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Title: Quickening
By: Archiloquy
Facebook page,and Smackjeeves, Mangamagazine.net, even on Tapastic

January 8th, 2014

A very good friend of mine (okay well, I call her that because I stalk her and I annoy her a lot, I’m so sorry, D.) writes and draws this webcomic!

Only boasting about 84 fans on Facebook? NO! THIS AWESOMENESS NEEDS MORE! MOAR!!!!!!!!

Very close to the visual effects came the concept and the storyline. I’ve said it before and I’m probably going to say it again… WHO DOESN’T LIKE SUPERPOWERS or any type of powers in general? I’d like to have a staff-like Quickening, where I can stand somewhere (or crouch) and aim at my enemies and finish them like a sniper.

The characters are very unique in their own way and I’ve learned to love and stalk each and everyone of them, even the ones that don’t appear that often. To reach her audience, she made this Formspring account (now closed, I think), where she answered fans’ questions as the character! It was quite fun and… (I think I traumatized Tony a lot with my fangirling (so I have to tone it down a bit)).

Like I said, I call D. “my friend”, because she’s super awesome and I’m sure we have a lot of things in common [also because I stalk her almost everywhere and I’m surprised she isn’t creeped out by it].
She works VERY HARD on her webcomic. To give you proof, but you don’t even need any, because my word is so important (*cough*), here’s her Worldbuilding work. It’s pretty impressive, and she has extensive knowledge on how it works and everything!
Not only that, but I think that Archiloquy is quite reachable. She answers her fans‘ questions, and she’s quite respectful and very patient (I mean, I talk [a lot], and yet, she humours me (did I use that expression right?) and also she’s very cultured (I have to Google a lot of the words she uses)), etc.

The visual aspect of this is similar to mangas [in my most humble and non-professional opinion]! That was, at first, I can admit without any shame because, like I said, I am no connoisseur, what motivated me into clicking on it. It seems to me like every panel is very carefully thought out on and very carefully inked.
And the art! What art, D. uses! She’s just, freaking awesome!
Like I said, her style reminds me a lot of that of a manga (which is probably what inspired her?) – in fact, the first time that I found this webcomic on Smackjeeves, I truly thought that this was a manga (if I didn’t know that there are only webcomics on Smackjeeves *cough*).
I think she works so hard that she even does the majority of the lines by hand/ink, not using patterns, but literally making them herself! If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is! I remember once, she asked us what was better, hand-drawn lightning or computer generated/brushes/patterns lightning. I think she decided hand-drawn in the end, but… my goodness! She’s so awesome! *stops fangirling*

I even made a feature of this on my DeviantArt ID [along with other webcomics like Skyagraphia (from the same author) [can you try and spot them? :P], Todd Allison and Petunia Violet, Blip Comic (omg, I gotta write a post about that one), etc.]. But no one can recognize what I draw because, I’m not that high in drawing quality level yet…

Anyways, I recommend this series if you like magic, weapons, fights, action, romance (in a really small dose so far) and even the details in each pages too! I can’t express more how I like this series, and I’m doing a good job at not presenting it right (probably). Anyways, go and check it out guys, I’m sure you’ll find it extremely worth your time!