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Title: Empress Ki (episode 9)
Watched: February 27th, 2014

February 27th, 2014

Hello, people of the Internet!
How are you all doing? I hope everything’s going along fine!
As for myself, I’m scrambling for as fast as I can around and about, to write this review for episode 9 and still be within the week… please forgive me, once again, for being so late, next week will be incredibly long for me so… there will probably be a short hiatus.

In one sentence: Toghon still proves that he is super duper lucky.

Toghon was… well… Toghon, today…

Hmmm I liked what I saw. The Angst!!! He’s a romantic, that guy. He doesn’t want to make love to a girl he doesn’t love? That’s new, especially considering that he was looking forward to having many concubines “whose faces would make Buddha smile” [Bayan, episode 6 or 7].

The Eunuch and his whole attendants are… well-trained? That’s news to me, but it makes highly sense that they would be trained. They’re supposed to protect him after all.

Toghon escapes them as easily as he would escape Lord Zhang (who, AGAIN, does NOT appear by his side), which makes him confessing that Sungnyang (male) was his first real retainer to be so meaningful, because no matter what he did, he could never escape her.

Don Toghon, le tombeur.

Don Toghon, le tombeur, the WOMANizer

Toghon, the sack of sperm. That’s what they use him for, and I guess that’s what he feels like when his own mother treats him like he should produce an heir with some random girl who is attractive but not someone he loves. Ultimately, he just doesn’t want to be used, but he’s a weak character and he is well aware he needs the support of others in order for him to ‘rule’.

That’s what El Temur is doing with him, by keeping him as a puppet and a life-sized doll for his daughter, and, I guess, for Toghon, his mother the Empress Dowager is doing the same as well, as, one could argue that she is keeping herself in power by naming an empress that she can control (JUST LIKE QUEEN CATHERINE FROM REIGN).

And these feelings must make Toghon so desperate to get out of the palace, of his complicated life. For this, I pity him, I really pity his character right now. And in my pity, maybe he rose a little bit in my esteem of him, I will admit.

Toghon still proves that he has one superpower: LUCK. He stops Sungnyang twice from killing him by:
1) storming off after finding that Ohjin is some kind of egg donor who has to have his babies.
2) stopping Sungnyang and throwing away the hairpin she was going to use to kill him WITHOUT knowing that it was destined to be the weapon that would do him off.
And then, Ohjin herself saves him in his sleep from Sungnyang. Seriously, the UNIVERSE is trying to keep him ALIVE.


I loved her simulation. It made me think she really had killed him.

I like that Sungnyang did not kill him that first night and had a flashback of Wang Yu, because, somehow, it makes me think that she’s making an excuse of not killing Toghon because she wishes to survive, somewhere inside of her, she needs to survive in order to see Wang Yu again.

Sungnyang is so obsessed with killing Toghon that she neglected her body condition, which leads to her failing. I feel like Ohjin‘s wise words about revenge and survival got to her because, all this time, she knew that she was deluding herself into willing to kill Toghon. But now that there’s a physical person who’s there to tell her NOT to do it, she won’t go through with it, because of all the implications that would entail, and also because, like I said, a part of her really wants to find Wang Yu, to survive and to find him. Which is why she has that hallucination in the first place.

In her hallucinations, Wang Yu does not treat her like a woman, he treats her the way he always has; like a friend and a capable warrior. I like this, because thanks to this, Dream-Wang-Yu reminds her of her duty towards the Goryeo people, which should be more important than any vendetta. She’s even fighting her hallucinations in order to get revenge for both her parents.
In the last moments of her hallucinations, Wang Yu does not confess his feelings for her. No, her mind conjures up the words that he has already spoken to her once: “I’ve missed you, so very much”.
I think this is meaningful because, in both instances when he said it, he put all of his emotions into it, and her mind is trying to make her reconsider her decision by making Wang Yu say something that made strong emotions emerge inside of her, enough that she would stop and turn around to see him, even if, at that moment, she had no words to answer him with.

For goodness’ sakes, she even cries out his name when she realizes he disappeared and that she can’t converse with him no more.

Wang Yu survived a massive hit on the head. +10 points for getting up and fighting like a man even after.

I knew that Wang Yu would win, but he fell a bit in my esteem [not because he took a hit, which was to be expected, I guess Yom-Plague is much stronger than I ever give him credit for], I mean, he’s known Sungnyang as a man for LONGER than he’s known her to be a woman, and yet, in his fantasies, what form does his mind let her take to encourage him? As a crying woman. No, NO! NO! Okay, I still like the character, so it’s okay that he lets his manly feelings get over him when he’s hallucinating.

