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Title: Diamond Digger Saga
By: King.com
Played: A few months ago (2014)
Link: Facebook Game

March 25th, 2014

Hello there my people! How are you all faring today? I trust that this post finds you in good health both mentally and physically. I don’t need to remind you that, no matter what happens in your life, no matter what insults people throw at you, you can rise above it and either improve yourself (if you need to, I know not all of you are perfect (neither am I)), or just ignore them (because if they’re bullies and are just trying to get a reaction out of you, ignoring them is the perfect way to counter them).

When you’ll be reading this, I’ll probably be writing my final exam and I’ll be stressing like crazy… COME ON! I CAN DO THIS!

Enough randomness! For this month’s ‘random’ post, I wanted to share with you this casual game (although, to be fair, Hidden Object Games are also casual games)!

One of the most recent games of King.com is Diamond Digger Saga. It’s so new that not a lot of my friends on my ‘real life’ Facebook account play it (and this is saying a lot, because a lot of them are casual gamers, like I am). It’s also such a recent game that it doesn’t even HAVE an official Facebook Page where I could go and get an image for you like I did for the Papa Pear Saga.

The puzzles are not that difficult [depending on what your goals when you play this game are, of course!]. It’s fairly simple: You need to fulfill the missions, as you dig through the ‘earth’ and reach more diamond boards [to clear the ‘earth spots’, you just need to click on gem groups that contain 3 or more].

Once you’ve ‘combined’ enough diamonds, you can even have this ‘booster‘ which can eliminate any colour that you choose to (however, I recommend that you use it wisely). The ‘earth’ spots with golden stripes are special spots that are filled with treasures or coins, which will give you more points. Don’t be too greedy though, because you have a limit of moves, which is a typical King.com game, really. Once you’ve completed your missions, they will use your extra moves to give you more points.

Sometimes, especially when the mission involves getting as high a score as you can, you will arrive to this board where there’s absolutely ‘no earth-blocks’. This means that you can play ANYTHING you want! Get the biggest gems and get more points!

There are three ‘simple’ types of missions:

  • Free the ‘fireflies’
    • You need to reach them WITH water.
  • Get a certain number of “toys”
    • If you make a ‘move’ on the spot where the toys are, you can free them. You don’t need the water element, only to move towards other boards.
  • Get the highest score possible [although, this is a given, pretty much]
    • If you don’t get past a certain score, you won’t clear the level anyway, so…

As usual when I play these games, I always try to get higher than everyone, because I’m a passive-aggressive competitor, so I never really tell them that this is a competition (not that it really is, either). My ultimate goal, though, is to try and obtain the three stars that are actually a feature in each and every one of King.com‘s games.

By my reckoning, I don’t think your friends need to help you with anything (except maybe on the competitive side and to give you lives or moves), which is a very surprising thing coming from King.com game or any game coming from Facebook.

At the time I’m writing this, I have reached level 70 of the game. The other levels are said to be ‘coming soon’, so, as I am ‘patiently waiting’, I’m writing this review. I’ll also be seeking to achieve the three stars in each and every board… because some of them are pretty difficult enough that I wasn’t able to reach all of them.

Anyways, if you ever want a simple game, without the needs for friends to help you out, with partially easy and not easy boards to clear, why don’t you try this one? It’s pretty good! And if you already play this game and don’t have anyone to be competitive with, well *raises hand* I’m here!

All right, I’m going to get going now; I need to do my reading for today’s lecture. See you all next time!

ヽ(^o^)ρ┳┻┳°σ(^o^)/ Ponyta plays ping-pong with her textbook ヽ(^o^)ρ┳┻┳°σ(^o^)/