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Title: Kuragehime (a.k.a. Princess Jellyfish)
Episode: 9
Watched: April 15th, 2014

April 15th, 2014

Hello there!
How are you all doing?

The Genmaicha tea’s effects started to wear off on me yesterday (or rather this morning), as I was about to watch and review this episode… and I started to lose all of my energy while I was still writing the last episode’s post… I wondered if I’d last until I could see the Lunar Eclipse… That’s right, this year, in Canada, last night (or morning?), at 2AM, we were supposed to be able to see the Lunar Eclipse! (Well, perhaps not when you receive this post, but on the day… or rather… on the night that I was planning to write this… I stayed up until 2AM and I didn’t see any because of the clouds… Charmander and I were very disappointed it didn’t happen.

As per usual, there are spoilers in this episode review (or opinion) post. Read this after you’ve either read the manga or you’ve watched episode 9.

Episode 9

It seems to me like when each Amar (plus Kuranosuke) appear in the Opening Credits. They walk a bit forward (with a rather reluctant Tsukimi), and then, they do a certain pose, where each of their names appear in the right order, in the same font (it seems to me anyway), as a Cover girl or any fashion magazine. It’s really funny because they also give the ‘title’ of the magazine as follows: “Amars and the Kura” [the Amars referring, of course to the ‘nuns’ or the Sisterhood, and the Kura would be Kuranosuke, hahaha]. Am I the only one who noticed this?
Also, in the title sequence, with references to Star Wars, has any of you noticed that the storm trooper next to Father [Darth Vader] has a jellyfish hat? I also love how the spaceships [still in the Star Wars sequence] fly towards a giant jellyfish!! I wonder if this can be turned into a game; spot the Jellyfish in the whole Opening Sequence without pausing. Seeing as it took me this long just to notice it, I’d be a rather poor player, haha.

I wonder if Hanamori knows that Shuu is being blackmailed by Career Lady… I mean, she’s always shown showing Shuu a certain picture in her cellphone… I wonder if Sugi also deduced that from being so close to them all and blatantly taking pictures of them in public.

By her rash reaction, you’ve gotta wonder what Career Lady has against Virgins… She’s so provocative… and she totally manipulates him… Are women really like that? And… Hanamori was totally in the same car, what does he think of the Career Lady? [The only thing he thinks is to protect his most precious Benz [whether it’s to protect its real leather from the woman’s tears or to keep Kuranosuke from fraying the exterior], so that’s really cool]

Before I watched and read this series, I did NOT know that there would be so many varieties of jellyfishes, just like Kuranosuke. Did you? Do you have a favourite? Hmm… as for me, I think I like the… Japanese Sea Nettles (weren’t they so pretty in this episode? Even though they are poisonous). In the same scene, in Tsukimi‘s bedroom, her reaction to Kuranosuke’s bad hand drawing was beautiful. I absolutely loved it because she shows a new level of her obsession towards the jellyfishes, that she would actually be mad at the way he portrays them.

Guys, Prime Minister Uncle and Father are the funniest duo ever (maybe Sugi and Hanamori can come to par with them, but…).

And then, we are more officially introduced to Father‘s ‘obsession’. I can’t even call it an obsession. I think that he’s very ‘open’ about talking about certain things. Like… going “second base” or “going all the way” with someone… For an old man, he’s really, really not ashamed of saying certain things… It might also be because he needs to be blunt about these things…?

In this episode, them believing completely Career Lady‘s ‘christened’ their son… [taking his virginity, that is] Prime Minister even knows many of the ‘types’ of women out there… going so far as to mention that there are ones who always tweets everything (uh oh…) [AND THAT SOUNDTRACK they play as they speak about the woman] And not to mention then, when they almost ‘cosplay’ into high school girls upon Shuu‘s arrival… it’s just… I love it!!

I enjoyed watching child!Tsukimi dreaming about floating in the ocean, swimming with the varied jellyfishes.

I don’t think that the anime strayed very far from the manga in this episode, and I’m very thankful for it, because, despite what Career Lady did, I liked the wedding dress souvenirs Kuranosuke has with his mother, as well as the memories Tsukimi has of her mother [it seems like most characters are closer to their mothers than their fathers… except maybe… Shuu who is sort of close to his father since he works as his secretary]. I’m even okay with the fact that Tsukimi went and drank alcohol (despite me being totally against alcohol) and falling asleep on the couch after one drink.

Oh my heart, please stay still as I stare at Kuranosuke holding Tsukimi bridal style [if you make this happen too often, I’m going to go and cry and head-desk because I need to feel manly again (despite not being a man)]. Hahaha, it’s not as romantic when you consider that he calls her ‘heavy’. I highly liked this scene when it happened in the manga, so I’m extremely happy that they made it happen in the last part of the episode. It makes me ship them even more…

There are 2 more episodes left, and I’m caught up with the manga. I wonder how they are going to end this series… will they be able to design a dress but fail to make it? Will they be able to design a dress and succeed in making it? What will happen? What do you think, readers [if you’ve read so far anyway]?

All right, I’m going to take my leave now. It’s raining AND snowing right now, I don’t know what Spring was thinking…