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Title: Princess Jellyfish (a.k.a. Kuragehime)
Episode: 10
Watched: April 15th, 2014

April 15th, 2014

I salute you, my friends from the Internet,
How are you all doing on this most ‘fabulous’ day?

Sadly, I was not able to maintain my Lunar Eclipse promise to myself… and Charmander and I were also not able to see it… and I wasn’t able to watch all 11 episode before the strokes of 2 AM… *punches a wall in her despair* I was really looking forward to it, so I’m very sad…

So I hope you are having a nicer day, hahaha!

Anyways, following last time’s episode post, here’s another post with a lot of spoilers in them!

Episode 10

You know in the opening, there’s this wedding scene, I’m sure you’ve all seen it. According to the hair style, it seems to me like Career Lady is marrying someone who has the hairstyle similar to Kuranosuke (even though we don’t see his eyes and I don’t think he would ever marry her), and Shuu is trying to stop the marriage. Is this the parody of some something, I wonder? I don’t watch enough wedding “themed” movies to be able to tell at 100% that this reminds me of something. Does it to you? For some reason, though… it seems like the Amars (BanbaJiji and Chieko are also attending this wedding, though, so I wonder where the others are. Would they attend if it was Kuranosuke‘s or the Career Lady‘s wedding?).
Hahaha, and I recognized it by the second episode, but just before, in the Opening Sequence obviously, Tsukimi wakes up, she has a bunch of Claras holding hand in hand as she walks towards a certain light (then she wakes up). At first, I thought they were aliens, so this reminded me (and maybe it’s really just me) of that one dude, Captain Olimar (from game called Pikmin, I think) in Super Smash Bros who throws aliens.

Am I the only one who loves to see Shuu being a total 30 years old virgin having fantasy realities about Make-up Tsukimi and him? I ship it… and I don’t like that Career Lady‘s manipulations throughout the anime… Why, why, why? Do all business women have to resort to these ways?! Really?!

I saw it coming because I read the manga, but Shuu hitting her was the highlight of the episode. I didn’t expect to see him cry though [I love that Hanamori just thinks that she died and wanted to leave right away so they wouldn’t be suspected. It was such a natural reaction for him that I thought: Has he done this before?].

Manga vs. Anime time!
I don’t think that, in the manga, Banba and Mayaya‘s encounter of an afro-wearing hipster was every written, but I loved watching this part, mainly because… now, I want to touch Banba’s hair… [but now that I wrote this, I think that I may have seen it before…]
I also think that the ‘reason’ behind Chieko and Jiji going to the Koibuchi mansion for the first time was different [was it… offer of eating meat?], but I’m not sure.

I like to see Tsukimi and Kuranosuke when they’re around each other. Despite her depression about knowing that Shuu ‘is with another woman’, Kuranosuke was able to indirectly (“indirectly” because it was an object in the room that helped) snap her out of it each time that she was depressed (although he mentioned his brother and made her remember of the cause of her depression).

Hmm… now that they’ve succeeded in making a beautiful dress about jellyfish, what are they going to be doing? I expected the moment they made the dress to be the last moment of the anime. However, there is one more episode to go and this was not answered, so I wonder. The ‘side quest’ that both Banba and Mayaya go through together and ends with the episode, revealing to us that a famous building in their neighbourhood (Baiba?) has ‘fallen’ to the redevelopment project, leads me to think that perhaps next episode, they may attack the problem head on. Will they be able to solve it, though? I wonder.

Well, what did you readers think of this episode?
While Shuu did not interact directly with Tsukimi during this episode, is he still in the running to be the object of her affections, or have you started to… omg… to… ship him with Career Lady?

See you next time!

(-^□^-) Ponyta’s out! (-^□^-)