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Title: Pokemon Adventure (also known as Pokemon Special)
Read: a long, long time ago, back in 2004
Finished: It’s still on-going

March 8th, 2014

Salutation from the author of this blog, people of the Internet,
How are you all doing?
I’m doing well, thank you for caring enough to ask!

For this month’s 24th, I thought I’d go back into my Manga list, and dig up one that I absolutely, hands down LOVED, which is one of my favourite ever (despite being a Digimon fan more than a Pokemon fan, but this I’ve already talked about).

Pokemon Adventures (I will be calling it this for coherence) is a refined jewel in the world of mangas [or at least, I consider it to be].

It takes the concept of Pokemon that we see in the anime, and adds onto it almost everything from the games (from which it is based on), and mixes this with the foundation of good story-telling. As a matter of fact, if they made an anime version of this (which they sort of did, with Pokemon: the Origin, SORT OF), I think it would be so much more popular than the actual anime – but I’m just saying, I mean, this manga actually made me enjoy Pokemon MUCH MORE than Ash‘s adventures towards the Elixir of Immortality – Oh I mean his quest to capture them all.

Each main character (from each game generation) has, in my experience, a good set of strengths and flaws. Not only that, but they are different from one another, despite the number of main characters the authors must develop, which is, in my opinion as an author, quite a feat. They each have their own ‘origin stories‘ (or background stories) and each learn to grow from these weaknesses and actually mature (and AGE).

Because by now, you should know that I dislike Ash with a fiery passion for his incapacity to be older than 10. These characters grow older and their progression shows well throughout the series.

Even the secondary characters or the other characters who are less… present, shall we say? have dug their own way into my heart as I read the series. One notable person would be the Champion, Steven Stone (you can find his characteristics in the manga if you scroll down).

Also, as you may or may not know… I have shipping-obsessions, and this series is no exception (due to the number of characters, perhaps)… So far, from where I am at (and I have put this into hiatus due to the fact that the translation had been slowing down (although it recently picked up)).

As of March 2014, here are my pairings:

The concepts of the whole Pokemon is explained well and logically, in my opinion (the fact that we cannot have more than 6 Pokemon in our parties is a simple example of this).

!!! While I can understand that the manga follows the games, and, as long as the games continue to be released, so will the manga, I am a bit ashamed to say that I wish it would end (and make all my ships come true).

I feel bad for the authors for having to come up with a different concept for every generation, and also, recently, especially with Whi-Two and Lack-Two (or something like that), and even with Platinum, Pearl and Diamond, it was difficult for them to link the previous characters and to make them appear.

I seriously miss the old cast, maybe this offers a deeper reason as to why I haven’t picked it up in so long – yet.

I remember Cyndaquil and I discussing about it, and thinking that, if they’d ended the series at the Emerald arc, we wouldn’t have minded. I guess that it’s important that they don’t link every character together from now on, seeing as it’s difficult, but… I just miss Green and Blue… a lot! And the others too, I wish Winona and Wallace could get married and for Sapphire and Ruby to admit to each other that they’re going out (AT LAST).

*cough* Well, at the same time, I’d be very upset if this series finished abruptly. Keep making such good material, authors of Pokemon Special!!!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes this manga!! I think that my friend Rapidash read parts of it and she loved it! Leafeon also read it and went on hiatus before I did. I think that Cyndaquil still reads it!
Glaceon and I have this project which I have dubbed Project 123456789, which is based a little bit on the world that Pokemon Adventure built. This is how much this manga has impacted me!

Anyways, I highly recommend this series for those of you who adore Pokemon, and for those of you who may not LIKE Pokemon due to the anime. Find some solace into the games and this manga.

T’is all for today, I shall leave you now! See you next 24th, for another ‘totally’ random post!

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Post-Scriptum for a Funny story:

I discovered this when I was in my third year of high school (around 2005-2006 maybe?), when I bought some mangas from my home country. I had no idea what story it told, because they were the 16th and 17th volume. HOWEVER, I know that I enjoyed leafing through its pages.

Then, a bit later down the high school road, around my fifth year or so, Pikachu or Growlithe gave me a short ‘magazine-like’ booklet of one of the first chapters of Pokemon Adventure. It made me so giddy [I think I had to fight Rapidash for it, too].

I never linked the two editions due to the difference in characters (the volumes had Crystal, Silver and Gold as main characters, whereas the magazine had Red, Green and Blue as main characters), until I stumbled quite perchance upon the series online. I remember that I devoured the series in a couple of days. (Ah… the good days, when I could actually do that *feeling nostalgic*).