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Application name: Plant Nanny
By: FourDesire
Link: On iTunes
Played by: Leafeon

January 16th, 2014

Allô vous tous!
Comment ça va? Comme d’habitude, j’espère que vous allez bien! [I’m pretty sure you all know what this means, right? I say it almost all the time in the posts, so you can take a wild guess, haha]

For this month’s 24th, I’ve decided to make an Application post [categorized as a Game despite this application today not being a game per say] instead of a Book post or a TV Show post.

This is not an application that I own, given the fact that it is only for Apple products so far as I write this and I only own Androids. However, Leafeon got ahold of it and shared with me how useful, simple and cute it is.

Plant Nanny gives you the motivation to drink water.

Speaking as someone who is unexcited by the idea of drinking water, and this despite knowing all its benefits, this a pretty good application!
It makes you curious to see what kind of plants are going to grow from the seeds; thus, it makes you want to drink water.

Especially since recently, my doctor recommended I drink A LOT of water during the day and also, I have to drink a lot to get the horrible tasting medicine she prescribed me.

I wonder what requirements are for companies to decide they want to release an application on iTunes and on Google Play. It’d be interesting to look into.
For now, I know from their website that they might plan on making an Android version of the application, seing as there’s a Google Play icon on Plant Nanny‘s page. Here’s to hoping that, by the time this post arrives on my blog, that I’ll have tried it out for myself!

Anyways, for those of you who want to keep track of whether or not you’ve drank enough water and want a cute way of doing it, why not try this application out? Feel free to contact me to tell me that it’s out, also!

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