First Lady when Empress Dowager is SO MUCH better a title! Now I’ll call her that! I hope that the Empress Dowager will somehow save her son from El Temur‘s daughter. I’m not sure about that, but… yeah.

The¬†Empress Dowager¬†REMINDS me A LOT of¬†Queen Catherine¬†in¬†Reign. Let me explain: Queen Catherine wishes nothing but the best for her son, Francis, going through every length possible just to make sure he ascends the throne. Empress Dowager worries about her son, and absolutely wants him out of El Temur‘s nasty influence, which is sort of the same, I guess. Queen Catherine also, arguably, is doing this for the appeal of power that it would give¬†her, not her son. It is to be told later whether or not the Empress Dowager is going to turn out like that or not.

I also have certain affection for her thanks to the way she stands, because of the way she dresses and she acts. While she has clear aversion for El Temur, she’s shown time and time again that she can go toe to toe with him in terms of strategies. She can even do better: she can smile in front of him a smile that is civil while promising the most despicable of things.

Personal Downlights: 

I’m sad that, whenever¬†Sungnyang¬†is with¬†Wang Yu, there’s something sad that happens [Ki Jaho¬†dying]. I’m really sad.

Poor¬†Wang Yu, she saved him but he still received an arrow. Well, it means that she’ll try to save¬†Toghon¬†and then he’ll receive an arrow too.

El Temur has the Turks to worry about, and he actually has time to meddle with Goryeo?! WHAT KIND OF A REGENT IS THAT?!

Toghon¬†is so dumb… can he really trust¬†El Temur‘s word for it when the Regent says that Toghon can rest easy on his throne?

I really thought Tangqishi was going to kiss Sungnyang at the end of this episode.¬†He had those eyes… [I DO NOT APPROVE OF THEIR SHIP!] PERV!¬†I’M GONNA KILL HIM FOR DOING THAT TO¬†SUNGNYANG! HOW DARES HE RIP HER SHIRT THAT PERV! WHAT A PERV! HOW DARE YOU LET IT HAPPEN, SUNGNYANG, YOU’RE STRONGER THAN THIS (although she’s been starving, she’s been taking care of her King… it must be tough on her!)?!!

Personal Highlights: 

When Sungnyang promised to kill Toghon. END THAT SHIP RIGHT IN THE BUD, GURL! [I mean of COURSE it’s not gonna happen, since she’s gonna end up marrying him (as we’ve seen in the first episode) and getting a child with him (historically)]. Also, I expect that I might switch shipping when/if Toghon ever proves himself worthy.

Lord Zhang who was the only one truly happy that Toghon was there. This only proves that Toghon should be allowed to have his depressing moments; no one except his retainer (who doesn’t do his job very well, if I may say so myself) was happy or was hailing his comeback from the dead. No one likes him in this crowd. Some want him dead, the others want him to be alive just because of what he represents.

Lord Zhang: I'm smart, I promise!

Lord Zhang: I’m smart, I promise! Meanwhile: Lord Bayan’s not paying attention to the matters at hand at all.

Toghon who threatens Wang Ko, telling him he won’t forget how Wang Ko tried to kill him. [this may have started things; by making Wang Ko going to Yuan, but I think it was a good thing for Toghon to do it]

Wang Yu tries to make the women less hurt by making halt, and then by giving them water and leftovers. He demonstrates how good he is as a king. And yet, they disrespect him (so this is both a highlight and a dislike). 


I HOPE HE DOESN’T GET CAUGHT AND I HOPE HE SURVIVES UNTIL THE END!¬†I like how he says that he’ll tear Yom’s heart out and eat it (but I’d rather not, it’s rotten, it won’t do good for his health).

I also loved witnessing how loyal Wang Yu’s entourage are to him, that they actually followed him, despite the risks.

Edits made February 17th, 2014:¬†I’m so sorry that I didn’t post this earlier. I wanted the post to be ‘perfect’. I’ll be working on Episode 7’s tomorrow and submitting it. I also want to watch the Olympics though… with the Women’s Ice Skating competition!

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