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Title: Kuragehime (also known as Princess Jellyfish)
Episode: 7
Watched: April 15th, 2014

April 15th, 2014

People, it’s past midnight,
How are you all doing? Better than I, I suppose? I drank a Genmaicha tea [look it up] this morning – and I finished it in the afternoon (because that’s how slow I drink). Maybe I have much more energy than I thought I would have at this time, despite what I said in the last episode… (I can’t handle caffeine and probably wouldn’t be able to handle alcohol… my goodness, what am I revealing to strangers here…).

This episode has SPOILERS, readers, be careful!

Episode 7

We’ve had flashbacks for Tsukimi (mostly about her relationship with her mother and how she became obsessed with Jellyfish as well as how she and we’ve had flashbacks for Shuu and now, we’ve been graced to see flashbacks for Kuranosuke! I wonder if we’ll see more flashbacks from other characters than these three…

Kuranosuke, I love you for standing up for Amamizu-kan and against Career Woman whose name I still can’t remember… I also love how, by doing this, he’s completely become one of the Amars (in their minds probably), plus, he totally knows all of their names. I also like that, since the Aquarium episode, he’s been coming over so often that he can actually say something like: “It’s not every day that…” and be accurate about it.

I totally ship Tsukimi with Kuranosuke, and I was very happy when she was comfortable enough to cry in front of him [or rather she just couldn’t hold it in until she came back to her room] – it’s even now between Kuranosuke-kun and Shuu-san [and I don’t say this in the way I say it’s even between Toghon and Wang Yu from Empress Ki because I simply have a preference for the latter in that series, but in this one, I’m truly glad (or left even more un-decided), because I do like both ships…].

I wonder if, when Kuranosuke reminds her that he’s a man, it’s to remind her that she should consider him as a man rather than just a friend. I’ve read the manga and I still can’t decide… seeing as, even at this point, he’s unsure about where he stands when it’s about her… However, as far as I’m concerned, he’s able to cheer her up, so it’s awesome.

The proximity between Kuranosuke and Tsukimi (when he was just about to kiss her, BECAUSE HE LIKES HER!) made my heart go ‘doki doki’. For a split second, I wanted it to happen, but then, I think that it would be too fast in their relationship. And indeed, Kuranosuke is not ready for this yet… not mentally ready anyway, since he called it a weird impulse.

This playboy is basically so popular so he doesn’t worry much about money… However, it seems to me, in this episode, that he’s slowly becoming more aware that these people’s realities are different than his. Character development? It’s leaning towards that, especially if the anime follows the manga so much!

Oh, Career Woman, you can’t help but be jealous at a younger and more beautiful person – Kuranosuke… I like how Shuu can’t even say ‘sex’, but says ‘sexual relations’, and I can sort of understand him, since I can’t even say it in real life either… and I felt super bad just typing it here, I’m so sorry.

I’m going to talk a bit about Banba now. Among the Amars, there isn’t a lot of people who can stop Kuranosuke when he’s in his energetic mood. However, Banba – as far as I am right now in the anime – was able to do this twice – first when she told Kuranosuke that the noodles mixed with the meat would stiffen up and be un-edible. Second as Kuranosuke is trying to force Chieko to sell her precious dolls. While Chieko was able to ‘stand up’ to Kuranosuke in the aforementioned episode, in this one, she was too much of a ‘direct victim’ of his enthusiasm to retort. Even in her best self, Tsukimi wasn’t able to summon the strength to chase Kuranosuke out. Banba did, and that’s why… Banba deserves a lot of recognition, despite having ‘no visible eyes’ and a train obsession.

So I’m going to end up finishing on the note of how awesome Banba is.
See you all another time!