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Title: Empress Ki (Episode 7)
Watched: February 19th, 2014

February 19th, 2014

Hello people of the world of KDrama!

Whoa! Episode 7 was so intense, so many things happened at the same time! I really hope to catch up to the whole series… I know that they’re at episode 31 as I’m writing this and I hope that, by updating twice a week instead of once a week, that I’ll be able to somehow catch up… Perhaps I’ll consider updating thrice a week…

WISH ME LUCK! But now, on to our usual main topic…!

Toghon, the brat

I did NOT want Toghon to succeed in shooting an arrow using the split arrow. I mean, it takes 3 years of practice for one to master that type of archery, and King Wang Yu (who already knows how to shoot normal arrows and is quite a good shot, too) hasn’t even succeeded, did this noob really think that he somehow could?

Despite all of his flaws (and he has so many), I’m glad that Toghon has this consistency: persimmons. While we never see him eat some (so far anyway, and I’m looking forward to seeing him eat one with gusto), we should always hear him talk about persimmons.

His time being a brat makes him know how to piss off other brats, I guess. His move with removing the flowers from her room.

We find out that his mother actually died (like Wang Yu’s mother did, prior to episode 1). I’m guessing that the mother was a royal concubine, but not important enough. The Empress Dowager took him in as her own son, though Toghon’s brother (the sickly child) was probably her real son and that’s why he ascended the throne before Toghon despite their age difference.

They may or may not be extremely close, seeing as all Toghon did these past episodes before he became Emperor, was to wish his brother dead so he could replace him and be in power.

One remark, however, is that we never saw Tanasiri‘s reaction to having her suite stripped of flowers. I would have wanted to see this, as it would have added more gap between the two.

Why did he promise everything else? Was he going to do everything, or was he being his best political self: Promising something and then never doing it? It’s the same stunt he pulled with Sungnyang after all!

Is he going to feel bad at ALL that he asked to have eunuchs and concubines from Goryeo despite the fact that the

Sungnyang, the Woman with a Reverse Harem

While, at the beginning, I thought she didn’t put up much of a fight against the obviously drunk Tangqishi, I can understand that, even with two horses, the injured Wang Yu would be a burden and she knew that they wouldn’t have been able to survive.

I felt the same during the sixth episode but… Did the man-clothes give her more strength and freedom of movement (it better be the latter, because it’d be a SHAME if she suddenly lost all of her badassness because suddenly, they discovered that she’s a woman. 

While he was trying to kiss her, I was incredibly surprised that Sungnyang didn’t even TRY to knee him in WHERE-THE-SUN-DON’T-SHINE. I mean, she could’ve, to prevent him from getting his way with her. I guess it’s more difficult when she’s wearing a dress…?

Wang Yu’s frustrations

You know that, for Wang Yu, he’d probably like to have a good wife. During the first few episodes (a.k.a. his bonding time with Sungnyang), he tries to bond with her by telling her about how wives are an important part of men’s lives (which is sort of true), and about how Sungnyang should WANT a wife.

Sure, he drops that act in the few episodes where he becomes King because, in these episodes, he has to deal with other kinds of frustrations; his inability to protect his Goryeo population, first as a Young Crown Prince [who failed to save the concubines], then as a Young Adult Crown Prince, and then, as a King (although he did attempt to rectify the situation by erecting his 11 edicts).

And this DID give his poorer people hope and strength. They learned to love their new monarch because of it. Other frustrations include how he was unable to chop off Wang Ko’s head when he had the chance (thanks, Wang Yu’s Dad, for being such a self-righteous and good-natured old man!).

But then the whole scandal about Wang Yu trying to kill Toghon, whether or not it was because Toghon was disrespecting his country, and now the Yuan took over the Goryeo kingdom and made them enslave even more concubines and eunuchs per year, plus taxes of riches to be sent, the fickle population has come to despise him. And, in this, it made Wang Yu despise himself as a King and made him more frustrated about how he was unable to help them out by preventing the war that would threaten to bring even more misery to his people.

And then, when he finds out that Sungnyang [whom he holds very close to his heart, no matter the title: Split Arrow teacher, Little Brother, {WIFE}, best friend, (lover), best soldier (excluding General Ho), etc.] is, in fact, a woman who took an arrow for him (in the first episodes), [who slapped him for ripping her pants], who carried him when he was sick and injured, and who stood by his side when most Goryeo peasants would not, he felt even more angry with himself. He failed to protect the man that he considers a best friend, and he failed to protect the woman he potentially has come to love [they’re the same person, but still].

