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Title: Kuragehime – a.k.a. Jellyfish Princess
Episode: 8
Watched: April 15th, 2014 (near midnight)

April 15th, 2014

Normally, I would binge-watch this all the way, but somehow today, I keep being distracted (I blame you, Mewtwo, Charmander, Jolteon, Leafeon!! Why do I have to make sure everyone’s on task when I can’t even do this for myself?! *cries* it’s because I can’t set my priorities and stick to them…), but also, I get slowed down because I have to process reaction and thoughts into words and type them down as I watch or pause…

Ugh, let us start this episode without a hitch, unlike episode 7, which was interrupted from all sides…!

Episode 8

See? I told you that Kuranosuke thinks Tsukimi‘s cute, even when she doesn’t have make-up on, I think he finds her behaviour cute? I like how he respects her a lot and, while she’s concentrated, he refrains from snapping her out of it – but then again, she was thinking about jellyfishes, so it might have been a lost cause anyway, whether he tried to or not.

On a side note, and this totally did NOT happen in the manga, I can’t believe Kuranosuke would just take his wig and throw it in the air like one would throw a graduation hat…!

I love how we get to hear his heartbeat as it continues to race and does not slow down, even after he knows that Tsukimi is out of danger. I also can’t understand why the Amars would actually learn (or, rather, think) that Kuranosuke has fake boobs…! I hope they never find out that he’s in fact a man… but I think that anyone would think that, given the circumstances.

Oh, I also ADORED the difference between what Kuranosuke saw (a beautiful creature in something that looks like a wedding dress (or a dress, or a wedding dress…), and what Tsukimi thinks that he saw (a creature who is ugly and who wears patchwork bedsheets). I wonder if in real life, that is the same also… Do we see different things?

I wonder if, somewhere, Tsukimi envies Kuranosuke’s physical appearance, seeing as she thinks that she would need to look like him in order to wear a pretty wedding dress that looks like a jellyfish.

Hanamori and Kuranosuke’s Father have this banter about Shuu having a girlfriend [but while Hanamori does not hesitate to say certain things in public, Shuu’s father does, hahaha], and I absolutely love it. We also discover through this anime episode that Hanamori-san is also Shuu’s childhood friend, and that he has certain ethics, as he would not sell his friend out… until a Benz is mentioned. Shuu also acknowledges this in the previous episode(s?), when Hanamori apologizes for spilling the secret about Shuu’s trauma – the Gynophobia or Caligynephobia. In this… conversation, the Father asks Hanamori to investigate Shuu’s supposed girlfriend, and Hanamori introduces us to his friend who seems to be a Private Investigator and who, knowing this from the manga, we will see again, Sugi – or Sugimoto. The two friends even appear in the opening, as James Bond friends (before they’re knocked out by Mayaya).

Speaking of their relationships, I love how Hanamori can draw Benz, which he is completely obsessed about, as I’ve mentioned before, but he can’t draw ladies, which he is, I guess, less obsessed about, despite having had many girlfriends in the past. I like how Sugi would give his friend the extra donut (and I don’t think it was shown in the manga, so exploring this friendship? I like it!). I also love how VERY OBVIOUS Sugi is at his job, taking pictures of the Career Woman. Hanamori even dialed the wrong number and called Shuu instead of Sugi, and Shuu’s reaction was delectably priceless.

Come to think of it… does that piggy bank EVER come back in the story? Do they ever get to use this money? Do they ever use this piggy bank? I know that we’ve seen it in the first episode or second episode… and I thought: HAHAHA I RECOGNIZE THIS [it was clearly a wink to the readers – who already knew what this was]!

I’m very glad that this episode ended the way it did – with Kuranosuke’s ‘proposal’ that they design a dress to make their plans of buying Amamizu-kan out of the danger of being demolished. If the redevelopment problem is the ‘starter’ of the problem in the story, then their idea of making a dress is the ‘solution’ to the problem (so far in the story anyway).

Ahh… we’re already done with episode 8 and there are… 3 more episodes… I don’t know… I don’t want this to finish…!!