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Title: Princess Jellyfish (a.k.a. Kuragehime)
By: Higashimura, Akiko
Episode: 1
Started: April 10th, 2014

April 10th, 2014

Hello there, people of the Internet,
Wow, it’s been AWHILE since I’ve written a review over here… How have you all been? I hope that the month of April signs the end of the snow wherever you are. Here, my streets are being flooded with the melted snow, which is a blessing (because this is one of the first tell-tale signs of Spring) and a curse (our shoes become muddied and we need to be careful wherever we step).

Wild Chikorita appears

I have watched the beginning of this with Noctowl and her roommate, whom we shall call… hmm… Chikorita, and the first ascertainment that I found was: there are a LOT of references. We recognized in the beginning only: James Bond, Kill Bill, Mary Poppins, Darth Vader (from Star Wars), and so many more that I may have missed! Thus, I decided: ‘Wow, I want to see this.

Heidi reference

So, knowing that I would spot some comedy in it, thanks to the opening, I came expecting references.

And then, I spot this [look/click on that image and tell me what you see!].

That’s right, you’re not mistaken. This is a reference to Heidi[look it up, people who don’t know this, it’s a classic!!! I watched the cartoon series as a child]. In this episode, you will see Clara the Spotted Jellyfish [or Octopus Jellyfish] is getting up from her wheelchair the same way that Heidi’s best friend, coincidentally named Clara as well, does in the referenced series!
Oh, shall I describe to you how my heart went ‘doki doki‘ when I saw and recognized this most beloved reference?

I’m not sure if I should add this to my list of references, but, as a person with a tad of… well that ‘problem’, I thought I’d point out that they even reference the Hipster word into the episode (there were… two people who ‘qualified’ as hipsters according to the characters).

…I… really DID think that the “Mysterious Woman” is actually a MAN. Noctowl’s roommate DID tell me that there’d been a traverstite… and I also noticed how the voice was too ‘low’ (like mine)… and I tossed the theory of the fact and the observation as being unrelated… and then… that morning came…

It’s impossible for me to describe to you in words just how relate-able Tsukimi (the main character), and perhaps even the inhabitants of the place where she lives, feel to me.
Being Un-able to speak to men? Check.
Being called a nerd (in the manga, because I just started, it’s written: Fujoshi, which is a female Otaku)? Check.
Being afraid of going outside / to crowded places? Triple-Check.
Actually a dork? Check.

On a side note, though, I feel like I would fit right in with the Sisterhood. Although I’m not sure if the number 1 question that someone should NEVER ask me is: “Are you a virgin?“. They even call each other “Amars” which, according to the manga, means nuns, which I can also relate to… Have you ever had that feeling when watching something that is so similar to your life that you feel maybe someone’s been spying on you? That’s what I felt when I watch this introductory episode [of course, then you go back to earth because you realize that it actually means that you’re not alone on this earth, with social anxieties and problems, and it makes you another kind of happy (even though I wish that no one has to live through what we have to live through…)].

Visual effects-wise, the series does a good job so far (I’m only at episode 1 though, Beloved Readers, so leave me be), to implement nicely the “styles” of the series it’s referencing. I especially love the petrified expression and how the characters break free from the stone.

Due to having seen the first episode, I want to read the manga series, now, catch up with it before I watch the rest of the series (yes, I have weird standards/tastes, but my instinct just tells me that I should be reading the manga first, so I shall do just that). I’m very interested in what happens next.

See you soon, people of the WordPress! Hopefully, for a review of Empress Ki… [after my finals, guys, after my finals]

<(_ _)> Ponyout! <(_ _)>