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Title: Princess Jellyfish (a.k.a. Kuragehime)
Episode: 5
Watched: April 14th, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Hello there!
How are you all doing?! Have you run into problems on our way towards freedom?! STOMP ON THAT HILL OF A PROBLEM UNTIL IT IS NOTHING BUT A CLEAR PATH! YOU CAN DO THIS [Slowly but surely, I’m starting to lose my sanity, it seems. The summer can’t come fast enough in my opinion (watch me, come Summer, I’ll be complaining about the sun and the heat very soon)]!

Here’s a link to the previous episode review, in case you’ve missed it!! The same warning that was told at the beginning of the review applies here as well: THERE ARE SPOILERS ALL OVER THE POST, READ ONLY IF YOU WISH TO READ!

Episode 5

Have I ever told any of you that I love listening to the Opening and even watching it with hopes of seeing more and more references? [I think I may have] Speaking of References, I wonder if – in the Opening sequence – when we see Tsukimi with an umbrella on the street, it’s a “I love New York” song that we sang when I went in a field trip there back in high school [I feel like I talk to you a lot about my high school life, I’m so sorry]… It was also featured in the movie called Madagascar, right? Do any of you know what I mean, or am I just being plain delusional, as… as usual?
I also noticed that, when Kuranosuke appears as the pilot of a ship, during the Star Wars reference, his helmet is adorned with cute jellyfishes, while Tsukimi is ‘cosplayed’ as R2D2, GAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wait, does that mean that Kuranosuke would be… Han Solo, perchance? I think that… Jiji was Princess Leia, and Kuranosuke’s father was Darth Vader… I wonder how the mangaka decided which of her characters would be whom… You’ll have to excuse me, for, while I have seen the movies, I have such a bad memory that I am unable to remember these things. However, Mewtwo would be able to tell you anything you wanted about Star Wars, because that’s how awesomely amazing and badass she really is!

Readers, Uncle, the Prime Minister [which is my nickname for him], was once again mentioned in this episode, and once again, they talk about his approval ratings, so I’d like to mention this here, seeing as I have failed to do so in the past few episode recap posts. Uncle Prime Minister is not very popular amongst the mass and, when election time comes, there’s a chance that only 9% of the population will vote for him. If it were me – and it’s not – I would vote for him (mainly because he’s so funny).

Manga vs. Anime time!

I think that right in the beginning, the rain infiltrating their headquarters was an anime only occurrence. I can’t remember that this happens in the manga… but then again, like I’ve said before, I could be mistaking. However, I do remember the Sisterhood thinking that Tsukimi was possessed.

Also, I don’t remember if Kuranosuke out right imagined in the manga that his brother would research the internet and find that if a girl closes her eyes while they’re about to kiss, then it means she’s giving her partner the ‘okay’, but I found it HILARIOUS. I do remember the instance when Kuranosuke wondered what topics exactly his big brother was researching on the Internet, though.

Also, was the problem of Chieko’s mother wishing to sell Amamizu-kan introduced so early on? I can’t reckon either…

In particular, however, the scene where Kuranosuke gives everyone a make-over, I’d like to point out a reference that I have most recognized from my childhood tales’ books. In the anime – and this does NOT appear in the manga – as Kuranosuke changes them into ‘pretty ladies’, we see a crane making clothes. This is the Japanese tale of the Crane Wife [look it up, people]. How many of you have picked up the reference, haha?

I thought, at first, and I know some of you may have thought as well, that perhaps the romance between Shuu and Tsukimi is going too fast. I mean, this is the fifth episode only, and here they are featured as sighing when they’re away from each other and blushing when thinking about the other. However, I think that this may be understandable. Both of them are virgins who have close to no experience with love (I say ‘close to’ because, technically, Tsukimi’s obsession with Jellyfish can be considered as ‘love’, even though it’s not a romantic kind of love, right?). In that retrospect and, until we see more about their past (in the anime or in the manga), I think that if I say: “They are each other’s first love“, would not be false.

While on the topic of their relationship, I’d like to point out that Shuu is very superficial, so this ship has lost considerable points coming from me – although I’m pretty sure that these points will somehow come back in later episodes as he gains more and more points. I can’t believe he can’t recognize the main character with and without make-up on. Does this mean that, if I wore make-up, I would be UNRECOGNIZABLE?! (No, I’m joking, I know that this is just the effect of the anime world). In this sense, I agree with Clara, who says that Shuu is just one of those Homo sapiens. I’m gonna go ahead and compare this to Kuranosuke‘s relationship with Tsukimi. He likes her both with and without make-up, he can even recognize her, I’m pretty sure!

He even fights for her and tries to give all of the Sisterhood make-overs that will give them a fighting chance against the redevelopment plot! He even tried to kick her door open in order to see her (although, to my dismay, it didn’t work). He’s not very strong… OR his strength is realistic. I think he also cares a lot about the sisterhood and their place – mainly because he gets to eat there and enjoy their company (because they’re interesting?). In doing this, he even cheers her up! If this is not great friendship (which will eventually lead up to LOVE), my poor, poor heart won’t be able to take it.

I wonder if, as she realized that he acted completely different towards her as a girl without make-up on, Tsukimi will realize that perhaps this superficial dude – Shuu – is not meant to be with her…

Let me once again praise this anime for its audio effects. I love the detail where we can actually hear Kuranosuke rush in as if he were a roadrunner (you know the one) and tackle Mayaya into a room to give her a make-over. The sounds used as Kuranosuke GIVES the Amars the make-over were used to PERFECTION! Speaking of the same scene, the visual effects used to present Mayaya and Banba as they come out like models were BRILLIANT!

Wild Character appears: We are even introduced for the first time to the ‘Land Shark Lady‘ (as the Sisterhood nicknames her). Her real name is ____ (huh, I can’t even remember (and I don’t think it was mentioned) even after 69 chapters of the manga, I can’t be asked to remember her name… so I won’t blame you if you don’t remember…)). Hmm… I don’t really like this character – mainly because she does NOT sound like a very nice person (whether you look at it from an Amar’s point of view, or Shuu’s – or even a third party’s, like mine). Despite not liking this character’s lifestyle, I must say that her Voice Actor is pretty good! She goes from all range of voices! I also do not condone the fact that she smokes so much…

Relating business: I don’t remember if, during episode 4’s post, I have mentioned anything that I could relate to – as a fellow Fujoshi. In this episode, the Top #1 thing the Amars cannot deal with is: “People Staring at Them”. I can completely understand this – and I think people who know me and who have seen me do oral presentations know – the fact that I cannot get rid of the stress when people look at me as I am talking in front of the class or because I have done something embarrassing (like talking too loud, or something like that).

Question timez: Readers, I can’t remember if I’ve seen a lot of anime like this, but here’s my question: Kuranosuke and Shuu both live as family members in the same house, and yet, they both lock their doors with keys when they leave their rooms. Is that normal? I don’t lock my bedroom door when I leave the house… and neither do my siblings… Is my family the one that’s different, or is it only in Japan where people do this? Or…?

All right, with this, I shall take my leave! Have a great end of the day/ start of the day (depending on when you’re reading this)!!

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