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Title: Princess Jellyfish (a.k.a. Kuragehime)
Episode: 4
Watched: April 14th, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Greetings, everyone!
How do you all fare today?
Me? Thank you for asking (or still reading as I answer myself)! I’ve been working well, like I said, I finished working on a final project and I’m taking it easy a bit before starting to study for my final final of the Winter Semester 2014 [how dramatic].

As I write this, I also update dutifully my account on MyAnimeList, and I slowly realize that… well… I have only 8 episodes (counting this one) to go before this anime is over… I’m… going to be very sad and my life will suddenly mean nothing… until I find another series that can replace this (from the pool of recent anime that I’ve acquired from Fall anime season 2013 or the Winter anime season 2014, perhaps…). Episodes fly by too fast… it seems like it was just a few minutes ago I scheduled the post for episode 3 (well it’s actually BEEN an hour or so).

This review/opinion post is riddled with SPOILERS. Read at your risks and perils (this definitely sounds better and maybe more threatening in French):

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED [about the spoilers]!

From the very beginning of this episode, we are once again reminded of Kuranosuke’s Mother‘s whereabouts (or rather his lack of knowledge concerning this). According to Shuu‘s reaction, it seems like his little brother, Kuranosuke, searches the house regularly. Not only this, but we are even more introduced to character’s past [although I wonder if it’s very realistic that so many girls would fight for this one boy… but I’ve never been one to fight like that, so I don’t know – also I don’t live in Japan, so I don’t know how real this is in rapport with the culture].

This may be the first time that I talk about the soundtrack they use for this episode, but I love how ‘mysterious’ and ‘funny’ the melody turned as Kuranosuke was figuring out that his brother is… well… a ‘virgin’…

Episode 4

We are also finally and OFFICIALLY made known of the main problem – as I’ve called it in the previous posts – where the modern industries are threatening to buy Amamizu-kan and other proprieties in the neighbourhood in order to redevelop and construct a high class hotel. Even though Kuranosuke didn’t know about this, the Sisterhood obviously already knew about it [as they say, it’s because they read the newsletters].

I love how we were introduced to Chieko‘s kimono obsession in this episode [speaking of the Amamizu-kan inhabitants’ obsessions, I wonder if these obsessions will be explained – like an origin story]. It was briefly mentioned before, but it was presented head on in this episode – which makes me happy. Another element of this episode that made me happy was Shuu’s reactions to seeing Tsukimi. I wonder if I’ll ever get over how cute that is. I’m also glad that Hanamori – the Koibuchi’s driver – was mentioned and seen in this episode.

In addition, I cannot emphasize more how much I love Kuranosuke’s Uncle, the Prime Minister.


Rare appearance of Tsukimi’s father in her flashback! If I count well (and I don’t), I think this is the SECOND time he APPEARS in an episode! Speaking of flashbacks, I wonder if the problem with her mom [I know she died, but what happened? Was she ill? Okay, maybe, but what made her ill?] and Tsukimi’s relationship with her father will be expanded upon later on.

Not-so-rare appearance of Clara who is often used – even in the manga – to explain to us mere readers the world of the Sisterhood. In this episode, she explained that “Despite the fact that no one mentioned anything like that, [Tsukimi] decides she’s gross” is the “kind of extravagant misinterpretation only a nerd girl could come up with!” and, as I read this, I wondered… ‘Don’t I do the same?!‘ with a shocked expression (until I realized I’ve always known I was like this).


Readers, I can’t… I forgot to tell you that I really like Kuranosuke (I think I didn’t tell you), I love how slow he is at realizing that he loves Tsukimi [he went from ‘shipping’ Shuu with Tsukimi to suddenly feeling ‘jealous’!!]. BECAUSE I SHIP THEM! I know that, on certain forums, people say that Kuranosuke and Tsukimi have a ‘platonic’ relationship, but I’m hoping that Tsukimi will realize that she likes him (I mean she’s been slowly hinting at it). I love how he’s so protective of her (when he thinks that his brother did something wrong to her to make her cry) and her make-up.

On the other hand, readers, I have been thinking that Shuu and Tsukimi can be a very nice couple as well. I mean they’re so cute and awkward. He would let her cry in front of him and he would hug her? That’s just so cute! And she didn’t even realize that he had hugged her!! And she can’t even talk to him when she can see him with her glasses! They both nosebleed during this episode, too…! (I guess this is me projecting the fact that I’m so awkward as well). Although I would normally NOT approve of such an age-gap between them… I mean, Shuu is 30 and Tsukimi is 18 years old.

This makes my heart go all ‘doki doki’ because whenever either guy is with Tsukimi, I expect something cute/fun to happen. I don’t know which ship I would go with the most, but I hope that if Tsukimi ends up having to choose – in the anime or in the manga – I hope it will be one of these two, because I don’t want some crappy ending about her ending up with some other random character we don’t know about.

Even after reading the manga, I cannot express to you how much un-decided I am about these ships. Usually, I’m pretty straight-forward… and yet, I don’t know why, I just can’t bring myself to choose between one of these…

What about you guys, what were your thoughts on this episode? Did you like it?
What do you think of the redevelopment project that threatens the building?

See you later, dear readers!
(✿^-^)Ponyout – (^-^✿)