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Title: Kuragehime (a.k.a. Princess Jellyfish)
Episode: 3
Watched: April 14th, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Hey there, people,
How are you all doing since the last Kuragehime episode (or this blog’s last post in general, actually)?
I trust that you’re all doing well and that we can all enjoy this freedom that is the end of the semester (for those of you who have finished their semesters by this time, that is) to its fullest!! And for those of us who have not finished the semester, let us WORK VERY HARD TO EARN THIS FREEDOM!

Me? I’m peachy (maybe it’s because I just finished to work on this final project for school. This means that I only have one more step towards my eternal freedom (until the summer semester officially starts, anyway).

People, people! I have realized that I may or may not have mentioned something in my previous posts: I like the Opening song. It’s so cute and simple (although I have failed in my music taste to mention it AND to properly read the translated lyrics).

Episode 3

In this episode, we are introduced to Kuranosuke [who becomes the temporary narrator – just like in the manga, might I add] and his brother, Shuu [whom I very much love, by the way, and not only because he wears suits 95% of the time], along with their family. I love this introduction because I very much like the two uncles (Kuranosuke’s father and his brother-in-law [Note: They’re not even blood related and yet, they act like they’ve known each other their whole lives]) in the manga [I can’t say more, I just find these characters so very cute in their own, weird ways and I like how they interact together. This must be because, somewhere in my heart, I wish that, even as an old woman, I will be able to maintain my childish heart (very hard to let go of old habits)]. SPOILERS: We are even told that Kuranosuke and Shuu do not have the same mother in this episode.
I also mightily enjoy Kuranosuke’s relationship with his brother, Shuu. I like how, even though he’s 30 years old, Shuu can be so cute when he has a crush. Which brings me to my next question, I guess. Do men act like this when they have a crush, or does Shuu act like this because it’s a woman who has written him? I don’t think there should be any discrimination, if girls act like that, why don’t boys (probably because… they don’t think the same way we do?) What do you think? I think my explanation is plausible… but I don’t have much experience in a guy’s mind… so I could be mistaken.

Another most beloved character jumps forth to be presented to us: the Koibuchi Family’s chauffeur (and pretty much ‘homme àtout faire’), despite not discovering his name yet. I very much like the choice in his voice, so I’m all right.

I wonder if, by having Kuranosuke complain about how the girls he usually hung out with (before his coming to Amamizu-kan) only talk about: “music, fashion and sex” make the manga readers as well as the anime watchers realize there is nothing wrong with being obsessed with other subjects… I don’t know if it’s me being easily influenced, or if it’s me being vain, but suddenly to me, it didn’t seem as bad, that I don’t talk about those topics girls supposedly only talk about.

References: Chinese Hopping Vampires; SPOILERS: they also touch up on the main problem; the redevelopment once more.

Manga vs. Anime

Oh, It seems to me like they have added jobs to certain characters [Jiji and Chieko, although I sort of already knew about Chieko potentially having that job]. I think that, before, they used to only be manga assistants to Miss Mejiro?

Extra thoughts: This is just me, but for the whole Kuragehime series in general, I feel like it may be detrimental that Kuranosuke’s step-mother – and thus, Shuu’s mother – is so erased [although she said… ONE LINE in the whole episode, I feel like it’s not enough]. I’d like to see her make a stand for herself more. The same can be applied to Tsukimi’s father (and the other ‘nuns” parents), although they are adults.

Extra-Extra thoughts: The scene where Kuranosuke gives a complete make-over to Tsukimi, reminiscent of a Cinderella parody, strangely reminded me of this manga I was obsessed with when I was in high school, called Beauty Pop. Do you guys know of this? I absolutely loved it as a teen. I wonder if I can go back and reread it…!

Well guys, that’s all the thoughts I had on this episodes.
Is there anything that you disagree on or that you agree on, or just that you would like to add?
See you next time for another episode review!

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