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Title: Empress Ki (Episode 11)
Watched: March 5th, 2014
Thoughts in one sentence: Sungnyang is slowly losing it.

March 5th, 2014 

Salutations from the Ponyta of this website, people of the Internet,
How are you all doing? I’m still in my midterm examinations session, and it’s going on steadily BAD, if I say so myself. I can only hope that your midterms are going by better than mine (or that they’re already done).

I’ve been having some negative stress coming from all spheres of life lately, and I’m very happy that I can take the time to sit down and watch Empress Ki today before going back to studying. Like I did for episode 10, I will be doing a one-shot review, which, I think, may be less lengthy to write and may have less screencaps.

Toghon is the last to find out about everything.

…did he truly think that Sungnyang would be mad about the fact that Toghon framed Wang Yu? Didn’t he think that Ki Jaho would play into her anger as well?

Does he know that he could just look at her arm, where Sungnyang got shot with the arrow?

At least he’s aware that Sungnyang hates him and would not like to be next to him.

THE RETURN OF PERSIMMON! I’m so happy whenever persimmon comes back or is mentioned. I think I may have a crack-ship: Toghon with his persimmons! No-crack-ship-can-ever-replace-this-in-my-eyes.

So I guess he thinks that Sungnyang is not Nyang, and it would be understandable for him to believe it, after all, not many women dress up as men and are much stronger than regular noodle-armed men like him. I was shocked that Wang Ko did not appear to be interested in the SLIGHTEST about what would happen of Toghon were to hear that Wang Ko issued for Sungnyang to become an Eunuch (and then a concubine)!

I can understand that the women who came with Sungnyang and Wang Yu knew about Sungnyang‘s whereabouts, but how did the Eunuch know where to go to find this information, exactly? I thought only Tangqishi knew (along with Wang KoYom-Plague and so many others… all right, I’ll admit it, it’s not that surprising that he finds out that way).

Eunuch says: “Wang Yu adores her [Sungnyang]”. YES MAKE IT HAPPEN, I LIKE IT.

I wonder what Toghon will do, knowing that Sungnyang was brought here and ‘tortured’ when he SPECIFICALLY ordered Sungnyang NOT to be harmed.

Toghon, here’s what you need to do to climb a new rank up in my esteem; you go and punish everyone who has disobeyed you and brought Sungnyang into the palace. Make it coherent, all right, dude?

Because, seriously Toghon is such a wimpy kid and an incoherent one, at that (although we humans are all incoherent, I better than anyone can tell you that, so I’ll make peace with it as soon as I can), finding out that the man he loves was actually a woman, and then saying that he won’t be the first one to go to her, but then he sends soldiers after her, and ends up finding her in the kitchens…

Just as he is childish in his behaviour, Toghon is ‘childish’ in his fantasies about Sungnyang, which involve her dancing for him, the same way that Ohjin had done (she also failed to entice him through her dance, it is nice to point out, I guesss). He was pretty much enjoying his day-dream, which is all right, I guess, because for him, a woman dances for him and smiles at him (I guess that’s why he doesn’t like Ohjin, the doll does little more than vomit and maintain a docile face, and why he doesn’t like Tanasiri who reminds him of her father AND who has a sh*tty temper to boot, although arguably, Sungnyang also has a bad temper). BUT a woman is so much more than that, Toghon, you boob, you KNOW Sungnyang, you KNOW there’s much more to her/him than just dancing and smiling.

Sungnyang the spy who’s losing it, and her sidekicks.

Poor, poor, poor Sungnyang. She spends her time in court being dragged from this side (Toghon‘s, because he always wants her to serve him tea and everything), to that side (Tangqishi‘s, because he just can’t think without his p*nis), to that side (Tanasiri‘s, because she can’t think without jealousy and wants to get rid of everyone who stands in her way (including Sungnyang, might I add)), to another side (Ohjin‘s, who would like all the Goryeo people to be able to stick up for each other). I’m glad she chooses the Goryeo people, and she does so also because of Wang-Yu-Hallucination, who reminds her of her duty as a soldier to Goryeo.

Charmander pointed out to me yesterday that Sungnyang very rarely smile… well… to answer this… it seemed, this episode 11 was there just for that.

So... this settles that... (sort of)

So… this settles that… (sort of)

Hongda I really like Hongda, seriously! She’s so upbeat, much compared to Yonhwa and Ohjin and Sungnyang. She’s the perfect friend, who would take care of Sungnyang when she’s sick and who looks out for her, even going so far as to not reveal that Sungnyang hid a knife. Plus, she maintains a fairly good relationship with pretty much any female servants in the Pavilion of Women, which is, in my most humble opinion, a requirement if you want to survive. Think about it, if no one dislikes you, you have no enemies, so you can only ‘win’ in this situation, no?

Ohjin is very smart, having made a friend like Sungnyang, who has proven herself to be the image of loyalty, I mean. I’m glad that Sungnyang chose to be loyal towards Goryeo despite her vengeance plans, and that she included Ohjin into her schemes (sort of). I’ve come to sort of like Ohjin, even though most of the time, she appears like a lifeless doll that everyone plays with or wants to get rid of.

Yonhwa the bully, I wonder, has a soft spot for Hongda? Are they friends, ever since Sungnyang undermined Yohnwa‘s influence? Or were they always friends and Yonhwa just has difficulties making new friends and ends up bullying them? Yonhwa wants what Sungnyang does not; to advance to work in the Palace, rather than in the Pavilion of Women, which is much harder work and less pay (speaking of pay, WHAT can they spend their money on and WHEN have they EVER received money?).

