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Title: Fairy Tail
Episode: 3
Season: 2
Watched: April 23rd, 2014

April 23rd, 2014 

You have my sincerest salutations, people of the Internet,
How are you all doing? As for me, as you read this, I will most likely be cramming my arse off, studying a lot just to cram a lot of course material so that I can finish my FINAL FINAL with a good grade!

I’m not sure for this series that is Fairy Tail if I’m going to do a Weekly post – mainly because, well, the first season of Fairy Tail basically lasted 175 episodes. How am I going to be up to par with that?!! So please don’t expect much from me regarding this series. Even though I will be following it religiously, asking me to review/talk about each and every episode might be a bit much… (even though it would make my blog more… active in terms of posting…) Ah, Motivation/Muse, where art thou?

I watched the opening a little bit more careful this time around, and I must say that I’m glad to see certain scenes appear (it means that we’re gonna see them at some point or another, yes? Then it makes me extremely happy).

The art style has changed somewhat, as I have mentioned before, and I even had difficulties recognizing Lucy Heartfilia, guys, this sh*t is real. I’m also not sure about how I like Wendy‘s new hair color… I liked its deep navy blue-ness.

Oh, I am so happy. I LOVED the Grand Magic Game‘s final day’s survival game. It was pretty well-thought (in my opinion, anyway). I had goosebumps as I watched Fairy Tail move, blatantly challenging the opponent guilds to come and catch them if they dare. Even while I was reading the manga chapter, I really loved the finale of this arc, because FINALLY, we saw just how incredible Master Mavis Vermilion is as a strategist, being so strong that she can run multiple simulations in her mind and given her team members the right strategy to win. I’ve always admired Tacticians – just like how I very much admire Shiroe-kun from Log Horizon.

Despite knowing what’s going to happen next (because, you know, I have read it all), I must say that I can scarcely wait for another week to get the next episode, people! [Although this might also be because I don’t remember exactly at 100% what happens in the manga, since we’ve moved on from the Grand Magic Games arc awhile ago now…]

But I do have to go back to studying, or else, Charmander is totally gonna get me for slacking off. My final is coming up soon so I’ll be more free to write…! Hopefully…

See you next week, guys!

 – Ponyout! –