He was able to come in time to save woman-looking-Sungnyang from Tangqishi, but he wasn’t able to punish anyone for making Sungnyang sad and hurt her. He frustratingly threw out the candlestick he was going to assassinate Tangqishi with, probably thinking: “I was a worthless Crown Prince, I’m a worthless King, and now I prove to be a worthless lover/best friend!” How much more low can you get, Wang Yu?

All of this is why I love Wang Yu‘s character much more than Toghon. He was born to be a good king because he genuinely cares about people and he doesn’t hesitate to mingle with the crowd to find out what’s bugging them and, in the court room, try to correct the rich people’s wrongdoings using this knowledge. He knows how to fight and fend for himself. So much so, I find, that General Ho-who-flies-when-he-kills-someone can leave an enemy in his prince’s path as he slices off more men in the way, knowing that Wang Yu could take care of himself. This is the kind of trust that should be between a ruler, his people and his bodyguards.

More points are given to Wang Yu for having punched Tangqishi with his injured arm! Did you notice that part, or was I the only one? Charmander told me she hadn’t noticed either, so I dunno…

Double the points to Wang Yu for not saying something like: “That dress fits you.” or “You are beautiful” to Sungnyang. He thinks first of all the accomplishments she’s made as a man and marvels at how difficult it must have been. He respects her truly as a human being – whatever her gender is.

Wang Yu is probably pretty mad when he arrives in the camp full of his people. I hope that he’ll whip his Goryeo men into shape… even though his men were DESIGNED by General Bayan‘s plan to become arrow scape goats… I wonder if Wang Yu knows that’s what they serve as…

Wang Yu’s Company 

I would have loved to see all of them succeed.

I wonder why they didn’t show a scene between Wang Yu and his men being reunited (despite being prisoners). I mean, was he completely surprised that they snuck into camp to save them?

I was also wondering what their reaction was to Sungnyang being a woman. I mean, besides Jombak, NONE of them knew!

They call Wang Yu’s babysitter an |eunuch| all the time, but I prefer calling him babysitter. I love his interactions with everyone, especially when he plays the ‘bad cop’ with the Yuan soldier and almost kills him. It’s the second to third time we see him wield a sword, and he seemed to know how to wield it, too.

I sort of wish that they’d known that Wang Ko and his own company was there and added this into their calculations.

Pak Pulhwa as my subtitler titled him, is the brother in arms of Ki Jaho. I hope to see more of him and I hope he doesn’t die (like everyone in Wang Yu‘s immediate entourage).

Wang Ko the Worrier

Wang Ko chooses not to say anything, but I’m wondering if he’s worried, like Yom-Plague is, that Tangqishi falls for Sungnyang. After all, the man already chose Sungnyang to be his concubine, if he falls for her, she holds more power as a Yuan concubine manipulating Tangqishi (since he’s basically a brainless brute) than Wang Ko himself does.

Despite everything, by telling El Temur that Wang Yu decided to try and win his throne back by warring against the Turks for burning down the tribute tent… is more going to make El Temur respect Wang Yu even more… so I’m not sure if that was a good thing… even though the King of Shengnyang expects Wang Yu to lose his life there, I find he should know that Wang Yu is pretty resilient.


As I’ve mentioned before, but, perhaps in other words, Tangqishi is thirsty with power. Perhaps this runs into his family, since El Temur is the same. I don’t like how he just asks for Sungnyang to insult him and fight back, but that when she does, he hates it and makes her stop. He’s such an inconsistent character in the fact that he’s not able to put up with what he says (he says he’ll tame her and that she should keep fighting him, but then he tells her to stop when her insults get too bad).

As brainless and full of testosterone as Tangqishi is, he shows some kind of heart, I mean, he slows down and turns around to stare at Sungnyang to see if she’s all right. When he sees Wang Ko torturing her by not giving her any food, he brings her to his tent and offers her food. There was almost a look of apology or of pity on his face. I could’ve almost forgiven him if I didn’t want him to die for all the horrible things he’s done. As I’ve told Mewtwo once, I can understand the fangirls who ship these two together.

Maybe he’s a bipolar character. Or maybe he wants his concubine to be safe and sound for when he can claim her as his official concubine?

He shows, once again, how much of a complex he has with his father, as he mentions she canNOT insult his father.

TalTal and General Bayan’s misadventures abroad

Upon arriving to the military camp, both men realize that this is not a military camp. It was probably designed to be a place to send bad men who disobeyed the Yuan or bad Yuan themselves. Sending them there to fight and then die would actually be better for Yuan than to execute them on the spot, after all.

What makes me curious is the reason why Bayan decides to behead the man who welcomed him into his camp? All of this over a sword that’s so shining that it’s actually new and has never been used?