Head-Eunuch-Toady looks out for Sungnyang, he chases Tangqishi away from the Pavilion of Women (which is his job as Head Eunuch, actually, so it’s no feat., but he did it with SUCH authority that even Tangqishi had to retreat), but he also warns Sungnyang to be careful, since he knows that she’s got some bad blood against him. He commands such knowledge and is so… omnipresent that I’m pretty sure he knows something’s up with Ohjin‘s health and the condition of the imperial baby. I suspect he will do something about it.

Wang Yu 

Once again, Wang Yu proves to us how much of a brilliant soldier he is, a good tactician and also, a good shot (which he consistently demonstrates throughout the episodes).

!!! We… We finally discover the Babysitter‘s name, via General Ho, who mentioned that it’s Bang. Now, I can die happy.

Damnit, Bang is not only QUITE the actor, but he’s also QUITE the strategist. I have no doubt that he’s the one who taught Wang Yu a thing or two about that. He proves that he has so much brainpower, as he understood almost everything of what Wang Yu had tried to communicate with him from afar. HOWEVER, he was not able to predict what TalTal came up with (no one could have, I think? Although the clues were right there).

Jombak is scared for Bang because Bang might lose his life. I love their bromance. I want them to remain friends forever and ever and ever!

While General Ho did NOT fly around today, I was very happy to see him fight so effortlessly. He and Pak-Brother-In-Arms are simply awesome, they inspire the Goryeo men, who are fighting so bravely for them!

Wang Yu is freaking smart. I love the soundtrack that was given to them, too. It shows just how awesome it is.

General Bayan and company 

I like how TalTal and Bayan trust each other so much. I sort of wish they’d let Wang Yu into their bromance. I suspect that the plan that TalTal was the one who came up with the secret portion of the plan, and that’s fine. I LOVE how they used the same tactic used to succeed in the Trojan War, using the Trojan Horse as bait. Have I EVER mentioned how much I love TalTal? I love his awesomeness in tactician skills, and also the way he easily kills off people while on his horse.

Yom-Plague is like an idiot who’s waiting to be killed. He’s just spying on them so much… I’m pretty sure that his superiors’ trust into him is going to wane so much…

Bayan does NOT have the fit body that should allow him to be seen half naked by other women than the one of his choosing (or the ones?). BUT from the scar we can see on his back, I’m sure this has some kind of relationship with the fact that he says El Temur Khan (hm what?) well, Toghon’s father (I can’t even remember his name despite having obsessed about it a few episodes back.

He bows to someone called the Tengri? Who is that? I’d also like to know why they’re just the Descendants of the Blue Wolf, while Tangqishi, during the first episode, says that ‘his Blue Wolves’ are not patient. What? Error in continuity? Subtitle error?

Tanasiri Brat v.02 is showing some kind of remorse?

Did she, in her head, just ask for forgiveness to Lady Pak (Ohjin) for causing her baby to die? I wonder if she hates Toghon for ‘cheating’ on her like that.

Oh my gods, Tanasiri‘s strange laughter makes a COMEBACK! Well, she must’ve really been enjoying herself, for her to laugh the way she does. May I just say, I love her hair more when it’s down than when it’s all pinned up.

Tangqishi knows how to read! I don’t know why I’m so surprised.

I thought he was going to rape Yohnwa when he told her to come to the archives to see him. That was scary.

Speaking of which, doesn’t he have other concubines he can take care of, rather than just obsessing about Sungnyang?

I will give him praise though, for having guessed that Sungnyang had deceived his sister and in taking the precautions and making sure that Ohjin did ingest the herb using Yohnwa.


As we’ve suspected all this time, Tanasiri reveals (to me anyway, since I’m not familiar with the customs), that when a concubine’s child is born (like Ohjin‘s, for example), the child will be calling the Empress ‘mother’, not the concubine.

This is relevant, because it means that Toghon was born from a concubine (who died, as he mentioned “his late mother” was the one who planted the plants in the garden), and calls the Empress Dowager his ‘mother’ (this happened only once though, so I don’t know whether or not it was a subtitle error).

This may also explain why a younger boy became Emperor before Toghon and why all Toghon did was to wish his brother dead so he could become emperor; indeed, it means that the boy was the blood-related son of the Empress Dowager and that he’s more entitled to the throne than Toghon.


Toghon will confront Sungnyang. Maybe he’ll even see the arrow injury on her arm, as proof, because guys, have you FORGOTTEN that she took a freaking arrow for him?

Sungnyang will MOST PROBABLY have no other choice than to say that ‘yes,’ it IS her, and he may elevate her to the Concubine status, which would make her a new target for Tanasiri‘s vengeance.

Ohjin will lose her baby, but Sungnyang will intercede in her favor using her connection with Toghon, to save Ohjin from being killed because she ‘supposedly’ faked pregnancy.

Personal Downlights: 

Toghon finally found out about Sungnyang being a woman. I’m not sure if I’m calling it a downlight because of the TIME it took for him to figure it out (well, he DOESN’T get a lot of interactions with her, after all), or because I don’t ship them so I don’t want it to happen (but then again, I want equality between Wang Yu and Toghon, since Sungnyang fell into Toghon‘s arms because she was sick, I’d like her to do the same to Wang Yu, just because I want it to happen).

So I guess… TO BE FAIR, I should also wish that Sungnyang has hallucinations of Toghon who would give her bad advice, I’m just saying, in the state that he is right now, he’s not wise enough… and that she’ll admit she misses him… *shudders*

Personal Highlights: 

Sungnyang says that she misses Wang Yu.

Whew, and this pulls this episode to a CLOSE. Bring down the curtains and let me go take a nap before going to study for this final beast of a midterm exam [which is next week, I sort of miswrote everything in my calendar…].

Good bye, People of the Internet!

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