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Title: Princess Jellyfish (a.k.a. Kuragehime)
Episode: 2
Watched with: No one
Watched: April 14th, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Hello my fellow manga/anime friends!
How are you all doing today? Today, on the first day my ‘review’ for Kuragehime’s episode 1, Chikorita messaged me to ask if I was going to do a review for the other episodes… so, since I’m watching the second episode as I was reading this, I decided: ‘Why the heck not?

You know, now that I’ve read the entire 69 chapters (up to date anyway), of the whole manga series of Kuragehime, I’m starting to recognize certain people in the Opening!! [I’m so very proud of myself it might be considered a sad, sad thing, but no matter!]. I highly look forward to seeing how closely they will be following the manga [knowing that, for certain anime, they don’t always follow the storyline 100%].

I don’t count the many times I remind you, Readers, that I am not experienced with watching anime… I’d like to say this, at the risk of always repeating myself: It’s very nice to see the characters you’ve learned to love through black, gray ink and white blanks being brought to life through animation and voice actors. The Voice Actors and mostly Voice Actresses do their jobs extremely well in this rendition of the manga, and I must say that I am a little bit envious (mostly because, when recorded, no matter how high I go with my voice, I will always sound like a man (I’ll tell you about how I relate very well to the beginning of Seiyuu Ka! later) – up to some extent, that is, because, apparently, according to Jirachi, I sound more girly when I’m sick… (I don’t know what to think of this information)). *cough* MOVING ON!

Episode 2

In the first part of this episode, I could totally relate to Tsukimi when she is all shocked that her hands have touched the mouth of a hipster… and a MALE one to boot! I would probably have reacted the same way, which is why it’s so great for the main character to be so easily relatable (to me anyway, I don’t know how many of you out there can say they would most probably do the same given the same circumstances). At any rate, the same applies to me also when having a guy [a total bishie (if you count the number of times he can make our main character blush and all of the sparkling stars surrounding him/her at 95% of the time) who can strut his stuff like a woman, too, nonetheless] in my bedroom, I would probably react the same… However… I wonder if I would have been able to keep the secret from my roommates and friends… This sounds difficult… and I, as a self-proclaimed blabbermouth, don’t think that I would have the capacity to, even at the expense of my own life.

I think I mentioned back in episode 1 my love for their “petrification“, which is the Sisterhood’s most powerful self-defense method (according to both the manga and the anime). Well, I love also the fact that the anime creators were thorough enough that, whenever the nuns (or Sisterhood) MOVE while petrified, they added a certain sound that sounds just like rocks would make if they’d move.

In this episode, we get introduced to the entire cast of the Amamizu-kan place. I will once again say that I’m very pleased with the way everyone turned out and the way the voices were carried out. It’s exactly as I imagined their voices would be (minus the fact that I read the manga in English and imagine the voices to be speaking in English). Even Ms. Mejiro gets mentioned more than once before Tsukimi decides to ask for her ‘advice’.

Regarding my aforementioned statement of how I wanted to see how often they would refer to the manga, I think they may have added the grocery shopping scene – I’m not sure because… well it’s been awhile since I read the first chapters. Using this, they introduce Banba (the girl who has an afro and who loves trains, for those of you who are not used to it yet) and her abilities to spot certain things (example: contents inside of a gift box, and, news to me: her ability (called Banba Scope) to spot which meat will be reduced in prices). SPOILERS: They broach slightly the main problem right away: the fact that, in their neighborhood, there are buildings being vacated. This little part of the episode aside, the rest of the episode – to me anyway – pretty much followed the manga. I look forward to spotting these small ‘inserts’ during each episode. I will try and point it during subsequent ‘reviews’.

Question timez: Can anyone explain to poor old me why, during half-time, Clara would say: “Commercial time” and the public would say: “Clara!” and then, when she comes back and announces: “Second Half”, people would say: “Tequila”? The “nuns” don’t drink alcohol much, so what the heck does “Tequila” mean?

Favourite Moments:

When Kuranosuke says he comes because he wants to see Tsukimi, and we see the whole city, then the earth, and the planets. It’s exactly as shown in the manga, and I absolutely LOVED it! It made my heart go ‘doki doki‘!

We have seen a rare sight of Tsukimi’s father (who is only mentioned briefly in the manga and nothing else).

I can’t make any predictions, as I have already read the manga up to date…
What did you think of this episode? Do you like it? Will you continue to watch with me?? I hope so! Please do come by next time for episode three!

All right, guys, so I’m gonna head out to a new episode!
See you soon!