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Title: Empress Ki (episode 10)
Watched: March 1rst, 2014

March 1rst, 2014 

Hello Empress Ki fans,
How are you all doing today? I hope we’re all going to survive this cold… (seriously, it’s so cold… I am freezing).
Anyways… As I’ve mentioned before, I have a lot of academical duties at school this next week (while my friends from other schools are having their Spring Break OTL), so I’ve only watched this episode ONCE [which is why there’s only two screencaps (I still think I’m hilarious)]. I just hope that it’s enough.

Without further ado, you know what to do! [OMG, it rhymes]

Toghon does care!

His fantasies about Sungnyang are worse than Wang Yu‘s fantasies of her. Of course, HE doesn’t know that she happens to be the soldier who saved his life…

It just proves how unexperienced Toghon is, right?

That he would do something for a woman he deems ‘pretty’ (despite what he said about Male-Sungnyang being prettier than her (see episode 8 or 9)) and expect that the woman be thoroughly pleased by it, so much that she would smile and thank him forever and ever. Men’s ego needs to be flattered once in awhile, but for him to feel the need for maid-Sungnyang to ADORE him is… a bit much… but, like I said, it proves how unexperienced he is.

That he would be displeased with the fact that he retaliates to her refusing to be in his retinue by making her work for him and proving to her once again just how much of a brat he is also proves that he is immature. [I feel like I’m writing an essay and these are my arguments]

It could be said also that he only wishes to tease Maid-Sungnyang because he needs a way to release the tension that Empress Dowager, Empress Tanasiri and El Temur are constantly giving him.

All of this tension may have caused his ‘breakdown’ in front of his own mother, the Empress Dowager, where he questions his own existence. YES! I SMELL A BETTER TOGHON SOON! VERY SOON!

As much as I dislike moments he spends alone with a girl who he does not deserve, I like that he confessed to Sungnyang the feelings he had back when he ‘saved his own life’. The way he spoke about it makes me believe that he longs to do that once again, to save his own life, to take control and not let people like El Temur or Empress Dowager boss him around.

Toghon finally proves to me that he can be smart… but does it have to revolve always around this one woman?

I’ll admit that it was super smart of him to have thought of calling out her real name in a silent place, to see if she would react, and to send a person to Goryeo to find the real man-Sungnyang to compare them. I’m interested in seeing how Wang Ko will react to this.

Actually, ever since that one episode, he hasn’t come back. Does it mean that he’s been staying with the Yuan, or that he’s been back in the Goryeo palace, causing havoc as per usual?

Sungnyang, the Manizer

I love to see how ‘well’ she treats Toghon when she needs to take care of him, it’s really as if she didn’t care at all whether or not she was executed for ‘rough’ treatment or thrown into the dungeons. It shows how lacking she is in terms of drive, since she can’t decide what she should do now that she’s been given orders NOT to kill Toghon. This is also why she misses Wang Yu, I guess.

I sort of wish that Toghon hadn’t told Sungnyang (for the second time in this episode) that she resembled his real friend back in Goryeo, it made her doubt her decision to kill him. WOMAN, your freaking FATHER died because of this man! If she were to lose her drive to kill him, I’d have liked for it to drag out a little more…!

It IS true that, throughout the episodes when she’s BEEN in interactions with him, she realizes that being a man – an IMPERIAL man – has its limitations and that this is why Toghon is such a dumb-dumb-good-for-nothing. He’s a conflicted character and she feels pity for him, so I bet she will ‘stick by him, and give him courage’, as he requested. This MAY also be why she results into marrying him, a way of supporting him, to give him courage due to pitying him. [I think that’s what she’ll do in the end]


Because after all, at the middle of the episode, she refuses to help him out. Perhaps this is in revenge for killing her father, she makes him suffer by not helping him out and by feeding him to the lions that are El TemurTanasiri and the Empress Dowager. That’s beautiful. A beautiful form of revenge, Sungnyang!
Aren’t you glad you did it?! Why is the music so dramatic when you leave?! Well, it’s probably dramatic for him, but I rejoice inside (for now). I know she’ll have to go back to his side one way or another, but for now, I’m just happy that it isn’t so (yet).

No matter how smart Tanasiri is, I like Sungnyang to be smarter. She impersonated a man all these years, and I’d expect her to outwit Tanasiri any time of the day, however, for the ultimate goal that Tanasiri has given her to do, I’m not sure how Sungnyang will prevail… I guess we’ll just have to see…

Wang Yu and his men deserve much praise

Wang Yu is a great leader and a great tactician. He has proven time and time again, and he does so in this episode, humbly requesting that his men be given the same honour (of eating) as him, and I’m very glad that General Bayan and TalTal allowed it.

I really hope that what they meant when they said that Jombak had died is that he’s lying in wait somewhere to find Batolu‘s encampment. YES! I LIKE THAT Jombak and Babysitter are going to go on a mission together (nevermind that it’s a super dangerous mission, I trust their abilities).

Jombak even complimented Babysitter on his silver tongue! It means that the character of the Babysitter is a good actor, hahaha! I wonder if there were some truths to his story though…

El Temur appears what?
Once in this episode. I tell ya, he’s the most interesting man on the planet [sarcasm].

