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Title: Dark Sisterhood: The Initiation
Started: October 7th, 2013
Finished: October 8th, 2013
Ratings: 6/10
By: Big Fish Games

October 9th, 2013

So, I started playing this game because its title was so appealing. I am still within this phase [the same as when I was a teenager (so does that mean that I’ve regressed, or that I’ve never quite matured to begin with? Anyways…)] where I love witchcraft and everything. And so, I’ve decided to give this game a go, and… wow.

I never thought I’d give a rating below 8/10 before…!

There was something special about the storyline in itself. The fact that there’s a coven of witches who uncover the secrets of the Earth and are corrupted by its magic… is something that highly appeals to me, so take notice right away that I’m biased.
However, I am still considering some flaws about the story that can be irking. Mostly, the ending could have been more elaborated upon. The origin and concept had a nice Druid-like touch to it, but if the ending is like that, then I cannot give this a 7/10. For example:

  • What happened to our accomplice? Daisy?
    • If I’m not mistaken, she was taken for a witch, was captured, she wrote a letter and suddenly, she could perform magic, how is that possible?
    • And whatever happened to her at the end?
    • Was she affiliated with the Dark witches? Or was she affiliated with the White witch?
  • What happens to the whole village now that the threat of the witches is gone?
  • How could Fantina have survived all this time?
  • How did the White witch know that I’d be there to find the Book of Spells for her?
  • What did the Dark Witches want to do with the little girl anyway? Was she an important part of their sacrifice? How could they let the villagers get a hold of the girl if they didn’t let ME get ahold of her at all?
  • How could the girl just trust me like that? She’d seen me (my character) what? Once?
    • And yet, she leaves her grandmother behind and comes lives in the Main Land?

I don’t know… it’s a series of questions and questions, I wish they’d elaborate more…

Gameplay-wise‘, wow. I found it pretty difficult to navigate through. The areas where I clicked were less… defined? So that I couldn’t find other areas to click because Area “A” is too broad. Then, area “B” is revealed through the ‘hint’ and you end up feeling like a fool because it was right under my nose.
The hints were less useful than in games like the Dark Parables, who at least showed us where to go if we were on the wrong map (yeppers, sometimes, I do use hints because I’m desperate to know what to do next and somehow, I can’t piece the clues I was given together to learn the next location).
There was a glitch, or an anomaly in the game, I think, when Daisy disappeared [magically, might I add] after planting the dynamite at the Jail house.

The puzzles were very entertaining! There were puzzles that reminded me highly of Zuma Blitz, another one reminded me of the Cursed of Briar Rose at some point, and another one reminded me of Rush Hour! It was great fun to solve the puzzles. I was only very unhappy when it finished, hahaha. I kind of wished they’d do more extras, like in Briar Rose. They made 20 extra puzzles (which I still haven’t finished yet).
However, there were no reset buttons (I never skip puzzles, but I also noticed there were no skip buttons either).

The Hidden Board games were extremely interesting. While you can’t interact with the board as you can in, say, the case of the Blood Ruby, the hidden boards separate into two categories.
The ones with words and the ones with pictures.
For the ones with the words, the advantage stays the same: it’s for the vocabulary, you get to know what the objects are and you also know that one of those will be the object that you’ll be obtaining.
For the ones with the pictures, the advantage is that you know exactly what you should be looking for (although I’ll admit that some of those, despite knowing their pictures, were difficult to look for). You also knew that with those parts, you’d be building an object or, or rather, a tool, that would prove useful in your investigation later on. However, there are no check marks to tell me whether or not I found every one of them! Sometimes, it’s difficult to keep track.

The art style was fabulous for the landscape. The background was so majestic and everything. The people though, I think, took a bit more time to adjust to, but eventually, you get it. The music added to the atmosphere. Part of the reason why it took me less time to finish this is because I was scared and wanted to finish before going to bed, hahahaha [which should prove to you that the atmosphere was pretty decently done (though compared to Mystery Grove, I wasn’t as scared…!].

But yeah, it was pretty fun to play! I think this was PROBABLY one of the first games that Big Fish had done? Perhaps? But yeah, it’s pretty fun also!

If you ever play that game, tell me what you thought! Did I forget some things about it? Did I not forget some things? xD I dunno, anyways, see you all!