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Title: Princess Jellyfish – Kuragehime
Episode: 11
Watched: April 15th, 2014

April 15th, 2014

Greetings from Canada, people!
I hope that you are all doing well. Winter has attacked us once more, and there was snow today, in our most beautiful yard which had been rid of snow…! I can’t believe it… *cries* I have to go and take my winter coat out once more… *sigh* I hope the weather has been kinder to you than it has been to us here. By the end of May – when you read this – however, I believe that the snow will have disappeared, I’d like to believe that this is just Winter striking back one last time before Spring kicks it out (for now).

People, I have loved this manga as much as I loved the anime. It doesn’t stray from the whole series, and I like this (although I can’t say that I have watched many animes that stray from the manga (or that I have noticed if I have)). And you know what happens to me when I have series that I like too much (whether they be mangas, novels, anime, movies, etc.): I just don’t want to finish them. Sometimes though, and this is because I’m very contradictory, I will actually finish them in a flash because I like them. It’s… very contrary…

You should know the drill by now, I mean, this is the last episode of the anime but here’s the warning anyway: this episode has SPOILERS!

Episode 11

I was reading the lyrics of the opening this time. And by the way, the Opening Song is by: Chatmonchy [I like that the group is a group of women] and the title of the song, which can be roughly translated as “Just Between Us” is: “Koko Dake no Hanashi” [in case you wanted to look it up and listen to it]. You already know that I like the song for its simple and cute melody and for the reference galore that the animated opening offered us. I found the lyrics equally cute!! Once again, I really like it! It’s not as ‘cute’ and preppy as Gakuen Alice‘s or any of the Pretty Cure franchise songs, but it’s there in my favourite ones anyway.

The previous episode left us with a cliffhanger as to what was going to happen to Amamizu-kan, but begins with Kuranosuke and Tsukimi‘s side of the story. And immediately, I wonder if the fact that Tsukimi found the purple dress immediately in Kuranosuke’s wardrobe is a difference between the manga and the anime, and, once again, I can’t say that I can remember… [you know I have a bad memory] However, I can’t even remember that she asked his permission. Did the purple dress ever make it in the end? I think that, in the manga, she didn’t even bother to ask.
A difference that I found distinctive was that Jiji and Chieko did NOT meet Mr. Koibuchi (Father, as I usually just call him), but went home immediately, only to tie in with the side quest of Mayaya and Banba.

It seems I was mistaken last episode when I thought ‘Baiba’ that Mayaya mentioned was a famous building. While it IS famous to us, the building was actually Amamizu-kan (I’m sure you’ll have guessed, as you’ve already watched this episode), and ‘Baiba’ was probably one of the things that she found most precious in her quarters, seeing as Chieko reacted the same way by shrieking out the names of her dolls, and even Jiji screamed out a certain name I didn’t catch.

When we switch back to Tsukimi and Kuranosuke, I’m glad that you get to see him realize that there’s the “Sisterhood mode” of Tsukimi, which is when she’s so hesitant and cute (in my opinion anyway), and then there’s her “After make-up” mode, where she’s all very confident and beautiful (I’ve pointed out before that her so-called “confidence” likely comes from the fact that she doesn’t have glasses on), and then, she has an “Awakened” mode, which is so intense even his enthusiasm can’t snap her out of it. I love that he’s already imagined their future as design…

Hahaha, now I remember her name! Career Lady is Inari-san!! I can’t believe I had to wait till episode 11, the very last one, to actually ‘remember’ or pick it up… I’m so sorry, for I have failed you guys. She even mentioned her name in the previous episode, too…!

She’s acting so uneasy about what happened between her and Shuu (that he hit her for making a fool out of him and for faking to commit suicide and for crying of relief when he saw that she hadn’t died). I think she may have a crush on her… Depending on where this is going (in the manga and in this episode) I just might start to ship it.

Inari and Shuu meeting up at the airport as she plans to leave in order to forget about him, and them coincidentally meeting up, because he was also leaving (but this was hinted episodes before, as his father was already planning to have him leave anyway) made me laugh hysterically. While it’s not a direct reference to a series in particular, to my admittedly limited knowledge anyway, I think it’s a ‘parody’ of all those very dramatic romance movies or novels where, in order to forget about a guy, a girl would just leave the country. How dramatic of her, seriously. She was a career lady who worked very hard to get where she is, and yet, she ends up falling for a 30 years old virgin (Shuu) and plans to leave the country because of this? [I think this was in the manga though].

The last episode is the episode that really changes more things from the manga than all of the previous episodes combined, it seems to me.

On a side note, I was so relieved when they found out it was the wrong building, however, it makes their main problem of the redevelopment even more real, doesn’t it [it did not happen in the manga!!]? Even Tsukimi has started to imagine the bulldozers tearing their place apart.

The Sisterhood is even so shaken by this that they all work together to make more dolls to sell at the market fair. This is a change from the manga, as I don’t remember this at all (and think it’s a good idea, despite the fact that it’s unrealistic, as they still need a lot, a lot more money to buy Amamizu-kan from the redevelopment project).

Kuranosuke suggesting that they sell clothes (namely Tsukimi and her clothing dresses) to the fashion world through the Internet is also new to me.

The fact that we see the afro-wearing fashion hipster [named SARA, we later name (I wonder if she’ll appear in the manga)] once again (who also happens to be a model), also surprises me. I’m very happy, however, at this change. I’m so happy that Kuranosuke actually knows this girl and I really like that the girl thinks Tsukimi is Kuranosuke’s girlfriend (and he did NOT deny it!).

At the airport, you see Prime Minister, whose approval ratings have dropped from 9% to below 5%, and who wishes to go relax elsewhere and proposes to bring Shuu with him. But you also see Chieko’s mother with her K-pop luggage. The fact that Shuu actually went along with him suggests that… that Shuu was not going somewhere in particular? Does Inari even know that Shuu is on the same flight, I wonder?

The Sisterhood did not attend to a hipster event in order to show off their clothes and did NOT wear their ‘fighting attire’ (as Kuranosuke usually calls it) in the manga. But it made me more and more curious about how it was going to end [especially as I’ve already read the manga, so I’m pretty happy to see a different, alternate ‘ending’ that could save Amamizu-kan].

The fashion walk surprised me, but I was so very glad that I saw it; that I saw the dress as well as the crown and the hair that he wore. It reminded me of the manga covers.

I’m also glad that Kuranosuke got Tsukimi to dress up in the purple dress [the fact that it was difficult for her to put on because she’s not ‘model’ material made me laugh, because this actually happened in the manga, although it was in different circumstances] that she’d made to be presented as the designer who did well and got a prize at the fashion walk (which was not even mentioned earlier on, I sort of wish that Kuranosuke would have casually mentioned it in previous episodes? But that may have slipped my mind as it happened). I also LOVE that she mentions committing hara-kiri (look it up, people), mainly because I like to threaten doing that as well.

Then, the anime goes back to following the manga more, as Tsukimi tries to remember whether or not she died, and then she petrifies as Kuranosuke takes off his wig and says that their fates are now intertwined. I wanted to see it; when Kuranosuke says it and immediately blushes because saying something like that is just like saying: “I love you”.

Following this, as a conclusion, the anime makes Chieko’s mother appear more officially and she declares that she will NOT sell the place. I must say, even though I’ve only seen her being animated in this episode, I like her rendition here more than in the manga (but then again, the manga…). Hahaha.

Ponyta’s done!

P.S. Actually I’m not done, I gotta go and start reviewing Empress Ki’s episode 12 A.S.A.P. because this time, I quite mean it [and I still have a bit of time to kill before I start studying *cough*].