Once again, he proves that he is a great King. A King who can give a speech like Captain America would. A speech that can rally men who previously despised him, make them strong and want to be strong [no more cowards out of them!!], and ultimately unite them for one goal: survival. [I’m just going to point this out here, but General Bayan said that the Goryeo men didn’t think it was their battle, and that they only cared about themselves. Right now, I think Wang Yu also only cares about himself and his men… so… General Bayan and Wang Yu are NOT going to become friends? 😦 ]

Jombak, Pak-Brother, General Ho and Babysitter are just awesome in the ways that they can provide help and be useful to their King (I love how Pak-brother trains the people like he trains the underlings when he was an officer with Ki Jaho).

Wang Yu decided NOT to give General Bayan the Silk Road, despite knowing that getting the Silk Road will be the quickest way to get to Sungnyang. I don’t understand his intentions.
HOWEVER, his plan is quite ingenious. I can’t believe that Genearl Bayan didn’t think about it. They’d be such good friends… BROMANCE!!!

El Temur protects his daughter like he would never protect Tangqishi.

Tangqishi impressed me today…

I didn’t think he had the nurturing brotherly bond with his sister. I like how protective he is that he would actually be looking to keep his sister’s reputation in place.

He also shows that he has some sort of wit, as he knew that it was something against Tanasiri‘s reputation.

MAKE WAY, FOR EL TEMUR! (Say "Hey! It's El Temur")

MAKE WAY, FOR EL TEMUR! (Say “Hey! It’s El Temur”)
Hey clear the way in the oldest room,
Hey you! Let him through-
He’s a bright new star
Oh come be the first on your knees to meet his might!
Make way! Here he comes!
Ring bells! Bang the drums!
Ah! You’re gonna fear this guy!
[Prince Ali – Aladdin]

Tanasiri is beautiful and she knows it!

But she IS both unsecure and jealous, seeing as how she reacts when she finds out that Toghon basically cheated on her by sleeping with another woman.

In her jealousy, she proved to be quite intelligent as well, as she was able to spot the culprit Ohjin in the whole room.

Anyone noticed that she’s still wearing the collar-necklace from her wedding? [episode 8]

The staff and others.

Empress Dowager and determination!

Indeed, she WOULD do anything for her ‘son’ and she would even get a girl.

She would risk her LIFE for him to avoid being El Temur‘s puppet, I love this! She knows that El Temur did something, and she doesn’t want Toghon to be mixed in it.

Ohjin the concubine [she is also referred to by Sungnyang as Lady Pak]

I look forward to seeing more of her, and especially see what she’s capable of doing, I hope she’s going to be super useful even though there’s a chance she may die (just because she doesn’t appear in the Wedding episode), but there may also be a high chance she leaves the palace!
Her relationship with Sungnyang is even more…! I want them to be friends so badly! Especially since both of them are from Goryeo. I mean, she even took the time to look up Sungnyang and to find out more about her! I’d like to know who she’d like to get revenge for and also WHAT happened during her training as a concubine to make her be so ‘wise’.

She says it will be her pleasure to be with Toghon, but I think she’s highly unprepared, poor lady. Speaking of which, I’m not sure I liked to see her being carried around by Toady-Head-Eunuch like a sack of potatoes…

I would like to know if Ohjin is INDEED pregnant, or if she’s just faking it to save her skin. That would be incredibly smart of her, I’d say.

Hongda did NOT appear to Ohjin‘s side to help her out DESPITE the fact that she’s from Goryeo as well!

AND despite the fact that she has more experience with being a servant than Sungnyang, since she was there and knew the rules before our heroine…! Did the Head Eunuch just forget that completely? Or is it because he wanted to keep Sungnyang close to him to make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid? (is he forming a fatherly bond to her?).

I like also that Hongda is a great friend to Sungnyang, even going as far as to take care of her when she could’vejust let it go.

Hongda says that the worst thing is to be sick, because that’s when they miss their loved ones the most. I can understand it well, the implications, and I wonder if she has had those episodes when she was sick, and if they will show who it is that Hongda misses most. I’m growing fond of this character. If they end her like they ended Kwebo, I will be mighty upset.

Do you realize that Yohnwa the bully could’ve just said: “The person the Emperor gave his favors to is Sungnyang,” but she didn’t. She’s smart enough to know that, if investigated and found false, she would be punished (probably). And she knows that, at least by saying that the person comes from Goryeo, that Sungnyang would be suspected (or none of this crossed her mind and she just wanted to be honest with the Empress). I kind of want the latter to happen, because I want her and Sungnyang to become good friends…

Head Eunuch

Seriously, is that any way of carrying a girl?

