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Youtuber: Swoozie
Link: YouTube and Facebook

January 11th, 2014

A great afternoon to you all!
How do you do? I hope that you see the light past the tunnel: school must be drawing to an end as I’m writing this to be posted! And isn’t it great?

Swoozie, like, the month before this post, Nigahiga, has a lot of fans [but one million, just like for JKFilms, is NOT enough!], but its a channel that I follow, nevertheless, because it’s just so awesome! So I share his channel with you all!

Adande (a.k.a. sWooZie) used to work at a Disney theme park. Jolteon and Leafeon knew him before I did and introduced me first to his videos about his time at Disney, named: Confessions of a Disney Employee.

His sense of humour and story telling skills took me aback. I was very entertained and all the Disney facts that he gave us, I gobbled up. Soon, I started watching other, non-Disney related videos, like about his Gamer-Girlfriend, for example, and it was equally as funny, or his time cheating in school (as a future teacher, now, I know what kind of strategies children will have when they try to cheat! Also, don’t cheat in school, kids!).

I also love his trademark drawing style and animation. I find this very cool! I even heard that perhaps Domics and sWooZie might do a collaboration one of these days, and… well, to be honest, I look forward to it.

I subscribed to him since then and I still have that very grateful moment when I realize there’s a new video. Sometimes, just for fun, I rewatch A LOT of his videos, just… because I can’t get enough of how fun that guy is.

Anyways, let us spread the sWooZie love, peeps!
Go like him on Facebook and share his awesome videos! Goodness knows I’ve spent my time on his channel a lot, hahaha.