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Title: Battle Dog
By: Andrew Duff [@PrintsAndrew] and Matt Cummings [@EiffelArt]
Links: You can read the series here

January 4th, 2014

This extremely fun webcomic is sort of like a parody of the Magical Girl genre. I found it because I had previously found Pusheen cat series and googled ‘dog comics’, because it was unfair for cats to be in comics if dogs aren’t [I guess the same should be said about horses (but there’s a GAME WITH A FREAKING RAINBOW UNICORN-WHAT-MORE-CAN-I-ASK) and other creatures].

The art style combines the simplicity of the Adventure Time series (which I don’t watch, but I love the fanarts that I see floating here and there on the internet), and the cuteness of anime/manga chibi-style. The way in which the comic is presented fits perfectly with Tumblr posts, which is difficult to do (in my opinion anyway)!
I love the colouring and the visual effects in general.

The storyline is filled with Magical Girl jokes (hence the parody, I guess)? And I am always laughing at the quirkiness of its characters as well as the twists that it brings to the readers.
It was very easy to read and not as complex as… say… Fruits Basket.

The characters are just hilarious, especially Wyra, main character, who attempts to be a different Magical Girl Princess than her predecessors. I also love the little Battle Dog, who is so absolutely cute!

Phew! I finished Todd Allison before writing this, I feel like maybe I have less to say, but I do really enjoy reading this comic series!

❁ ★ ❁ Ponyta’s logging out! ★ ❁ ★