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Title: Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat (Collector’s Edition)
Rated: 8.5/10
Started: I don’t remember [during the month of November?]
Finished: December 26th, 2013
Difficulty: Normal

December 26th, 2013

Wow, guys!
It felt like FOREVER since the last time that I played a Hidden Object Game. Not only that, but this one, I had started awhile ago, and I had had to stop because of school (and also because Mewtwo, Charmander and I played other games).

This game was absolutely breathtaking, in my opinion [come on, it’s from the creators of the Dark Parables series! How could it not have been good?], and below are the reasons why I would recommend it. There are spoilers ahead, so… you’ve been warned!

The story in itself was nice to follow. It had the same vibe as the Dark Parables: the Exiled Prince, and its ending was quite twisted; [SPOILER HERE] for a millisecond there, I truly thought that Renee, our sister (who gets kidnapped), would end up with the Crooked Man, Blaise, who I predicted would somehow probably come back to his senses. BUT NO! It didn’t happen the way that I had predicted it would (though I had planned out the scenario that they chose to end it with). [END OF SPOILERS]

Like most stories from those creators, I felt like the ending could have developed more what happened afterwards [and also, I’d like to see some stories where love doesn’t have to necessarily change someone drastically… does it really happen in real life?]. I was left with several unanswered questions, [SPOILER HERE] such as:
1. What happened to the other girls who had been turned into puppets? Do they stay as puppets forever? If yes, ah, all right. If no, where are they now?
2. What happened to “us” and to Renee?
3. What other things has Mother Goose done to other lost souls like Blaise’s? Will there be other games from the same series? (I’m sort of hoping ‘yes’ here).
4. Renee’s past life, Cheryl, told us to save Blaise. Have we succeeded? Or have we failed?

I like how the extra chapter contained the epilogue of how Laurent and his girl (I don’t remember her name), ended. She had her own son, Prewitt and fends off Humpty Dumpty on her own, which is quite a feat (but I’m the one who played her, so I know).
I’m just saying: if they were able to make an epilogue for me to be happy with the girl we saved and Prewitt (whose father is not known to us), why can’t they make a better ending for each of their games? Are we supposed to believe that the characters just go back to their normal lives so easily? I don’t know, I’ve grown attached to the characters, so why can’t I know more? [END OF SPOILERS]

Otherwise, though, the puzzles were tough cookies to solve (some of them), and I QUITE solving them, even though it took some time. I love how they made each ‘clue’ to each puzzle rhyme. I can appreciate the effort and the tie-in with the Mother Goose theme. I also love how they’ve scattered all of the puzzles, making us go back to the beginning to unlock things we had had to leave unsolved. I believe it makes it more interactive (but that’s just me), and I didn’t mind traveling back to see.

The Hidden Object Boards here were given as illustrations of the items you need to find in the board. These items, once found, formed an important item for you to use later on in the story.

As you can expect from Big Fish Games, the landscapes were quite enchanting and the music soundtrack was fitting and transported you into the world you play in. I also enjoyed going through the wallpapers available, the extra bonus puzzles that you can solve, seeing the concept art, listening to the soundtrack and even the movie gallery that they’ve made available for us [because it’s a collector’s edition, probably].

Anyways, for those of you who like nice, twisted tales [and no, as Charmander has pointed it out to me, it has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland!], with a great deal of puzzles and a cute storyline behind it, why not try the Cursery: The Crooked Man and the Crooked Cat ?

[Also, if I haven’t mentioned it before, Charmander and I demand a sequel to the series! Or something like it!]

See you soon, guys!
♡(‘∀’ ჱ) Ponyout ♡(‘∀’ ჱ)