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Title: Riddle Stones
Started: Before Disney’s Hidden Worlds but after Candy Crush

January 26th, 2014 

Welcome back to the 31rst of the month – when, lately, I’ve only been talking about Facebook Applications/games that I’ve been playing recently,
How are you all?
I trust that you are all done with school by now and/or are preparing to finish the last school month of the school year? Best of luck to us all!

Riddle Stones is another one of those games that is strictly puzzles and, just like any other Facebook Games, you would need at least 4 friends who play this game in order to unlock the levels as you progress. Sticking with only 4 friends, however, is enough in my opinion. BUT it’s always nice to have a lot of people if you are a competitive person, so I leave that choice to you. However, having 4 friends who actively play or who are willing to log in to give you the episode tickets that you need when you need them would be crucial in order to continue playing the next few episodes.

The type of puzzle is a mixture between Sudoku and that bomb game that every computer comes with [Minesweeper?]. Basically, they give you the number of squares in a ‘group’ inside of a column and a row, that has to be coloured into the board. Also, I’d like to point out that you have HP, Health Points, which decrease every time you colour the wrong case. However, sometimes, you get special items which give you more HP. USE them wisely!

Personally, in this game particularly, I pride myself in solving all the riddles as fast as I can and all get 3 stars in each and every one of the puzzle boards, WITHOUT the use of any boosters, as well as being one of the top five in my list of friends (scoreboard) in terms of timing. And also, in each ‘episode’, you have to make sure to find all of the artifacts!

I absolutely love how each episode is a new theme. I’ve seen Japan, Vikings, Ancient Greece, Egypt, even the Jurassic era of History! It’s very nice also to look at the historical artifacts that we know exist! For example; I found Mjölnir, Thor’s Hammer, and, as a Thor fan from the MARVEL universe, I felt all giddy to have uncovered it.

If you are patient and like games with strategies, why not try this one out?

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