Is it, perhaps, to punish him for making the military camp so weak?

I love TalTal‘s relationship with Bayan, whatever it is [they’re uncle-nephew, as I mentioned last post]. It seems to me like they’ve always been together and that they’ve been together for so long that they can read each other’s thoughts. Like that one time when they looked at each other when they heard Toghon cough (while he was supposed to be dead), and Bayan coughed as TalTal put the lid of the coffin back on, for example. And when both of them saw the banquet, they looked at each other, and it seemed to me like TalTal knew exactly what Bayan was going to do. He even played along when Bayan asked for women, saying that “these people are good men, but women, that’s asking them for too much”. This prompted the man to say that it wasn’t much, that they could actually fulfill such a request.

Bayan’s comment afterwards, which states that he had no idea there were men like him stationed on the border, should’ve been a foreshadowing for what happened next…

Bayan implies that the man sold his weapons to someone. This implies that the weapons that the men are given are not even good weapons. This frustrates Bayan. He’s even more mad that there is no morale in the troop, which will make it even harder to win. [he’s the General, he knows more than I do].

Without even consulting each other, TalTal knows what directions they should take and starts whipping out a scroll with all the instructions on how to make better soldiers (when did they have the time to write?).

Their plan is REALLY extreme, in my most humble opinion, and very violent. Punishing the deserters is a common thing, so I won’t comment on that, but to reward only the elite fighters and give lesser provisions to the lesser warriors? That’s downright mean; especially since they’re going to use these lesser warriors as laborers and fodders; they should at least give them enough food to give them energy to labor…! [but it’s terrifyingly true that sometimes, our educational system mirrors this].

When I saw that Wang Yu and the others are going to join Bayan, I thought they might ally themselves or something, and Wang Yu can earn Bayan’s trust (despite their differences in previous episodes). OR that Wang Yu can prove to be an EXCEPTIONAL elite of a soldier (and so do his companions, I’m just sayin’).

Tanasiri, the Brat V.02 (also known as the Bulldog)

I’m surprised that El Temur wasn’t able to tame his daughter as well as he tamed his sons. Who in the world chained herself to being El Temur‘s wife/concubine/b*tch? [Which furthers the question of whether or not he had to chain someone down to get his business done and get heirs].

An Empress should care about her subjects.

An Empress should care about her subjects.

I think she goes well with Toghon [in terms of bratness, however, in terms of how they complete each other and how they’ll be good to each other, I’ll admit that they don’t]. She also matches him in the way she does NOT care for her subjects or for the people who serve her. At least she knows how to read, I guess…!

She has her father’s ambitions, but she doesn’t have her father’s wits. She should know better than to be aware of the Empress Dowager‘s gifts. She’s such a dummy, really.

That gift, I’m pretty sure that it’s to make Tanasiri unable to bear children. OR perhaps it’s to make Tanasiri unable to have SONS in general?

I’m not sure whether or not it can happen, but me and Mewtwo have talked about it and perhaps the Empress who cannot bear children can be demoted to just being an Empress, so that someone else can be made into an Empress? Someone that the Dowager agrees to.

Lord Zhang

As Toghon‘s supposedly most loyal retainer, I find this guy so useless. Why is he by the Empress Dowager‘s side when he should be with Toghon to make sure he is truly a good Emperor? He didn’t appear during episode 1, so…!!! I’m looking forward to seeing this man’s fall.


The reason why El Temur is so worried about the West, invading the Turks and all that, is actually because he wants the road to silk. He wants to conquer them so that he can get more riches…! Probably the same way that he wants Goryeo and its salts.

Personal Dislikes

I dislike highly the people who laugh at the concubines when they arrive to the Yuan capital. How mean, disrespectful and mean! I mean, these girls will end up having more power than them, and COULD get them executed. Where’s the respect?!

Where did the make-up, beautiful clothes, combs and other hair ornaments come from, when the women dressed up Sungnyang as a woman? I mean the women were taken by force from their homes and they couldn’t possibly have found enough time to gather their belongings to share with this she-man [Sungnyang] who defended the King Wang Yu and stood by him all this time…

How do the women-peasants-who-disliked-Wang-Yu see her now? I would’ve wanted to see a scene where these future concubines show Sungnyang what they think of her.

No one takes a girl seriously

No one takes a girl seriously, not in these stories, not even if she’s done many accomplishments (no one except Wang Yu)

Empress Ki 7

Is it so surprising that something happens?

