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Title: Minor Acts of Heroism
By: Interpunkt (K. Van Dam), and Veryvery (Adriana Ferguson)
Facebook page and Smackjeeves page

January 4th, 2014

I saw how little followers/likers [25 as I’m reading this] on Facebook this series has and thought: I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO HELP OUT SOMEHOW! But I know that there’s a lot of people who like it on Smackjeeves [4863 fans!!!], so it’s not that dramatic!

I found this series while I was craving for superheroes… I-am-not-ashamed-to-say-this… and I was automatically drawn into the series.

The story progresses at an even pace, and sometimes – especially at the beginning, where we gradually learn more about the characters – there are some pretty decent ‘twists’ [definition of the word “twists” here: sometimes, I just don’t expect certain things to happen, and they do!].
I never mind rereading the story (I think I may have reread it thrice now?), too, so the rereading value is super high!

While it is not always a light read (some dialogues are longer and there necessitate some time to decorticate [look it up, somehow, WordPress is telling me that this is a mistake]), the characters and their cuteness (even Simon, who likes to swear a lot) just take you by the hand and drags you into their world/story, it’s beautiful!!

The visual effects and the details [especially the special shape of pupils of Sergio] found for each panel is surely to commendable. The authors work very hard (I think) on every page that they diligently publish on the internet for our pleasure.

The authors do a very good job at always thanking us for reading at each page [and I feel like each thanks is always unique, like they take truly take the time to write each author comment], and sometimes, they even throw in some random Simon facts (or other fun facts that is just fun to gobble up and enhances the reading experience).

My friend Pidgeot, who worked with me on Endless Chronicles [I say this because I think this is the first time I mention her and I should add her to the Pokedex] as the website’s webmistress (Makoto), also reads this and relishes on all the cute little moments!!

Anyways, we both recommend to you this series, please like it and share it, it deserves much love!

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