Empress Ki 10

He said it awhile back that he couldn’t keep it in his pants, but really, kudos to him for having kept it in his pants for so long!

Tangqishi has a plan that obviously involves Sungnyang

He’s so useful… he reveals to us that, in the palace, she’s called Nyang, although, I’ll say that we’ve already heard Head-Eunuch-Toady call her that before… but it proves how creepy he is that he knows that, no?

Tanasiri goes blind.

As Empress, she knew what she was getting into; getting concubines is what Emperors do, especially emperors who do NOT want to bed their official wives on the night of their own wedding…

I guess she had her own fantasies about having a husband. She probably wanted someone loving who would actually love her and make love to her body, which is why, after that second night they spent together, she was so sad/mad.

The very idea of sending Yonhwa the bully to the guard with a name on it is quite clever. Once again, she shows that, despite all of her bratness, she’s still El Temur‘s blood-related daughter.

It IS quite a classic move though, to send the one that will be killed to bear the letter to his killer.

Talahai is underestimated but underestimates

I mean, seriously… I don’t CARE as much about Talahai as I care about my hatred for Tangqishi or Tanasiri. He’s just their brother who sometimes appears and makes terrible mistakes. I really hope that some sort of development will make his character more… substantial, perhaps?

SHIT, the MOMENT I say that I want more of Talahai, he shows up and has a horse race with Wang Yu. I approve of your instant picking up on my requests, Talahai. However, that fall really made him lose manly points. A man who can ride a horse well gains some points in my book.

…Meanwhile… in the palace…

Ohjin is proven to indeed, be pregnant (with Toghon‘s child? or not?), while she doesn’t appear much, she DOES have many references to her, as everyone is trying to debate whether or not to make her an official royal concubine.

Ohjin did not show up during the episode… and she did not show up during the wedding episode (episode 1) either, does this mean that she will be killed by Sungnyang?

…Meanwhile, on the Silk Road.

General Bayan and his people

TalTal is FINALLY revealed to be General Bayan‘s nephew. I don’t know how I feel that it’s taken him so long to be mentioned as the nephew of such an important character. He’s had MANY appearances, too, so what gives, people, WHAT GIVES! [also, I’d like to ship him with the female-Mulan-girl-in-the-Turks’-side. They’d make pretty and resourceful babies, and I want him to be happy.]

Batolu (I think that’s his name, right?)

His daughter is incredibly smart. Also, she was able to recognize that Wang Yu – whom she fought – is a foreigner, and she was able to pinpoint that it was he who planned the ambushes everywhere. I like her, but I don’t want her to take Sungnyang‘s spot in Wang Yu‘s heart!


HORSES! MOST BEAUTIFUL HORSES! FALLEN ON THE GROUND! HOW. COULD. YOU. DO. SUCH. A. THING. TO. THOSE. POOR. HORSES?! I. AM. SO. PISSED. OFF! I’d like to call for Wang Yu‘s blood, since he did this, but he already suffers so much in the end (wedding episode), and also because, well, last time I called for someone’s blood because of the horses (Ki Jaho‘s, more specifically), it actually happened that he died… so… WITCHCRAFT!

Also, I don’t want Wang Yu dead, because I CALL FOR TALAHAI and Wang Ko’s general‘s blood for insulting horses so soon after one of them died! GIVE THEM TIME TO MOURN, WHY DON’T YOU??!!!

I also call for Batolu‘s blood because she been conspiring to keep the horses from sleeping!

(Other) Highlights: 

Toghon is finally catching on, and I hope he does, fast. LET’S GO, TOGHON! CLIMB UP THE MOUNTAIN TO MY APPROVAL! XD

This last highlight did not directly come from the episode… Let me explain… Eevee wanted some attention so I paused the episode and played with him. When I came back to Hiba, I was SHOCKED to see this, so, naturally, I took a screenshot and…

I assure you, I didn't do it on purpose! >.<

I assure you, I didn’t do it on purpose! >.< But it sure made me laugh! #Imnotevensorry


Dayum, WAIT, what if the girl-Mulan-Turk is going to be involved with Wang Yu and there will be a love triangle-dare-I-say-rectangle between them, Sungnyang and Toghon?

Sungnyang will find a way to save Ohjin AND to obey Tanasiri, enough that she will be granted means to escape from the palace.

is what I’d like to make happen, but it’s probably not that easy.

Because Tangqishi wants her there in HIS quarters, and that Toghon is already suspecting her of BEING Male-Sungnyang.

I’m going to go ahead and say that she might as well kill Ohjin, because, Ohjin pretty much ruined her chance of avenging her father and also because Ohjin threatened her and she’s killed for less than that. But I am pretty sure that she either dies or she is taken elsewhere (I’d like it to be elsewhere, please, after all, ‘them Goryeo girls have to stick up to each other).

With this, I’ll leave you, I have to study for my midterms! I’ll try to watch episode 11 tomorrow and write a review for you in one shot (i.e. I won’t reread and I won’t rewatch to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything).

Ponyta’s very happy!