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Title: Lake House: Children of Silence (Collector’s Edition)
Rating: 8.5/10
Duration: ~5 hours
Difficulty: Expert
By:  Alawar Games
Played with: briefly with Leafeon (read: only a few couple of Hidden Object Boards)
Started: December 12th, 2013
Finished: December 13th, 2013

December 13th, 2013

Hey guys!
How are you doing? Well? GOOD!

So I’ve started playing this game right after my freedom was proclaimed by (well, myself). While I still have certain duties I must attend to before it starts for everyone, but at any rate… Perhaps it’s because it’d been WEEKS (read MONTHS) since I last played a game by lonesome myself.

ANYWAYS, my expectations of my own performance in games in general (I blame Mewtwo and Charmander for making me feel too confident when solving puzzles [Yep, YOU HEARD ME!]) were a bit high since the last time I played alone. That’s why I decided to play it in the Hardcore mode…

Without much deliberation, I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, and did not completely regret playing it as a Hardcore mode. I think this is the first time that I play hardcore!

The story was standard, in my opinion. I was able to predict a lot of the cutscenes (sort of), but it was an enjoyable play. What I couldn’t predict, I sort of freaked out on (because I wasn’t mentally ready I guess).

The music aspect and the visual quality of the game were well done! I can’t put enough emphasis on how Big Fish Games organize their artists so well just so the players can fully immerse themselves into the game (maybe it’s just me, too). [if someone could clear it up for me? That’d be cool!]
I have to be honest though, I don’t know why it’s Big Fish Games or Alawar Games? Is Alawar Games a team in the Big Fish Games? At any rate, this game has sold it for me: I will be on the lookout for other Alawar signed Hidden Object games.

Both puzzles and the Hidden Object boards were quite something, and I’ll admit, sometimes, I had difficulties understanding what item to use in what situation! I was so used to the sparkles appearing whenever there were areas of interest that I stumbled a lot with where to go and everything. If I could, I’d say that playing it in hardcore enhances the entertainment value in general (in my most humble opinion).

At any rate, enjoy this game, guys! I certainly have 😉
See you next time!

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May 2014 Update: Rapidash and Piplup have started playing this game (separately) with me. And while Rapidash couldn’t help but keep insulting the future wife while playing, Piplup shows a lot of aptitude for this games. I look forward to playing more games with them. 😀