I don’t have ANYTHING against Reverse Harems, I think they’re underrated in real life. Women should be allowed to have harems if men are allowed to have them. It’s not fair for an Empress to see her Emperor go and mingle with other concubines when SHE herself has to wait for him to come to her if he wants to satisfy her needs. However, sometimes I DO feel like certain stories overuse the Harem card in general. It makes me cringe when I see that more than one girl is interested in this one average guy who may be really cool, but who can’t decide between this girl with a big chest, this girl with a big bottom, this girl with a petite physique but with a very cute personality, or this girl who has everything but who is frightening [I’m not even aiming at any harem stories I’ve seen/heard/read in general, I’m just saying that it’s redundant].

I guess that, as an average young woman (am I young), it makes anyone feel inferior that this girl has so many men running after her for her obviously beautiful looks, her strength and her awesomeness [which aren’t bad things, when you look at it]. It makes a woman envy this to a certain extent and, if a young and easily influenced girl saw this, she could possibly think that it’s okay to have many men run after her. [I have issues about that mainly because I’m a teacher and I absolutely HATE IT when a little girl prances around, knowing leading them on and not taking my advice against it when I do tell her she should make her choice and make it clear to them].

Despite being pretty and being a servant, they gave the first girl a YELLOW ribbon, sign, they said, for being a servant, but then, the next girl was given the concubine position – yet she was given the blue ribbon, and then, when Sungnyang became a servant, they gave her the blue ribbon. [After replaying, I learned that: “Yellow to leave (and be in a courtesan house), Blue being for servants, Red ribbon being for concubines”] Why the fuq?! Is there a problem in the translation? I don’t think so, so why?

How does Sungnyang know how to act like a woman and to wear women clothes if she’s never done so before? She VERY easily reverts to being a woman after all these years pretending to have a p*nis… I’m very surprised!! I was upset also that the women had to strip, also. What happens to the ones who are too ugly to be servants or concubines? They are thrown into the villages to work as slaves?

I’m having difficulties liking the new ending song. I liked the first one better…? I dunno I’ll see if it fits my liking in awhile… I guess…

Personal Highlights

Jombak in general. I’ve mentioned before how utterly satisfying it is for me to see Jombak again. He’s a great warrior, makes a great comic relief and is a good supporting character to both Sungnyang and Wang Yu.

Who, of Wang Yu and Toghon, found out FIRST that Sungnyang is a woman? WANG YU DID! [after, of course, Tangqishi-the-creep, but whatever, I won’t allow him to survive unless he changes].

All Wang Yu and Sungnyang moments.

Wang Yu and Sungnyang held hands. [I squealed so loudly that Mewtwo and Charmander wondered where I was in the story and gathered to see what I was watching, hahaha].

Wang Yu beat someone up for Sungnyang, and promised to survive so that he could come and get her.

Does the Chief Eunuch decide to take Sungnyang in as a servant to be sure that Tangqishi can’t touch Sungnyang as a concubine? Or does he do so because he wants her to cross paths with Tangqishi and is doing exactly as Tangqishi says? I love how he knew that she held a sword before… and I love how she’s not lost her wits; that she said that her father was a hunter, instead of a soldier.

Now that Sungnyang is basically a woman, she’s gonna face women problems, like their jealousy and other things… I dislike this highly… As IF women are so spiteful… (okay I can’t sell that…). Soon, Sungnyang’s probably going to have to rival with Tanasiri too… I look forward to seeing how she’ll be handling these problems with her brute strength, or with her wits?

Sungnyang gets one girl friend in her bed-sharing space.

Toghon does not see Sungnyang when he comes into the courtyard. I hope he never spots her until Wang Yu arrives.

Usual Predictions

Pak Pulsam and General Ho are going to dispatch Yom-Plague as he deserves. Jombak and the Wang Yu are going to make Goryeo history by making the Goryeo men the elites of General Bayan‘s plan to restore the camp to a enough glory.

I still expect Wang Yu to be good friends with General Bayan and TalTal, enough to dine at their table one time…! I mean she looks nice and not as mean as that other girl.

Sungnyang’s gonna deal with that servant-girl who thinks she can just attack her… It’s pretty stupid that Sungnyang wouldn’t DO anything when she totally could…! The whipping doesn’t do anything to her, she can kick those girls’ asses anytime she wants. Sungnyang’s butt was hit by the officers with a wooden stick!

Toghon may or may not find out about Sungnyang being a concubine, but I expect that’s not going to happen. Sungnyang might also try to kill Toghon and be captured. Maybe Tangqishi will save her and make her his concubine?

All right, I have GOT to finish writing my other post for this week, so I’ll get going now. See you all another time!
Hang in there, Sungnyang!

Ponyta cries!