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March 25th, 2014

Hey people of the Internet,
How are you all doing today?

I never thought I’d have to call a hiatus, but as the weeks pass without my being able to watch Empress Ki and writing a re-cap/review/predictions/opinions post about it, I fear that I may have to take an official break. [scheduled posts will still be published on time though, so that’s okay, I don’t think you would’ve noticed…]

The reasons behind this break are pretty simple…

  • My health condition hasn’t been at its prime recently. For a few weeks now, I’ve been slightly… ‘sick’. Actually, it’s a relapse. I had this during the Winter Break, and now, it just… (randomly) came back.
  • I guess you could say that, at this point in the semester, school’s pretty much clinging on us and dropping a lot of projects on us (blame school). This is also why, perhaps, I have become sick. [I’ve had quizzes after quizzes after quizzes each and every week, this makes me so sad that I just want to turn towards drawing (which I did, actually. I have problems with managing my priorities-plz)]
    • One (namely Piplup) could blame also my eating habits as much as Espeon would blame my lack of sleep; since I don’t eat a lot of meat (much less than the recommended value), I tend to recover much later than the average human being (I’m a horse on fire though, so that may also be normal).

So, whenever I have the time, I’ll be writing random posts here and there, and when I have even more time and am less bloated from medications, I’ll go back to watching and reviewing Empress Ki [I fear that, by the time I go back, the series will already be finished and I’ll be behind everyone else even more… Okay, don’t stress me, I’ll just be more dizzy]

I gotta go back to my readings, I’ll see you on other social media that are ‘easier’ to update!
See you all!

*waves* Ponyout