He is EVERYWHERE! He’s responsible of the training of the concubines AND of the servants, he NAMES the servants, he gives the servants their jobs of the day, etc. etc. Is there something he CAN’T do?

General Bayan and everyone

Both General Bayan and TalTal impressed me in the fact that he showed no emotions when he saw that Yom-Plague‘s blade had been containing iron. I guess he was sort of expecting it.

However, I guess that General Bayan‘s lethargy couldn’t be lasting for long, as he basically runs into danger just because he thinks that the chief of the Turks (I can’t pinpoint his name because I can’t remember it) is mocking him.

I’m glad that, while they are not necessarily on the same page and in the same tent, both Bayan and Wang Yu (and TalTal too actually) think the same of the strategies from the Turks.

Yom-Plague did NOT impress me, because he yielded and I knew that he would, it was very good of his personality to just yield and survive a coward rather than to die. I expect some improvement on his character from now on, as he disliked so greatly being called an insect by the King of the country he despises.

In their rage, none of them noticed that Wang Yu did NOT join them to fight the Turks, I wonder?


  1. I would like to know how Talahai got Yom-Plague to be a commander when he was ALREADY a commander (see episode 8).
    1. Also, does Talahai even HAVE that power? I mean, General Bayan doesn’t really trust him and only very seldom listens to him at all.
  2. Why in the WORLD was Hongda not given the right to attend Ohjin like Sungnyang?

Personal Downlights:

Ohjin protected Toghon.

Talahai and Yom-Plague did not get killed.

Toghon almost mastered the Split Arrow technique. Enough that he actually DID hit the target. It’s not like I am saying that I don’t like that he can do archery now (I mean, Wang Yu and Sungnyang can do it, so if he wants to rival with them, he’ll have to learn). It’s more the fact that Sungnyang says it takes 3 years, and that even Wang Yu hasn’t mastered it yet, so WHY int he WORLD is the character who is ILLITERATE able to do it?

Are you telling me that he has some innate talent? Because he failed to shoot the arrow into the target when he was learning with Sungnyang. And if he had the innate talent to copy anyone’s skills, he’d probably have been good at DEFENDING himself a little more, that way, Ki Jaho wouldn’t have had to DIE! And KWEBO either! Lord Zhang could’ve died though…

Sungnyang hallucinates that Wang Yu is in front of her when it’s actually Toghon. There’s no resemblance, Sungnyang! There’s absolutely NO RESEMBLANCE. How could you possibly make the mistake?!

Personal Highlights:

Both Sungnyang and Wang Yu have hallucinations of each other which are meant to encourage them in their endeavours by doubting them…! AND she even sees Wang Yu in her day-hallucinations, too!

Hongda takes care of Sungnyang like a big sister, not longer like a fangirl, because she realizes that, despite her cool exterior, that Sungnyang is just as fragile a lady.

Tanasiri is jealous and now she’s super suspicious of people who look prettier than she does, because she knows those exist now.

Sungnyang admits that she misses the King. And this. Is. Love. Or. Friendship. Or. Trust. Or. A. Combination. Of. Each. But. I. Ship. Them. So. Badly. That. I’ll. Take. It.


Wang Yu will encounter the Jackal’s cubs from the first episodes, who will be like: “FUQ, OUR LEADER WAS A WOMAN! EVEN MORE RESPECT!” and they will also follow him to hell and bring Sungnyang back (somehow). This doesn’t have to happen in Episode 10, I just want it to happen.

The chief of Turks looks eerily like woman, so I’ll call it: IT’S A WOMAN WHO PLAYED MULAN AS WELL!
Wang Yu is NOT going to fall in love with the woman. He only needs one Mulan in his life, and that’s Sungnyang, I’m just saying.

I would like Hongda, Sungnyang, Ohjin and Yom-girl to be friends.

The Head Eunuch is Sungnyang‘s surogate father.

Wang Yu and his men have made MEN out of their men [PFFFF Mulan reference again] and those will be SUPER soldiers who will be able to vanquish at least some Turks (I hope).

All righties, I shall take my leave now.
I’ll do my best to have episode 10 and 11 prepared for next week, if not, see you in two weeks, guys and girls of the Internet who somehow manage to read through all of this!

And so, I bid you farewell until another week, with this beloved song from Disney, can you guess which one this is referring to?

MULAN, indeed! But I couldn't make everything fit and I have to go study, so... yeah.

MULAN, indeed! But I couldn’t make everything fit and I have to go study, so… yeah.

  Ponyta‘s out